How Does White Shark Media Use Customer Complaints to Grow Itself

As a business grow and expands its operations, its interactions with its clients increases. These clients are of all sorts; some understand business processes while most remain uncertain what assistance they need but the business still accommodates them all. As time goes by, these clients will begin sharing their experiences with the company that will come out as either compliments or complaints.
White shark media has been through all this; it has its fair share of experiences with these different kinds of clients. Compliments and complaints are common but the company has sought to set itself apart by how it handles its clients. The company rides on the belief of correction. It has, therefore, come up with a comprehensive way of looking into each and every client’s review of the company and identifying matters that require correction.
How are complaints handled?
The company has come up with a comprehensive website with a section fully dedicated to client reviews; both compliments and complaints. Once a client posts a review here, the company staff goes through it and should it require addressing, the company staff get into contact with the complainant and resolve the matter. Recommendations for improvements on service delivery of the company’s service delivery are also appreciated and taken into consideration.
The company then makes sure that once a matter is brought to its attention, it is sufficiently attended to. This ensures that it doesn’t recur either to the affected individual or another. It is quite interesting how some of these compliments can be useful for the company as White shark often use them to make its systems and operations friendlier, identify flaws, and streamline its operations.
Complaints that turned out helpful
One of the reasons why the company values feedback including complaints include is the fact that they have contributed immensely in assisting identify its mistakes. It has used some complaints to streamline its operations and make their services more competitive. For instance, when some customers complained that they weren’t able to track their marketing campaigns with the company, the company came up with different campaign tracking tools such as conversion and call tracking tools.
It can also be said that one customer complaint goes a long way in benefiting others. For instance, when a client complained about most of their campaign targets were coming through the phone making it hard to back-trace them, the company moved swiftly to solve the issue. In effect, it partnered with Martchex a company providing phone tracking service that has now been rolled out across the board to serve every client under White Shark Media.