OrganoGold Presents Healthy Coffee Options

When people think of coffee they may not necessarily think of healthy beverages, but this was before OrganoGold came along. Now people have access to a beverage that actually contains healthy ingredients, and they have Bernardo Chua to thank for all of this, because of his focus on health. He is a business leader and the founder OrganoGold. He has produced a winning formula that is pertinent to his tea and coffee products.

Chua has been around for a while, but many Americans are just hearing about him. He is becoming a beverage giant that has his sights set on America and many other countries. It is the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom ingredient that has catapulted Bernardo Chua to a successful career. This is the ingredient that is linked to healing. For years Asian has known about the healing properties that are associated with Ganoderma Lucidum, but this mushroom has never been linked to beverages before. That is the thing that has changed as a result of what Chua has been doing.

He has crafted a formula and promoted this healthy coffee to consumers. The end result of his hard work is seen in all the blends that are currently available. In the beginning customers start with regular coffee, and most of them probably would have been content with this organic coffee beverage. Chua had a different plan in mind. He saw fit to bring coffee blends of different types of consumers that liked diverse blends. Currently, Bernardo has expanded the OrganoGold brand to include Mocha and Jamaican Royal Blue Mountain. People that are fans of OrganoGold can also pursue OrganoGold Green Tea and Black Ice Tea.

There is also hot chocolate and there are even capsules with Ganoderma for people that are not into beverages. People that like healthy options for beverages will find out that OrganoGold is one the best possible options for their daily consumption. More people are finding out about healthy coffee because there is a huge social media buzz about this. Coffee drinkers are commenting about this on social media. Stores sell this organic coffee because the demand is growing for it. There are a lot of people that are discovering it in many different ways. This shows the Bernardo Chua was on to something good. His persistence to bring healthy coffee to the mainstream audiences has paid off. His brand is successful, and lots of people are fans of his beverages.  Follow Bernie’s Twitter feed to keep informed of his career.