End Citizens United Embraces Role Of Campaign Finance Reform Champion

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was designed in order to help combat the problems of campaign finance de-regulation in the highest offices of the world of American politics. If you’ve paid any attention to American politics over the past seven or eight years then you’ve likely heard the term ‘campaign finance reform’ and ‘dark money’. Dark money, special interests, and corporate lobbyists have begun polluting the United States government with their money in an effort to buy off politicians to kowtow to whatever it is that benefits their businesses the most. This huge problem can date back to a specific point in time, due to a specific group of people: conservative group Citizens United.

Citizens United has been committed to fighting campaign financial regulation for years now. Leading the way has been lawyer James Bopp who has been described as, “leading a very broad-based litigation assault” against federal and state campaign finance laws. Bopp’s goal, and that of Citizens United, is fairly simple: they want to completely strip regulations in order to allow dark money to flood politics under the auspices of ‘financial freedom’. However, their goal can be boiled down even more simply: Bopp and co want to allow politicians to be bought off by the highest bidder.

In 2010 James Bopp got a hearing with the Supreme Court and in that hearing he managed to successfully convince enough judges that Citizens United had ground to stand on. The results were instant and damning as money started to flood into Washington DC. As a result the standard of political discourse and bi-partisan cooperation has reached an all time low. Washington D.C. today looks dramatically different than it did even just ten or fifteen years ago.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the people are giving up on their government. End Citizens United is a committee that was established to give a voice to people so that they can have hope in the future. End Citizens United is focused on raising money in a grassroots fashion so that they can help to fund political candidates whoa re promising to tackle the problem of the Citizens United decision. Their goal is simple but the path is long and it is going to require a ton of support from regular every day Americans.

Despite the election of Donald Trump, in a controversial election year, more Americans than not are against his disastrous regime. This has led to an unprecedented spike in donations to the team at End Citizens United. End Citizens United has already raised $4 million of their estimated $35 million goal. Along the way End Citizens United has already endorsed several major political leaders including Senator Warren.

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