End Citizens United Believes Trump An Drain The Swamp If He Supports Finance Reform

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp if elected president. People judge if he’s lived up to this promise from their political viewpoint, but End Citizens United does not believe he did, according to the Bucks County Register and End Citizens United. The latter, a non-profit group dedicated to campaign finance reform and getting big money out of politics, does not believe Trump can live up to this campaign promise. They believe he needs to reform the way in which political campaigns are financed.

End Citizens United formed after a controversial decision decided that parts of the McCain-Feingold act were unconstitutional. The parts struck down by the justices were the parts that limited the amount of money people could donate. In the same decision, the court also struck down parts of the bill that prevented television stations from airing content critical of candidates within a certain period before the election.

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The organization has recently announced its support for Senator Elizabeth Warren. Although the organization favors Democratic candidates, it will offer its support to any politician who supports reforming the current campaign finance laws. The organization believes that the current laws allow people with larger amounts of money to have greater freedom of speech. It has supported John McCain, a former presidential candidate and the senator from Arizona.

Politicians organized the swamp, as the currant occupant of the white house calls it, the way they liked it long before Trump arrived on the political scene. The millions of dollars the former real estate mogul can spend on his campaign puts him out of touch with the average voter. Further fillings his cabinet with billionaires has not alleviated the problem. It has only exacerbated it.

United States voters often feel confused by the president’s actions, and they do not believe he has any intention of actually draining the swamp unless he intends to replace it with something even worse. If President Trump supported campaign finance reform, End Citizens United believes he would start fulfilling his campaign promise. If he does manage to start on this goal, perhaps he can work on the wall he wants to build.

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