Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur based in Switzerland who is the founder of a company known as Swiss Start Up Factory. His company is one that specializes in helping businesses get the capital they need in order to start up as well as guidance on how to reach their goals. Before Mike founded this company he was involved in the banking industry and therefore accumulated a lot of experience in dealing with businesses. His banking experience would help him come up with the idea of starting his own company. With his company Mike has been able to make a considerable impact on the Swiss economy by helping a number of businesses get established.

Baur began his career in banking in which he would regularly meet with business owners. When he was meeting with business owners he would provide them with advice in terms of how much money they need in order to start up or expand. With his advice, a number of businesses would have the opportunity to assess their financial situation and then determine how much capital they would need in order to make their business a success. Mike would go over a number of things such as the business plan, market, potential customers and also how much money the business needs. Once finding out these things Baur would then provide businesses with loans to finance their business ventures.

After being in the banking industry for twenty years, Mike decided to start up his own company. This company is known as Swiss Start Up Factory and is one that helps businesses get the assistance they need in order to start up. The company holds an event similar to a contest in which numerous businesses pitch their ideas to Mike and then he determines which one has the best potential. He then chooses the businesses that he believes will most likely be profitable and then he gives them funds and advice. Therefore, Baur’s company is an organization that helps businesses get in position to fulfill their potential.

Along with being the founder of Swiss Start Up Factory and being in banking, Mike Baur has won a number of awards during his career. These awards prove that Mike is quite successful in his career and is therefore one of the more credible business people in Switzerland. He is also one of the more innovative entrepreneurs in the country as well with the development of his company.