Flavio Maluf Focuses on Innovation and Sustainability for Eucatex Group


Brazil has produced some of the greatest individuals in sports, activism, arts, politics, and business. One of the celebrated people in this country is Flavio Maluf. Mr. Maluf is a reflection of academic success blended with great entrepreneurial achievements as an executive leader in the furniture and construction industry.


Flavio Maluf is credited for growing his family’s company, Eucatex to a multi-million dollar empire. Having learned mechanical engineering and business administration, Flavio has proved to be a perfect fit for leading the company. Flavio Maluf began working in the trade department of Eucatex in 1987. Later, he moved to the industrial department where he served until 1996.


Mr. Maluf was very hardworking as he served in the trade and industrial department of the company. Flavio’s efforts finally paid off when he was elected a member of the top frame executives. This position enabled him to demonstrate devotion and diligence, which translated into positive results. Flavio Maluf was elected president of Eucatex through a family agreement and a majority vote by the company’s shareholders.


Ever since Maluf became president, he has brought innovation and expert knowledge to Eucatex Group. The two features have enabled Eucatex to grow into a state-of-the-art company. He has also spearheaded the establishment of two facilities in Brazil. One of the facilities is a T-HDF/MDF plant that produces panels of high technology and mechanical resistance while the other one is a recycling facility that uses wood residue to generate energy.


Currently, the Group operates in two sectors: the construction and furniture industry. The furniture segment is among the largest manufacturers and suppliers of wood fiber plates, MDP and Tamburato. These three products are manufactured with the latest technology and eucalyptus wood. The construction segment, on the other hand, produces paints, divilux partitions, doors and laminate flooring.


Besides overseeing the operations of Eucatex, Maluf is an active philanthropist. He regularly participates in charity events especially those related to the healthcare industry. Mr. Maluf is also an accomplished columnist whose articles have featured in international magazines. His articles touch on issues affecting education, technology, and the economy. Flavio Maluf is married to Jacqueline Torres with whom they have three children, as per Wikipedia.