Yeonmi Park’s New Groundbreaking Book

In Order To Live is an Amazon released book by Yeonmi Park. In this book she describes her harrowing ordeal and escape from North Korea. It is describe by many readers as very moving and powerful, saying that we should be grateful for our freedom. Park told this story before, but in this book she went into a lot of details about the terrible conditions she had to endure as a child, and what it cost her to find freedom. Park had a family that cared for each other but, life in North Korea was anything but loving. She went to bed many nights very hungry, always in fear of the dictator Kim Jong ll.

Her father was locked up and subject to the most inhumane treatment. He found himself not being able to support them,so he turned to some illegal activity. Yeonmi, her mother and sister were then considered criminals also. They were then treated with disdain. At thirteen years of age, Yeonmi Park and her mother secretly left South Korea for China.

Yeonmi Park continued to say in her book, at the time freedom was the furthest thing on her mind. She just know they had to leave, because she believed strongly that they would have died if they stayed. She then went on to say that the hunger was the worst and didn’t mind taking the risk for the affirmation of food. They also wanted to find her sister who had also escaped ahead of them but, never heard a word about her. It was such a hard crossing yet, still easy for what was to come.

When they were in China she almost died. Park said on a NY Times interview she didn’t even have a chance to enjoy her childhood. He father had already died by the time they made it to South Korea and, her sister whereabouts were still unknown. In order to get through her hardship Park said she repressed most of the bad memories, then learned as time goes by to forget it happened. The hardcover book is published by Penguin,it is written in English and is available on Amazon for $16.62. This book will definitely evoke some emotions.