The Mail Order Bride, Xenia Vorotova

Doe Deere, aka Xenia Vorotova, a mail order bride who came to the US in 1999 after her husband, Mark, asked for her hand in marriage. Once Doe was here she began going to college for fashion and a hobby of having a rock band, Sky Salt. This band consisted of her, her husband, and a couple of other musicians.

It would appear that Doe, was very talented as she was a model too before turning to and attending fashion college for awhile. Her white skin tone, colorful hair, nice figure allowed for her to do things most women only dream about. During modeling and school, a lot of the education Doe received helped her start marketing and sell the extremely bright colored cosmetics, called Lime Crime, a glitter, especially to the teenage girls.

In 2008, she sold a lot of cosmetics from eye-shadow and a variety of other products. Doe sold a product called Pop/Romance Lipstick and began selling those items on Ebay, along with the clothing line company Doe created. She would sell vintage clothing to people all over the nation and countries. Along the way, she started her own fashion tips, make-up and style tutorial blog on the internet. Her blog, Doe Deere Blogazine, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and other major social media sites she used have some information yet on her, her company and products. Doe enjoys being on the internet as it allows for her to escape reality and be the person she wants to.

Doe doesn’t have a lot of friends, which include her husband Mark, her mom, sister and gay men. She seemed curious about them, but at the same time she found gay men to be very strong and know what they want in life. People didn’t seem to understand Doe and why she did some of the things she did, so instead of helping her, they turned and walked away. Doe liked attention and for that many people saw her as someone evil, even though I believe she had a good person inside tying to figure out how to overcome the past and now live in triumph.

Since she has been living in New York, Doe still married to Mark, working at her own company in an office she bought to help pay the bills. It’s possible, Xenia took a wrong road at one point in life, but everybody is allowed to get a second chance and hopefully, the world will let Doe.

Kendall Jenner Walks Down The Street Without Pants

Kendall Jenner is a world famous model, and she is also a member of the infamous Kardashian family. Over the last several weeks, Kendall Jenner has showcased her strange sense of fashion. Not too long ago, Kendall wore the shortest shorts known to man, and her appearance caused headlines throughout the Internet. Nonetheless, it seems that Kendall Jenner’s recent outfit is even worse.

For those of you that missed it, Kendall Jenner was walking down the street in just a sweatshirt. However, it should be noted that she did have a pair of high heels on as well, but that it’s it. I have never seen a woman walk down the street in that type of outfit, and I’m actually quite confused. I thought that Kendall Jenner was supposed to be a fashion model, but it seems that she would rather wear a sweatshirt than an expensive outfit. Social media users have been buzzing about Kendall’s recent appearance, and it’s not hard to see why. Kendall Jenner’s long legs are on full display, and several people are wondering what’s underneath the sweatshirt.

MTV recently uploaded several pictures of Kendall Jenner’s sweatshirt outfit said Kevin Seawright. I’m sure that men around the world are very happy with Kendall’s appearance. However, I’m wondering what women think about Kendall Jenner.