William Skelley Appointed to Become the Head of Next Generation of Real Estate Leader

William Skelley is an important person in the real estate industry. He is respected because he is the person who started iFunding, one of the pioneer crowdfunding companies in the United States. Today, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the company that mostly deals with real estate activities. He is very experienced in crowdfunding activities, and this is one of the reasons why his company has done so well. With just a few thousand dollars, an individual from any part of the world can become part of the leading real estate company in the world.

Just recently, William was given a position as a member of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders, an exclusive organization in the country. The group had announced that they were going to make their first annual dinner in the year in January this year, at the New York City. Confirmed reports say that the dinner was held at the Columbus Citizen Foundation.

The association is an only invite organization, and it was started by Michael Stoler, the managing director at Madison Realty Capital. Michael is also the host of a popular show that comes every week on most televisions, known as The Stoler Report. The weekly show has always been dedicated specifically to the real estate and business trends in the tri-state region. The show has been in existence for several years now, approximately for fifteen seasons. Other members of the exclusive group are from the elite and seasoned men and women in the society that have been picked from some of the best real estate firms in the whole world. Some of these firms include Carlyle Group, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Cushman and Wakefield, Kushner Companies among several others.

Skelley was an early adapter to the idea of real estate crowdfunding. This was after the country passed on regulations that allowed people and organizations to collect money online. This led to the birth of iFunding, one of the most successful crowdfunding companies in the world today. Although the idea is still not acceptable to the idea of collecting money online, thus hindering the growth of the industry. William Skelley is in charge of overseeing the business development activities in iFunding. The company has done so much since it was started several years ago, managing finance more than forty real estate projects that are valued at over two hundred and fifty million dollars.
Before becoming the leader of this successful company, William Skelley was a principle in an organization known as Rose Park Advisors. The company was a hedge fund institution, and his contributions to the company are still recognized.  Facebook has further information online.

George Soros’ European Humanitarian Crisis Solution.

George Soros is one an influential and outspoken humanitarian activists of the modern time. He writes and lectures on matters of governance, democracy, human rights and economics. His critical thinking philosophy makes him an informer and steer of international debate on global issues.


Born in Hungary in the Capital of Budapest in 1930 (source: Forbes), Soros grew up in a very chaotic period in human history. At that time, the world has just come out of the First World War, and another one was brewing not far ahead. Europe was caught in the eye of this storm. George went to study in England where he got a chance to study at the London school of Economics.


Since then, the European Union has found a new sense of purpose with countries coming together to promote economic prosperity. The bloc has made significant strides towards success over the years. However, George Soros asserts that cracks are beginning to show the union, and the spirit that led to its formation is no longer there.


Currently, the union is being undermined by superpowers like Russia. The state continues to use force and violence to other EU states like Ukraine and Turkey. Its foreign policy promotes anarchism that many regard as a foregone practice. To make matters worse, Soros to the fragile balance of power where other European nations are hesitant to check Russia. This tendency could be as a result of fear of the once communist state.


Elsewhere on the continent, there has been an influx of refugees from the eastern end near Turkey and Syria. The influx of refugees results from the spreading conflict in Syria caused by extremist groups such as ISIS. A similar refugee crisis is being witnessed across the Mediterranean see where people across North Africa attempt to cross over in search of a better life.


According to his piece from Marketwatch, there is a lack of responsibility within the European Union. It requires a comprehensive refugee standard policy. In his observation, a refugee framework makes it easier to manage humanitarian crisis situations. He observes the selfish interests of individual countries that expose refugees to more suffering.


George Soros has taken an advisory role by proposing a standard refugee policy for the union to use. In his plan, he calls for international assistance in the struggle to solve the problem. His plan has several components. The first action is to open up the borders and allow the refugees to get through. A million asylum seekers annually is a good figure. They can be equipped with necessities like food and shelter.


Secondly, the union itself must fund the states nearest to the conflict areas such as Lebanon and Turkey where the largest numbers of refugees are hosted. By committing more resources to the crisis, human suffering is alleviated.


The third action regards to the establishment of a migration agency. This one allows the union to screen refugees to avoid the proliferation of extremists and warmongers. The organization must act according to international standards for refugees. Finally, the union must discuss and welcome the idea of absorption and integration as the most long-term solution to the crisis.

Investing and the Global Economy

As global communication technology advances, the world is becoming more and more interconnected. Such advances are causing rapid changes in the financial world, as many investors are taking advantage of new opportunities to profit in global markets. While many new investment strategies can be found all throughout the world, new financial thought leaders in Brazil are taking the finance world by storm with their innovative investment ideas.

Some of the important topics in the Brazilian investment market include the tried and true strategy of diversifying financial holdings. Financial experts agree that there is simply too much risk to devote the entirety, or even the majority, of an individual’s investment portfolio into a single stock or other security. Instead, savvy investors should seek to diversify their holdings by purchasing several different types of securities. Even though the gains may not be as large, the money invested will be more secure and will likely follow the historically upward trend of the investment market.

Another important financial strategy that is currently being used in Brazil is the idea of entering the market for the long haul. Well known Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen advises his clients to seriously consider entering the market for a long period of time. He notes that individuals who stay in the market expose themselves to less risk, and are therefore able to receive much greater returns. Cornelsen notes that long term investors can see more than a five hundred percent return on their investments – much higher than a short term investor would ever receive.

Brazilian investors also advice for people to look at long-term, stable companies. It is these types of companies that have a proven track record of providing value to their investors. While their growth may not be as great as new, start-up companies, their history of value allows for a more stable, upwardly trended stock price. Investing in companies that have no solid evidence that they will provide a good return can be a risky game – one that most investors should avoid.

Anyone who is considering entering the financial market must consider all of the options that are ahead of them – particularly in a global economy. Trading stocks and securities has changed dramatically over the last few months, and it’s imperative that the investor knows about all of their options.