How OSI Group is determined to dominate the Food Processing Industry.

OSI Group is a multinational business that is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The firm has dedicated itself to offering the best food and beverage products from the time that it was established in 1909. It has been ensuring that its consumers are provided with top-notch processed products. The business has gained acknowledgment from Forbes by being listed as one of the top 100 companies on the planet. The primary commodities that it distributes are vegetable derivatives, hot dogs, fish, bacon, Pizza, and poultry.
The enterprise has grown rapidly over the years, and it has currently employed more than 20,000 individuals. It is under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, who is its CEO. OSI has set up about 60 food processing units in 16 countries. The firm has been making acquisitions that can facilitate its growth. One of the latest businesses that it purchased is Baho Foods, which is a top Dutch company. The firm is well established in Europe, and it will enable OSI Group in growing its market in the continent. The food processing giant also believes that its products portfolio will be bettered by the acquisition. Baho Foods has factories in Netherlands and Germany. They are Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, and Gelderland Frischwaren.

OSI Group also acquired a Chicago-based food processing giant that is known as Tyson Foods. The transaction cost about $7.4 million, and it was meant to assist the firm in solving the varying needs of its customers. The acquired business majored in the manufacture of omelets, crepes, tempura chicken, chicken cordon bleu, and meatballs. OSI Group is an environmentally friendly business. Its efforts were appreciated by the British Safety Council, which offered it the Globe of Honor Award. The honor is devoted to recognizing enterprises that have come up with an exceptional way of controlling environmental pollution.

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Dick DeVos Helping America Become Great

One of the major problems with the American nation of today is a lack of moral principles. It used to be that every young person was raised in a healthy home, where both Mom and Dad instilled positive character traits into the minds of their children. Today, this is sadly not the case. Children are confused. Parents are divorced. Public schools have taken over the burden of training children, with disastrous, and often violent outcomes. Although teachers mean well, they cannot mold the whole individual of vulnerable youngsters like a solid guardian or parent can. Dick DeVos, as a successful businessman, is strongly desirous of helping the youth of America find positive outcomes that they are missing.


Part of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation is to help fellow citizens of the United States attain the happy and easy life that the DeVos family has been blessed to experience. Mr. DeVos outlines several principles in his book Rediscovering American Values that really assisted him in becoming a billionaire investor and philanthropist.


Mr. DeVos feels that although America’s economic engine is still alive and pumping, the disregard for moral discipline in the educational system is at the root of many of our social ills. Healthy nations like Singapore exhibit high moral discipline and lots of economic freedom. Dick DeVos outlines the attributes of moral discipline that America could strongly benefit from. These major values are compassion, fairness, honesty, humility, moral courage, self- discipline, and thoughtfulness.


The lack of compassion in the American people is easily seen when driving on the expressway. The arrogant edging over the speed limit. The honking and cut off of the more careful drivers. The reckless children of the past became the self-confident fools of today. Mr. DeVos feels that schools need to do a better job of instilling humility and self-discipline into the brains of the current generation. He laments that teachers’ unions are feeding troughs for the union hogs, not fruit trees for the needy youth.


 Dick DeVos has sponsored several movements in Michigan to revilitize education, and get character values and training back into the curriculum. While some might moan of this being religious indoctrination, Mr DeVos believes it is just common sense. There are some things that transcend religion and belief, and personal character is one of them. The amorality of schools, and encouragement to selfish youth to be themselves sets up a whole generation for failure and egotism.


Real Estate Experts Define Top 7 Projects to Watch This Fall

NYC Properties to watch out for soon:

Rezoning Midtown Manhattan

The department of city planning has taken two years to properly review the proposal. It will allow bigger and taller buildings to go up in this Manhattan district. It must pass further rounds of review like all NYC properties, however.

One Vanderbilt

This is next to Grand Central Terminal. TD Bank is the only tenant so far, who signed on for 200,000 square feet. There are a total of 1.5 million square feet available, however.

28 Liberty and 550 Madison Ave.

This brand new space is going to revitalize the downtown area with great NYC properties, according to some. Buildings like the Sony tower are now vacant. A Saudi Arabia company is looking to pick up about 800,000 square feet.

Two World Trade Center

Larry Silverstein is aging. He wants to complete his legacy. That’s why he is rumored to be funding the new tower.

The “Marseillaise”

This sculpture is huge. And it costs $200 million. What’s more, it will be featured in Hudson Yards.

