Beneful Makers Stand Behind Their Product

Beneful makers of the Purina brand dog food, have joined together to take a stand on the quality of their dog food. The story, originally reported on PR Newswire, addresses this new ad campaign of, “Why the makers of Purina feed Beneful dog food to their own dogs.”

The new ad campaign demonstrates the care and effort that is put forth into the making of Beneful dog food. The latest commercial captures clips of employees with their pets and the joy and peace they have providing their pups with Beneful dog food.

Employees stand behind the, “Not on my watch,” standard of quality. The idea is better known as the, “I stand behind Beneful” campaign slogan. This campaign has appeared as an article in The New York Times, as well as a television commercial. It means that the makers of Beneful wouldn’t give their dogs something that didn’t believe to be of the utmost quality. They are just making the food for a profit, their making the food to provide the best nutrition possible for their own pets.

In February of 2015, a class action law suit was filed against the company, claiming false allegations that the product had been recalled. Purina defends it’s integrity by stating the fact that their Beneful dog food was served by over 9.5 million households to their pets in 2014 alone.

Since the Beneful line’s release date in 2001, it has been noted as one of the most successful lines in the company. Wet and dry Beneful are both offered as part of the Beneful line. There are currently eight factories within the U.S. that produce the Beneful product line.

Nestle Purina PetCare believes in achieving positive relationships between the company, community and pet owners. They are a global leader when it comes to pet food production. They continue to strive to promote responsible and healthy production practices.