Todd Lubar Enjoys Huge Success in Mortgage Banking

Todd Lubar, CEO of TDL Global Ventures, is one of the most influential mortgage bankers in the country. His interest in the mortgage industry dates back to the year 1995 after Lubar graduated from Syracuse University with a BA in speech communication. His first job was with Crest Star Mortgage Corporation, where he worked as a loan originator. His position at the firm exposed him to conventional banking and allowed him to interact with various stakeholders at the mortgage industry such as insurance agents, other real estate salespeople, and other professionals. Relationships formed during this time would form a big part of his business through referrals when he finally started his companies.
A brilliant entrepreneur, Lubar has established several highly successful companies. Before his first venture as a founder of a firm, Lubar left a legacy at the Legacy Financial Group after generating loans worth several hundreds of millions of dollars per year. He moved towards owning his company by buying an equity position with Legacy Financial Group in 1999. This venture enabled him to offer mortgage services to outside investors. Later, he established a Legendary Properties, a firm involved in the real estate industry. His desire to extend financing services to a previously ignored section of the population led to his establishing Legendary Financial, LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties. Legendary Financial offers mortgage facilities to a previously overlooked segment of the market. Lubar is also the founder of Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. The corporation is one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the United States.
Outside of the mortgage banking sector, Lubar has other investments. He has interests in the automotive scrap metal recycling business, real estate development, and commercial demolition. In the past, he has been named among the top 25 loan originators in the country.