Organo Gold Expands into the Turkish Market

Turkey is known for quite a few things. But this ancient culture is perhaps best known for their love of fine coffee. The country’s love of coffee dates back to at least the 15th century. Hundreds of years of experience with fine coffee can set things up to be rather difficult for newcomers.

It can be an intimidating market for any coffee company. But the best of the best know that if they can win over the Turkish market than they’ve really got something to brag about. But it should come as no surprise that Organo Gold is entering into this competitive Turkish market. The company is well known for coffee that stands above and beyond the competition. One of the biggest reasons for this is the simple fact that the Organo Gold brand is about more than the coffee itself. Organo Gold’s line is designed to cover every aspect of a person’s life. Obviously taste and the energy brought about by fine coffee is a vital part of the brand. But Organo Gold is unique in the fact that it also strives to create coffee that offers significant health benefits. As such the coffee is usually presented as part of a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

The reason this is possible is all thanks to the efforts of Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua. Chua began with an amazingly innovative idea which is still unmatched to this day. He’d traveled a lot over the years and this allowed him a chance to get to know the native ideas and cuisine of any given area. During this period he encountered a very special mushroom. This mushroom, called Ganoderma, was renowned for both taste and medicinal value.

Bernardo Chua realized that he had a chance to do something really amazing with the mushroom. He used it to create a coffee and other edible products. And in doing so he created a unique, rich, flavor that has yet to be matched by any other company. He wasn’t content to leave it at that though. The other remarkable thing about Chua is his humanitarian spirit. Something that’s earned him numerous awards over the years, such as the Napoleon Hill Foundation gold medal. As such, he wanted to create a company that could give something back to the world. He turned his mushroom based products into a thriving market. And he also ensured that it would help the people in any given area to reach new economic heights for themselves. That’s been one of the strongest points about Chua’s life. He’s a man who wants to help everyone to reach their best. Whether that’s in terms of health or economic satisfaction.

As Organo expands into Turkey, we can only wait and see how this will end up.  But be sure to follow Bernardo on Facebook, where he’ll update you every step of the way.