Canada is the Next in Line to Scrap Privacy in Favor of Security

New Canadian anti-terror bill C-51 seeks to provide the means necessary to monitor channels of communication much like the Patriot Act in the United States. It would provide the Canadian Security and Intelligence Agency almost unlimited access to phone records, web history and more in the name of security against terrorists.

Two one-off acts of terrorism in Canada prompted the much debated bill to be drawn up. Initially there was widespread support of the new bill that is touted by politicians as an act against jihadi terrorism.

The new bill uses language that makes it very hard to distinguish actual acts of terrorism from peaceful protests. Critics of the bill suggest that it would have Canada quickly slipping into a police state.

I think it’s sad to see so many other countries falling into the political trap of giving up the right to privacy in the name of security against terrorism. The NSA in the United States has had the same type of program for years and instead of stopping terrorists the far-reaching powers have been used against citizens in a court of law.

Thanks to my friends at Madison Street Capital for continuing to let me gripe to them about this.