White Shark Media Use Complaints Against The to Make Vast Improvements

Over the years white shark media have had some of their customers contact them with complaints, but they had complaints as well. It takes time to build a business from the ground up and identify the areas that need tweaking in order to satisfy consumers to the point that there are hardly any complaints. White shark media eventually got to the point where they constructively improved the quality of their services after listening closely to all the compliments and complaints from consumers.

One of the most common complaints received involved consumers feeling as if they had “lost touch with their adwords campaigns.” In order to immediately remedy this complication, white shark media ensures that each client’s is presented with a thorough explanation that details all aspects of their marketing campaigns.

With this in death introduction, clients find it easier to navigate the platform and ordered to review the activity of specific ads or keywords. According to Shopify Experts, White Shark media installed tracking conversion tracking tools so that customers who complained about not knowing how to track their keyword performance would have a way to track their results and improve their campaigns where needed.

Another common complaint received by White shark media was that consumers felt as if the communication was not sufficient enough for them. Many clients also complained of finding difficulty and frustration in getting a hold of the appropriate representative.

In order to offer additional avenues for interaction and engagement, White Shark Media Complaints team now schedules monthly status calls using GoToMeeting with each client. These meetings can be requested outside the 30 day schedule, allowing for clients to receive a monthly report and then meet with and SEM strategists to review the activity reported in the past report.

As part of the problem also revolved around the requirement of going through a recession is in order to reach the correct contact person, White shark media installed phone systems with direct extensions assigned to each employee of the company. Read more: White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients

Consumers also receive an introductory email from the very beginning that contains all of the relevant contact information that would be needed. This includes their assigned representative and that persons’ supervisor.

While some clients complained that their campaigns were already being actively used by others, White Shark Media Focuses on the task of helping their clients create an optimized campaign that outperforms the competition.

All the while, clients get the benefit of having an experienced supervisor that is paired with the SEM strategist to oversee and critique all of the clients’ campaigns. This not only gives clients a boost in their marketing efforts, it also ensures that they produce results quickly. While they do not offer SEO services yet, they will review the work clients receive from SEO vendors to ensure it is optimized.

Clients also do not have to worry about pre-created campaigns in their account. This was another complain that the company addressed. White Shark improved platform guides new clients through the process of creating a new campaign from scratch. Old campaigns that perform well can say intact, so there is no need for clients to worry about loosing their already-optimized campaigns.

This improvement was done to optimize the overall client experience and address the complaints the consumers reported. Int he end, White Shark Media is a stronger company that has reduced the glitches and loopholes that frustrated clients and improved the quality of service they are capable of delivering to them.