Beneful Offers A Full Line of Things Dogs Need Most

A random trip to the store for my little dog ended up into a whole new era in his life. True, Charlie was our 5-year-old Beagle that we brought inside the home years ago, but he is the pickiest dog I have ever met. As I wandered through the aisles of the store, I saw the Purina Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food. Charlie had put on quite a few pounds lately and I thought we would give this a try. The vet said we had to stop feeding him table scraps. Well, that is easier said than done.

Charlie isn’t a dry dog food kind of dog. He ate it, but he would often munch a bit and then beg for scraps. He just doesn’t do the hard and chunky foods. So on my next trip to the store I got him the Homestyle Blends. He really likes these, but when I purchased the Chopped Blends on my third trip to the store, we finally hit a home run. We got into a routine that he knew when the food was coming and this was a little ritual we got into. He would wait by the cabinet for me to get out his Chopped Blend flavor of the day.

What I found so interesting on wikipedia is it looked like something I would cook myself. The big chunks of chicken and rice were absolutely delicious looking. The gravy smelled like a home style sauce from a gourmet recipe. I am so impressed with this food. Especially since my dog loves table scraps, this was a win-win for us. When it comes to treats, Charlie always gets a treat for going outside to the potty. He loves the Beneful Dental twists. Not only do these help his breath. Dogs only get once set of teeth so it’s hard to imagine what his would look like if he didn’t have the assistance of these sticks.

All in all, I have been very satisfied with the many Beneful brands we use. I love Purina, as they are owned by Nestle. Nestle is a company that only puts their name on products with the highest quality. All their subsidiaries have the same reverence with their names as the parent company. I love Beneful and though it’s one of their newer lines, it is certainly one of their best. Thank God they helped me with Charlie. He would still be a table scrap dog if it wasn’t for them.