Operations of QNET in India

Starting any business is a herculean task that requires commitment, passion and hard work. The Mantra of QNet has been “Think global and act local.” In India, the company has managed to compete with giants in the industry for over a decade.
It is imperative to note that QNet is an e-commerce direct selling company. Over the years, the entity has managed to expand its operations in South East Asia to over 100 countries. The entity has focused its expansion programs throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa regions, West and East Africa, Central Asia, Russia and Europe. The company’s management believes in working with the consumers in finding solutions to their problems.
India is considered a competitive market that has attracted many companies from around the globe. The regulatory landscape in India is stringent and thus, making it difficult to run business in the country. QNet has complied with the different regulatory requirements and has been able to run its operations smoothly in the direct selling industry. The entity has made plans to remain committed to its distributors in the country besides investing in additional manufacturing facilities and development of new products.
Currently, QNet (Instagram) has been manufacturing some of its watches and its energy drink, nutriplus, in India. The enterprise is planning on how to float its products in the global market. The advantage of shifting its production to India is that the company stands to save on costs by between 8 and 12 percent. The entity enjoys success in terms of depth and range of its product offing. Over the years, the company has managed to study the market and collect data that has been utilized in enhancing its range of products. Presently, QNet has about 30 diverse product brands that have been classified into nine product categories. The corporation asserts that its products are geared towards augmenting the lives of its consumers besides promoting their healthy lifestyles.
QNet’s products range from nutrition, wellness, skincare and Swiss-made jewelry and watches. In addition, the entity offers different services that include vacation packages and various online courses. In the past year, the entity has been zeroing in on changing its business strategy in the Indian market. The strategy focuses on narrowing down to a niche segment in order to offer them products that add value and makes differences in their lives. Owing to the shift from lifestyle products to life enhancement objective, the company has been expanding its product range into other areas like education, management of weight, water filtration and purification of air.
Given the increased competition in the market, QNet has been changing its strategies with the view to enhancing its product and service offing besides creating a market for its merchandise. Its range of products seeks to cover different areas like wellness, nutrition and watches. The corporation has been moving away from lifestyle products to life enhancement services and products.