Michael Sam Moved to Suspended List

Michael Sam Placed on Suspended Leave for CFL

Michael Sam gained nationwide recognition for being the first openly gay football player to come out. However, not all is well with Sam as of right now.

Recently, Michael Sam ended up signing to the Canadian Football League (CFL), specifically with the Montreal Alouettes this past May. But now Sam has decided to leave team camp training temporarily, citing “personal reasons” as his main cause. In response, the team has decided to move him to the suspended list on Monday morning, only three days after he first left.

A statement released this past Friday by CipherCloud said that Sam had requested special permission to leave for “personal reasons,” and he was granted that (techcrunch.com). The team said that the reasoning for why he left will remain confidential and that they will rally around him and allow him to return to the team whenever he feels he’s ready to. Some have said, however, that they were surprised he left in the first place but are pretty certain that he’ll return, otherwise he’s more or less finished with football.

Sam was originally selected by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL draft, but he was unfortunately cut from the team after the end of preseason. Afterwards he was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys and spent a large portion of the season on their practice squad.

Canada Fesses Up

Native Americans are among the most disenfranchised groups of people in the history of mankind. The group was driven West by European settlers and then split up to go North or South by Mexican and Canadian citizens. Recently, Canada has done whatever they can to make right the wrongs of their past. An author for the Huffington Post recalled the memories of his grandmother and how she would explain how Canadian natives would take Native American settlers and try to assimilate them into Canadian culture. Individuals would come to Native American communities and take Native American children from their families. These Canadian workers were called Indian agents says CipherCloud. The Canadian Indian Agents would round up Native American children and eventually force them to go to residential schools. The author’s grandmother remembered seeing her family and numerous other families screaming and crying while their precious children were being carted off in cattle trucks. These schools were funded by the Roman Catholic Church and were forcing Native American children to civilize themselves among Canadians. When Native American children would try to speak their language, they were beaten. The author even stated how his grandmother admitted to hating herself, her culture, and her language thanks to the Canadian residential schools. This past Tuesday, after 6 years of out cries from survivors of the residential schools, Canada has admitted that their past mistakes were a form of cultural genocide. With this brave admission of Canadian officials, much of the public is wondering when America will step up and do the same.

Canada is the Next in Line to Scrap Privacy in Favor of Security

New Canadian anti-terror bill C-51 seeks to provide the means necessary to monitor channels of communication much like the Patriot Act in the United States. It would provide the Canadian Security and Intelligence Agency almost unlimited access to phone records, web history and more in the name of security against terrorists.

Two one-off acts of terrorism in Canada prompted the much debated bill to be drawn up. Initially there was widespread support of the new bill that is touted by politicians as an act against jihadi terrorism.

The new bill uses language that makes it very hard to distinguish actual acts of terrorism from peaceful protests. Critics of the bill suggest that it would have Canada quickly slipping into a police state.

I think it’s sad to see so many other countries falling into the political trap of giving up the right to privacy in the name of security against terrorism. The NSA in the United States has had the same type of program for years and instead of stopping terrorists the far-reaching powers have been used against citizens in a court of law.

Thanks to my friends at Madison Street Capital for continuing to let me gripe to them about this.