How Eric Pulier Has Changed The Game In A Variety of Fields

Eric Pulier is one of those individuals whom are blessed with God given ability. Eric Pulier has an extremely high intellect level and he has used it to better man-kind. No matter the field, industry, or sector; this guy has solved issues across the board while creating his own projects which were full of innovation. Eric Pulier is known as a public speaker, businessman, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor. He was chosen to develop and build the platform for Bill Clinton’s 2nd Presidential Term known as “Bridge Of The 21st Century.” The multi-day event was televised on a number of news stations and it was attended by politicians, members of congress, and industry spectators.

Technology was always a field of choice for this brilliant mind as he’s invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to tech start-up companies. Many of these very companies have went to become a success in their own rights. Pulier built an exhibit which that showcased the effects of and how people will live in future times. He did this for many fields including government, education, and healthcare. He’s just an all around kind of guy with a heart of gold. Eric Pulier has done many things for the philanthropic community by solving intractable issues economically disadvantaged areas worldwide. Africa has benefited greatly from the efforts of this wonderful guy as Pulier has brought in some much needed innovation for specific healthcare needs. From these efforts he was the top honoree at the U.S. Doctor’s For Africa Event in 2010. He also helped to provide low cost cloud computing to under served communities in which he was a member of an exclusive team.

This loving father of four has built a legacy that won’t soon be forgotten. Even from his Los Angeles residence home, Eric Pulier is continuing to come up with newer innovative products and services for future use.

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Josh Verne: What Life and Business Success Demand

According to Josh Verne, vision is the science of seeing things that ordinary people cannot see. For over 20 years of business and leadership experience, Josh Verne has come up with the most important points to help business leaders succeed in life and business.


  1. Figure out where your passion is

You should strive to find your passion if at all you are determined to succeed. While many people are passionate and are unsuccessful, few successful people lack passion in what they do. For this reason, you must find something that makes you wake up with a burning fire of accomplishment. According to Josh, something that gives you excitement is your passion. Work with anything that makes you skip the party. Otherwise, your life will be full of misery. The keys to success and a good life is passion.


  1. Have a balanced life

According to philosophers, life is a balance of equations. Life is a balancing action. While it is possible to have all the money in the world, but your health and home life is not in order. For this reason, you will not have a balanced life. On the other hand, you can have a shredded body and a loving family, you and your loved ones will have a rough time in life if you don’t make enough money. According to Josh Verne, balance is not spending all your money on a daily basis. Balancing is not spending all your time equally on everything. However, it is about making advancements in all aspects of your life and improves ion a daily basis in health, relationships, wealth, and personal growth.


  1. While you speak, less listen more

This is the most profound point. According to the human nature, speaking less and listening more is helpful. A person has two ears and one mouth. They should be used according to their proportion. You should speak less to accrue more power in your words. In a corporate or business setup, a leader with fewer words is considered more authoritative. People love listening to such leaders. Practice this art to add value to your leadership.