Dick DeVos Helping America Become Great

One of the major problems with the American nation of today is a lack of moral principles. It used to be that every young person was raised in a healthy home, where both Mom and Dad instilled positive character traits into the minds of their children. Today, this is sadly not the case. Children are confused. Parents are divorced. Public schools have taken over the burden of training children, with disastrous, and often violent outcomes. Although teachers mean well, they cannot mold the whole individual of vulnerable youngsters like a solid guardian or parent can. Dick DeVos, as a successful businessman, is strongly desirous of helping the youth of America find positive outcomes that they are missing.


Part of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation is to help fellow citizens of the United States attain the happy and easy life that the DeVos family has been blessed to experience. Mr. DeVos outlines several principles in his book Rediscovering American Values that really assisted him in becoming a billionaire investor and philanthropist.


Mr. DeVos feels that although America’s economic engine is still alive and pumping, the disregard for moral discipline in the educational system is at the root of many of our social ills. Healthy nations like Singapore exhibit high moral discipline and lots of economic freedom. Dick DeVos outlines the attributes of moral discipline that America could strongly benefit from. These major values are compassion, fairness, honesty, humility, moral courage, self- discipline, and thoughtfulness.


The lack of compassion in the American people is easily seen when driving on the expressway. The arrogant edging over the speed limit. The honking and cut off of the more careful drivers. The reckless children of the past became the self-confident fools of today. Mr. DeVos feels that schools need to do a better job of instilling humility and self-discipline into the brains of the current generation. He laments that teachers’ unions are feeding troughs for the union hogs, not fruit trees for the needy youth.


 Dick DeVos has sponsored several movements in Michigan to revilitize education, and get character values and training back into the curriculum. While some might moan of this being religious indoctrination, Mr DeVos believes it is just common sense. There are some things that transcend religion and belief, and personal character is one of them. The amorality of schools, and encouragement to selfish youth to be themselves sets up a whole generation for failure and egotism.


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