The Magic Of Keith Mann

Keith Mann is described as an expert in hedge fund compensation, identifying the needs of an organization, and fulfilling them. Rightfully so, he has fifteen years of experience in the executive industry. Mann is the co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners, a company which was founded in 2001, filling staffing needs for top financial industry clients. Mann worked with Dynamic Associates before forming his company.

In March 2015, Dynamic Search Partners and the Financial Service Community held a fundraising event. It took place at the Standard Beer Garden Hotel in New York City. This event brought in over twenty-two thousand dollars for the Uncommon Schools. They are a group consisting of forty-two charter public schools, which are located in Massachuttes, New Jersey, and New York. These schools have regional teams who provide support, school leaders, staffing, fundraising and more. This way the teachers can concentrate on educating the children.

Dynamic Search Partners agenda aims to narrow the achievement gap. This is done by working with millions of underprivileged students, preparing them to attend college, then graduate. When Keith Mann visits these school, he sees how driven the students are, this keeps him inspired. All he wants is for the children to have a better and brighter future.

Back in January 2015, police officers at the 54th Street precinct were recipients of the philanthropist and his wife’s generosity, when lunch was delivered to them. Keith said in a statement, the officers should be thanked for all they are doing to keep the public safe. He is concerned about all the violence that is taking place around the country. Then, for a second time in February, the precinct was sent another delivery, to show how much they are appreciated. Mann just wants the public to help instead of hinder their services.

Tarallucci e Vino Satisfies Appetites

One thing that could be said about Italian restaurants is that they always cook food that looks, smells and tastes home made. They also use a lot of healthy ingredients so that the people who eat the meals will walk away feeling healthy. Visitors get to experience a lot of the great Italian dishes in their original glory. One of the advantages at eating at an Italian restaurant is the chance to try Italian recipes that have been passed down through families for generations. Eating at an Italian restaurant is a great experience form the moment one walks in to the moment he leaves.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of Italian restaurants is Tarallucci e Vino, located in NYC. They have plenty of recipes for the visitor to enjoy. Customers get to experience the aroma of fresh vegetables, olive oil and herbs. The ambiance of the restaurant is quite relaxing which allows people to enjoy their meals. This restaurant not only has Italian food, but they also have food that has been made the way that it was prepared in Italy. In other words, they get to experience authentic Italian food at Tarallucci e Vino.

Not only is the food great tasting, it is loaded with some of the healthiest ingredients. A lot of the food is organic and prepared with no extra processing. As a result, people who enjoy a meal over at the restaurant often find themselves feeling better after the meal. This makes the restaurant stand out from other restaurants that provide food with ingredients that could leave a little to be desired. Not only that, this restaurant provides food that taste a lot better than the other restaurants with overly processed food. For one thing, people will find themselves filled with vitamins and antioxidants from the food they eat thanks to olive oil.

Why Dining in an Italian Restaurant Makes You Feel So Good

Among the other ingredients that they use in their food are garlic, basil, mushrooms and tomatoes. These ingredients have a lot of health benefits that can prolong life and protect people from certain conditions like heart disease and high cholesterol. People who eat Italian food could also prevent problems such as cancer. These foods can also strengthen the immune system of people that consume it. The benefits of Italian food actually make it one of the healthiest foods to eat while being very great tasting. They will also help people keep their body fat under control.

Adam Sender: The Savvy Investor With an Eye for Art

There are many people who consider themselves to be art collectors. Of these people, there are typically two different groups. One collects art that speaks to them, decorates their home and makes them happy on an emotional level. The other group considers art to be an investment. Their pieces are often chosen by others because of their lack of interest in the art world itself. They may display some of their more notable pieces, but will often store many more until it is time to sell.


Very few of these experts have the talent for investing, the money to invest and the skilled artistic eye to amass a holding of valuable pieces that turn a private collection into the envy of the art world. Adam Sender is one of those experts. Numerous voices in the art world have expressed admiration at the ability of this one man to repeatedly choose works that continue to be exceptional values.


What makes this collection all the more surprising is that the forty-something Sender is not the typical collector. As a hedge fund manager, his ability to spot value made him successful in the financial field and he has obviously been able to transfer that ability to the art world. He is unique because he is both types of collector in one; the savvy investor and the appreciator of talent.


Excitement over his collection has grown recently because of his decision to place 400 of his pieces up for sale. Sotheby’s auction house is handling these transactions, a process that will take approximately 18 months to complete. Art lovers of all types have been using this opportunity to view the diverse collection Sender (Facebook) has chosen to sell. Many of the artworks have been unseen for decades and are expected to fetch much more than their previous sale price.


Adam SenderĀ (LinkedIn) began his collection in the late 1990s. He chose to carefully purchase only the pieces that he felt were shining examples created by already established artists. Unlike many other collectors, he did not choose to pick from one genre or one artist, making his collection uniquely eclectic.


The 400 pieces he has chosen to part with are not quite half of his complete collection, said to number at least 1,000 works. The sale pieces represent the skills of 139 artists and is expected to raise an astounding $70 million. Despite the impression the sale may be giving, Sender is not leaving the art collecting world. He continues to search for artists to invest in that he feels are on the cusp of success whose work he finds “intellectually stimulating”.


New York Looking Ahead to Playoffs.

While the New York Yankees will be fighting for the top of the AL East for much of the season we have little doubt that they will end up making it in barring some complete collapse. So assuming that the Yanks make it to the playoffs, we have to wonder about their starting rotation. For much of the year the Yankees have had one of the best offenses and bullpens in the league, but the rotation has been in doubt. Veteran CC Sabathia is soaking up a ton of money and not doing anything with it. So when Ivan Nova came back from his injury, the Bronx Bombers held their breath. They needed him to be good. And he was.

According to James Dondero, Nova made his return from injury against the red hot Philadelphia Phillies and the young righty held the Phillies completely in control. This was Nova’s first return to Yankee Stadium in over a year and it was an emotional moment for the pitcher. Nova admitted to almost crying when he first walked out of the tunnel. He couldn’t believe that he made it back from Tommy John Surgery.

Nova showed off some excellent speed on his fastball as he routinely hit 95 MPH. Nova did have an issue finding the strike zone, throwing 41 balls out of his 92 pitches, but he was great getting the Phillies to fly out — getting 11 batters out in this fashion.

Nova went 6.2 IP while allowing 3 hits and no runs for the win.