Securus to start a multi-state campaign to create awareness on benefits of video visitations

Through the services offered by Securus, 2 million human connections are made in the country every year. The company has been offering services for the criminal and civil justice systems which include corrections and monitoring, investigations, public safety and video monitoring. The remote video visitation idea was brought in by the company for the sake of the safety of the people that visit, the inmates and other inmates who interact with them.

For the next one month, the company is going to tour the country’s correctional facilities and help raise awareness on the benefits that come from the video visitations. The company states that they are able to connect over 160,000 visits every month. The beauty of the connection is the fact that inmates can be visited from the comfort of the visitor’s office or home. The technology makes it possible to use a personal computer, mobile phone or other smart device to connect with an inmate.

The benefits of the system are many. First, there is the fact that the visitor gets to talk to their loved one without the hassle of traveling to the correctional facility where they are being held. Then, there is the fact that the safety of both the visitor and other inmates who interact with the person being visited is enhanced in this new visitation model. The incidences of illegal things being brought in through the visits have greatly reduced and the inmates are having an easier time coping with the challenges that are part of life in a correctional facility.

These are the ideas that Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus has put forward as the driving force behind the introduction of these services. He hopes that the innovation will improve the monitoring of the correctional facilities and systems and that driving to a jail to see a loved one could become a thing of the past.

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