Fabletics Emerges as Top Online Retailer in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is one of the more competitive industries in the retail sector. Companies that are looking to sell apparel on the internet will need to compete against Amazon which controls about 20% of the entire market. While many businesses in the retail industry struggle to compete against Amazon, Fabletics has been one of the very few to make as much sales and receive as much revenue. In its brief existence, Fabletics has quickly emerged as a company that makes an estimated annual revenue of $250 million. What has enabled this company to succeed is its model of selling products through a subscription. This model has allowed consumers to buy merchandise on a more frequent basis. With the convenience of a membership, consumers have had many opportunities to purchase apparel and help Fabletics meet high revenue goals.


In the fashion retail industry, factors such as price and quality have always been detrimental to a companies’ success. While this is still true today, there are other elements that make a fashion retail company successful. Any business in the fashion retail industry needs to focus on providing a customer experience that is very satisfying, establish recognition of the brand and also devise a unique design that appeals to consumers. Since Fabletics has adopted these things, it has been able to emerge as the top e-commerce athletic apparel retailer. It has adopted a business model that emphasizes subscription over a brick and mortar store location. As a result, Fabletics has been in position to enable consumers to make all purchasing decisions online and buy merchandise on a regular basis.


What has made Fabletics among the most successful online retailers in the fashion industry has been its ability to establish a high value brand. With a membership model, the company has had the opportunity to make the buying experience very personalized for consumers. With personalization, a number of consumers have been able to make informed buying decisions and also make purchases more frequently compared to other retailers. Fabletics uses the reverse showroom technique where consumers browse items online and then purchase them at physical locations. This model has allowed the company to capitalize on more informed buyers and therefore make sales more consistently compared to other retailers in the industry.


Fabletics was founded by celebrity Kate Hudson who was looking to offers high quality women’s athletic apparel to consumers. After realizing that finding affordable athletic apparel was a challenge for a number of women, Hudson decided to put together a brand that would provide high quality athletic apparel that was cost effective as well as diverse. Her company offers a wide selection of apparel that includes leggings, shirts, sports bras and jackets. With a wide selection of apparel items, women have been able to get stylish clothing when participating in a number of athletic activities.

Fabletics Takes On The E-Commerce World

Fabletics is a growing company that keeps up with the consumer demands and trends of the active lifestyle; trends that are in high demand. They have both physical stores and online stores that is subscription based. Amazon holds control over 20% of the fashion e-commerce market but Fabletics doesn’t let that stop them. There premise goes by three rules they run their business by: reversing showrooming, data, and consumer trends and culture.


Reverse showrooming is simple. Most consumers that go into a physical Fabletics store are already a member. They can try on clothing and once they do that, the article of clothing goes into their online shopping cart. They can either purchase it in store or online. Other consumers that are not a member, go into the store and leave a member by the time they are done.


Fabletic relies on data to keep up with the trends and demands of today’s active world needs. While they know that the data doesn’t determine their success, they rely on that to stock their physical stores with what consumers want to see. They also handle their digital store in the same manner. This keeps their consumers wanting more and it keeps their attention on the Fabletics brand.


Fabletics is constantly evolving and moving forward into new and exciting areas with their physical stores and e-commerce stores. By keeping up with their growth and the consumer’s needs and their cultures, it pushes the company up in a positive and rewarding manner. They have changed the whole outlook on what is considered high value. Before, high value was determined on price and quality. Now it is determined by customer service, recognition of the brand, and exclusive designs. Fabletics business grows by 35% yearly and it will continue to grow as long as they continue with their current business strategy.


Kate Hudson is the co-founder for the active wear company, Fabletics. Many wonder how she did it. Her celebrity status helped and she saw an opportunity and ran with it. She created an active wear line that all women of any size or age can wear. The inspiration for this line is to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Athleisure apparel is active, casual wear that can be wore to a gym or around town. It is a growing trend that Fabletics is successful with. They offer affordable prices and keep up with the evolving trends that consumer’s demand.

Fabletics Gains Attention from Elle Magazine

When it comes to workout gear, there is nothing better than Fabletics. Before Kate Hudson developed this brand there were not a lot of people that gave much thought to style for working out. Many people may have wanted to look good in workout gear, but they didn’t have a clothing line that was dedicated to making consumers look good. That is where Hudson and her team stepped into the clothing arena and totally changed everything that people had become used to.

In a recent interview with Elle Magazine Hudson revealed how she got started. She also took the time to share her ideas about fashion for working out as she talked about her future plans for this brand. Hudson has been known to be a great actress, but her interview in Elle presents the actress in entrepreneur form. She is quick to lead people to her favorite Fabletics pieces in her Elle interview. Hudson loves to talk about the brand because such is so excited about what this brand means for others.

Lots of women are thrilled about he fact that they can buy clothing for working out that is bound to give them more confidence. So many women may have been used to doing some simple working out around the house. They may have avoided the urge to buy any workout clothes because no one was seeing them workout. When a woman gets gym membership, however, she really begins to embrace the concept of cool workout clothing. That is why Hudson is so excited expanding its stores and coupons to customers. There are going to be over 100 new stores coming into existence, and Hudson is really pushing forward with this because she loves this brand.

People that check the website can see Hudson and her six pack abs as she models a variety of different picks. She has an active wear line that is also very alluring. For the first time in a long time she has made women start to feel excited about working out. There is even a subscription service that women can sign up for. With this service they can get a different garment shipped each month. This can really help a person build up their workout wardrobe in no time. Hudson knew that she had a good thing with this clothing line, and that is why she works so hard to promote it.

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Quick Makeup Tips for Girls On-the-Go

It is a tedious task to wake up especially early simply to apply multiple kinds of makeup. It sucks when you have to spend 1/60 of your entire day doing your makeup to ensure you look my personal best before heading out. Trust me when I say there is a such thing as over obsessing about your make-up, especially when is not a special occasion.

The key to cutting back on the amount of time that you spend doing your makeup has a lot to do with knowing exactly what you want as well as having very quick access to it. You will also notice that I sometimes combine my own, personal applications for makeup that are custom and just for me. It is important to have a magnificent relationship with a makeup artist so that you can learn all of that tricks, tips, and shortcuts that industries professionals use to keep application time short and sweet.

Tinted Moisturizer

I combine my foundation and moisturizing regimen with a blemish balm. The tinted color gently makes any tiny flaw disappear and massages the redness away. A tinted moisturizer is perfect for this application, should you not want to add foundation to this treatment as well.

The Perfect Mascara

Personally, I suggest one that curls and lengthens. It will help make your eyes look brighter and more alive and tend to add to create a very fresh, fawn-like appearance. Mascara takes seconds to apply, instantly enhancing your look.

Multiple Color Palette for the Eyes
Imagine how much time you waste poking around through your makeup bag just to find the color you need. I conserved an incredible amount of time by buying an eye shadow palette from Doe Deere’s Lime Crime collection with the extensive variety of all my favorite shades. Her Venus palette has over ten colors in pinks, purples, blues, and greens. Obviously, you need to choose a color palette that includes the colors that mean the most to you. I want my color, whip it out and look great. Easy, right?

Perfect Lips
Okay, I Will try to keep this brief, but I am certainly in love with Doe Deere’s Lime Crime’s Unicorn lipstick collection. It is perfect for almost any day look. I own several shades of peach, pink and red. Without looking over done, you get only the moisturizer and the proper amount of color.

Nowadays, I use less than a quarter of the time I used to spend on my makeup. With just the tiniest amount of concealer and a touch of finishing powder, my face is complete, in less than five minutes. This is a great routine, especially if you are constantly in a rush, like me.