Securus Technologies and how it Deals with Correctional Institutions’ Communications

Inmate communication has brought a lot of controversies on whether to allow the service to continue taking place or whether it should be terminated. On one hand supporters of this communication such as Securus Technologies argues that allowing communication to inmates is a way of showing them love. By showing inmates some sense of care helps them to accept that they were wrong and they start willing to change as opposed to when they are not shown any kind of care. On the other hand, opposers such as the ex-corrections officer Robert Johnson argues that allowing such communications to happen is a security threat to the general public.

Some undesirable incidents have occurred as a result of allowing communications between the inmates and the outside world. Murder, robbery with violence and other offences are planned through these communications to the unsuspecting public. The effects of such offenses always leave the victims with psychological pain since they get victimized for things they knew not of. Some correctional officers also get involved with the incidences since their duties involve instilling discipline to the inmates. For this reason, the inmates create some grudges with such officers and when they get a chance, they plan on how they can harm them through their friends from the outside world. These officers’ families therefore live a life of fear since they won’t know when and where they would get ambushed.

To streamline the communication platform and make sure that only genuine calls are made by the inmates, Securus Technologies bumps in. From the determination it has to keep communication going on with the inmates’ loved ones, it has ensured that security features are maximized in their communication platforms. The company ensures that only registered numbers are used to prevent creation of traffic in their line by numbers that are not identified. Thus, inmates cannot be able dial random numbers as they can only use the ones they have registered in their accounts.

According to Securus, the technology that they provide ensures that each call made is monitored by the relevant officers to uphold security. Although call communication is supposed to be private, special cases such as this allows involvement of a third party and in this case a specific officer is selected. Communication tends to be normal when the inmates make calls thus they cannot suspect anything weird while calling. However, when any suspicious communication is made, the officers in charge are in a position to terminate such calls to prevent occurrence of any danger. Such numbers are then blocked and are not allowed to make any contact. The strategy that Securus Technologies uses has been approved by some correctional institutions and has been contracted to offer its services to them at a fee.


Keeping Drugs Away from Inmates Using Securus Technologies

I work as a corrections officer in a jail where violence has been on the rise. On any given day, I don’t know if I am going to be the next victim of these brutal attacks, so I need to go to work focused and committed to cleaning up the problem. My team of officers does have a few resources that we use to try and clean up our prison, but one came from the most unlikely of sources.


To control violence in prison, getting drugs and weapons out of the hands of the inmates is crucial. The inmates only have a few ways in order to be in contact with the outside, so closing down those access points is key. We always have a huge police presence at the visitor center because that is the easiest way to get anything illegal from the outside. Even with searches and warnings, the problem never goes away.


It wasn’t until we were trained to use the LBS software on the new inmate call monitoring system installed by Securus Technologies that we saw progress. These inmates used to talk at will on the phones, and officers could easily lose ground trying to listen to all the conversations. The software does the work of many officers, and now we can even listen for specific chatter to help in our case to clean up this problem.


This month, we heard one call about an inmate begging his family to smuggle drugs to him on visiting day. One call revealed the hiding place of a large amount of heroin the inmates were selling. We even were able to detect a call where the inmates were openly talking about using drugs inside the cell when the lights were out. We can not send a team to addresses these concerns as they happen.


Securus to start a multi-state campaign to create awareness on benefits of video visitations

Through the services offered by Securus, 2 million human connections are made in the country every year. The company has been offering services for the criminal and civil justice systems which include corrections and monitoring, investigations, public safety and video monitoring. The remote video visitation idea was brought in by the company for the sake of the safety of the people that visit, the inmates and other inmates who interact with them.

For the next one month, the company is going to tour the country’s correctional facilities and help raise awareness on the benefits that come from the video visitations. The company states that they are able to connect over 160,000 visits every month. The beauty of the connection is the fact that inmates can be visited from the comfort of the visitor’s office or home. The technology makes it possible to use a personal computer, mobile phone or other smart device to connect with an inmate.

The benefits of the system are many. First, there is the fact that the visitor gets to talk to their loved one without the hassle of traveling to the correctional facility where they are being held. Then, there is the fact that the safety of both the visitor and other inmates who interact with the person being visited is enhanced in this new visitation model. The incidences of illegal things being brought in through the visits have greatly reduced and the inmates are having an easier time coping with the challenges that are part of life in a correctional facility.

These are the ideas that Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus has put forward as the driving force behind the introduction of these services. He hopes that the innovation will improve the monitoring of the correctional facilities and systems and that driving to a jail to see a loved one could become a thing of the past.

A New App To Visit With Incarcerated Loved Ones

Established in 1986, Securus Technologies is a leading company in providing a safe and convenient way for family and loved ones of inmates to visit and communicate using their new Linked In like mobile app. Backed by a technologically cutting edge and experienced company; visiting, chatting and scheduling individual calendar dates has never been easier to be closer to your loved one!
By using Securus Technologies mobile app, there are more options when it comes to scheduling trips and phone calls or video visits to stay in contact with your loved one. You can download the mobile app in Google Play Store if you have an Android device or in the Apple Store if you have an Apple device.

According to‘s review, additional hardware is not required; a computer or a webcam is not needed to use this app. As long as you have an Internet connection or Wi-Fi available in your home, you can access this app on any one of your networks or cellular data connections in your home or your local area. Available on both Apple and Android devices, the new mobile app is readily available on these modern devices.

Remote visitation, provided by Securus Technologies now brings your family closer together in a new, simpler and more convenient way. Now you can still share special moments during the holidays and birthdays; you can even stay in touch, save time and expenses when traveling to the jail isn’t an option or is just too difficult for some.

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