George Soros Assists In Latino Voter Campaign


George Soros has been one of the best known donors to Democrat candidates for the Presidency of the 21st century, but has been conspicuous by his absence since the 2008 election when insiders close to Hilary Clinton claim Soros made the wrong decision in ignoring the former Secretary of State, Politico reports. However, the racially charged rhetoric of the Republican nomination process has prompted the Hungarian born hedge fund manager to return to the fold of the Democrat party; The New York Times reports Soros has looked to change his stance on multi-million dollar donations to back Hilary Clinton’s campaign and provide funding for a newly formed Super PAC.

The battle against racism in its many forms has played a major part in the life of George Soros since his native Hungary was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1944; Soros was held in a concentration camp and survived the Holocaust before fleeing to London and later New York. During his philanthropic work of recent years George Soros has looked to fight oppression in the people of around the world, and now looks to his own Open Society Foundations to help those affected by discrimination and a loss of their human rights.

The latest donations given by George Soros take his political giving during the 2016 election cycle to more than $13 million a huge amount according to NY Times; $8 million has been provided directly to support Hilary Clinton’s campaign and a further $5 million provided for a newly formed Super PAC devoted to providing support for Latino and immigrant voters. Alongside challenging states that create new laws designed to limit the voting opportunities of Latino and Asian voters the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC is hoping to bring 400,000 new Latino and immigrant voters to the election cycle. By bringing George Soros back into the fold of the Democrats the leaders of the party are hoping to match the more than $1 billion Republican donors are hoping to bring to their side of the election. In order to provide the best possible chance of success the newly formed Super PAC is working with a number of immigrant supporting groups to make sure as many Latinos and Asian voters as possible are reached.