Quick Makeup Tips for Girls On-the-Go

It is a tedious task to wake up especially early simply to apply multiple kinds of makeup. It sucks when you have to spend 1/60 of your entire day doing your makeup to ensure you look my personal best before heading out. Trust me when I say there is a such thing as over obsessing about your make-up, especially when is not a special occasion.

The key to cutting back on the amount of time that you spend doing your makeup has a lot to do with knowing exactly what you want as well as having very quick access to it. You will also notice that I sometimes combine my own, personal applications for makeup that are custom and just for me. It is important to have a magnificent relationship with a makeup artist so that you can learn all of that tricks, tips, and shortcuts that industries professionals use to keep application time short and sweet.

Tinted Moisturizer

I combine my foundation and moisturizing regimen with a blemish balm. The tinted color gently makes any tiny flaw disappear and massages the redness away. A tinted moisturizer is perfect for this application, should you not want to add foundation to this treatment as well.

The Perfect Mascara

Personally, I suggest one that curls and lengthens. It will help make your eyes look brighter and more alive and tend to add to create a very fresh, fawn-like appearance. Mascara takes seconds to apply, instantly enhancing your look.

Multiple Color Palette for the Eyes
Imagine how much time you waste poking around through your makeup bag just to find the color you need. I conserved an incredible amount of time by buying an eye shadow palette from Doe Deere’s Lime Crime collection with the extensive variety of all my favorite shades. Her Venus palette has over ten colors in pinks, purples, blues, and greens. Obviously, you need to choose a color palette that includes the colors that mean the most to you. I want my color, whip it out and look great. Easy, right?

Perfect Lips
Okay, I Will try to keep this brief, but I am certainly in love with Doe Deere’s Lime Crime’s Unicorn lipstick collection. It is perfect for almost any day look. I own several shades of peach, pink and red. Without looking over done, you get only the moisturizer and the proper amount of color.

Nowadays, I use less than a quarter of the time I used to spend on my makeup. With just the tiniest amount of concealer and a touch of finishing powder, my face is complete, in less than five minutes. This is a great routine, especially if you are constantly in a rush, like me.

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