In 2009, the world woke to the shock of the demise of the king of pop Michael Jackson. The star died at his mansion in Los Angeles in what remains unclear even to date. The fans of the pop music in all over the world grieved the loss of their icon. His memories and songs were popular in the world that was admired by many. One of those fans was Sergio Cortes; he was very upset with the death of the king of pop that his performance helps him deal with the loss. He currently has more than 16000 fans in his Facebook and Twitter account. Sergio love for the king of pop began in his childhood. He learned of Michael through the memorable Jackson Five performances where Michael was performing just as a teenager. Since then he began his career, and his practice has paid well. Sergio has one thing that is outstanding in all Michael’s impersonators, Talent.
He dresses so similar to Michael Jackson. He has imitated his flashy lifestyle. Sergio has a voice that his very analogous to that of Michael Jackson. His childhood friends described his as Michael Jackson of their area. He is a very inspiring to the youth through his performances. Sergio is a very hardworking man, perfecting the songs and the dances of Michael Jackson require hard practice and determination. Some of the impersonators of the late singer lack these attributes that make Sergio the greatest among them all.
During his teenage, Sergio got an invitation to attend a photo session dressed like Michael Jackson. The show gave an opportunity to taste the world of fame and a booster in his morale. Since then, the Spanish-born artist took to perfect his moves. He described the news of Michael’s death as the hardest in his life. He was very upset with the death of his famous artist. Sergio put more efforts in his performances to carry the memories of the king of pop and help the fans bear the loss.
The social media has offered a platform for Sergio to interact with his fans. In his Facebook account he has more than 16000 followers. He also has an enormous following in twitter account too. The artist currently works with a talent developing company to uplift the skills of ambitious youth. He also performs regularly in tribute to Jackson shows throughout the world.