Vijay’s Journey to Greatness

Vijay Eswaran is a successful business man, public speaker, and bestselling author. He is the Executive Chairman of QI Group of companies, which is a multimillion dollar company that he founded. His journey to becoming successful was not easy, Vijay worked hard for his accomplishments.

Vijay Eswaran’s road to greatness began on October 7, 1960 where he was born in Penang. He was the born to a teacher and an associate of the Malaysian Ministry of Labour. Due to one of his parent’s working with the Malaysian Ministry of Labour, Eswaran Vijay, along with the rest his family often moved around to various areas of Malaysia during his child hood.

Though Vijay moved around a lot, he still had an opportunity to get an education. His thirst for knowledge led him to London School of Economics where he graduated in 1984 with a socio-economic degree. After graduating, Vijay remained in Europe. He supported himself with the help of several odd jobs. His odd jobs lead him to the UK where he was first introduced to the binary marketing system. This interest inspired Vijay to gain a professional qualification from CIMA in the UK and then a MBA in 1986 from the Southern Illinois University.

During his quest for knowledge, Vijay began working part-time in multilevel marketing for a company called Synaptics. This part-time work provided Vijay the opportunity to take his multilevel marketing skills and income to the next level.

In the year 1998, Vijay finally returned to his native land. There he had a vision to start his own company and so he did. Vijay co-founded the OI Group which is a company that is involved with many subareas including training, wellness, telecommunications, media, corporate investments, and even businesses in travel. With Vijay’s expertise and knowledge in multilevel marketing, the Qi Group has been able to grow and expand its presence into almost 10 countries. It also has offices located in four countries.

In addition to being successful businessman he is also a bestselling author. He currently has three books under his belt: Sphere of Silence, In the Thinking Zone, a collection of thoughts and reflections on life, and On the Wings of Thought. These three books offer a glance into Vijay’s personal life, business tactics, and his philosophy.

Vijay’s hard work and dedication has allowed him to be noticed by Forbes to be one of Malaysia’s top fifty richest people, he came in at number 25.
In the midst of his success, Vijay also find time to give back. He has established a couple of foundations such as the Vijayaratnam Foundation, which is named after his dad. This is a charitable organization that is located in Malaysia. He also founded the RHYTHM Foundation which is directed connected to the QI group.