Harlem Blues

Douglast Durst is buying up land in Harlem. The location is 1800 Park Avenue. While the location is popular, he’ll have to deal the problems if he is going to put up an apartment building.


The MTA claims its $4.5 billion project is going to end in December. That is the deadline, but auditors don’t agree. They think the new subway project will take longer than that.

It only took five years for TOWN Residential to become the best luxury real estate services company. They have the best customer service and the best representatives. TOWN Residential is integral to New York real estate. They focus on selling luxury residential real estate, leasing, marketing, selling and leasing development properties, and retail and commercial.

Their secret is their professional experience, knowledge, and expertise with NYC properties. They have built a culture which has won them awards, such as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work For in New York City and the Best Firm to Work For overall. Their level of customer service and expertise has no rivals.

Kevin Seawright Discusses His RPS Solutions Philosophy

Kevin Seawright has dedicated his career to revitalizing the mid-Atlantic region. Throughout his career, Kevin has had the opportunity to revitalize iconic towns like Newark, Atlantic City, and Baltimore. During each stop, Kevin has left a major impact on the town and he has loved changing the way people view the city. Recently, Kevin noticed a major problem in Baltimore and wondered if he could fix the issue.

Baltimore is a beautiful city, but over the last few decades, it has seen a severe decline in home ownership. This decrease in homeownership has lead to a decrease in civic pride and an increase in the crime rate. Kevin loves the city of Baltimore and he wanted to see a major change in the community. Recently, he contacted the city and got to work on his latest project.

Kevin knew that he could get the home ownership rate in Baltimore above 50%, and that each no homeowner would bring stability to a city that desperately needs it. He launched RPS Solutions in 2015 to offer permanent change to the city. RPS Solutions works with the Baltimore city government to construct and renovate affordable housing throughout the Baltimore area. The company has made major inroads in recent years, and Kevin recently appeared on the The Larry Young Morning Show to discuss the project.

Kevin Seawright was extremely happy to appear on the Larry Young show. He stated that improving life in Baltimore is a passion project for him. He is extremely passionate about home ownership in Baltimore. Kevin Seawright has seen firsthand the impact that home ownership has on the world. Throughout his time working in community development, Kevin has seen numerous communities improve as the homeownership rate goes up. Kevin Seawright wants to see improvement throughout Baltimore and he is willing to work hard to get that improvement.

RPS Solutions is having a major impact on Baltimore. Their work with first-time homebuyers is revolutionary, and it is slowly turning communities around. Kevin Seawright hopes to keep working with these first-time homebuyers to turn Baltimore around. RPS Solutions plans to keep working for years to come.

Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur based in Switzerland who is the founder of a company known as Swiss Start Up Factory. His company is one that specializes in helping businesses get the capital they need in order to start up as well as guidance on how to reach their goals. Before Mike founded this company he was involved in the banking industry and therefore accumulated a lot of experience in dealing with businesses. His banking experience would help him come up with the idea of starting his own company. With his company Mike has been able to make a considerable impact on the Swiss economy by helping a number of businesses get established.

Baur began his career in banking in which he would regularly meet with business owners. When he was meeting with business owners he would provide them with advice in terms of how much money they need in order to start up or expand. With his advice, a number of businesses would have the opportunity to assess their financial situation and then determine how much capital they would need in order to make their business a success. Mike would go over a number of things such as the business plan, market, potential customers and also how much money the business needs. Once finding out these things Baur would then provide businesses with loans to finance their business ventures.

After being in the banking industry for twenty years, Mike decided to start up his own company. This company is known as Swiss Start Up Factory and is one that helps businesses get the assistance they need in order to start up. The company holds an event similar to a contest in which numerous businesses pitch their ideas to Mike and then he determines which one has the best potential. He then chooses the businesses that he believes will most likely be profitable and then he gives them funds and advice. Therefore, Baur’s company is an organization that helps businesses get in position to fulfill their potential.

Along with being the founder of Swiss Start Up Factory and being in banking, Mike Baur has won a number of awards during his career. These awards prove that Mike is quite successful in his career and is therefore one of the more credible business people in Switzerland. He is also one of the more innovative entrepreneurs in the country as well with the development of his company.

Strategist Sam Tabar Named COO of FullCycle Energy Fund in New York

Sam Tabar is to head up the FullCycle Energy Fund as the Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Tabar, schooled at Oxford and Columbia Law School, will continue his expertise in the area of strategic management of the hedge fund. Serving as the Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill will be the experience he draws upon in which to guide the specialized fund. Tabar has invested much of his working years to overseeing strategy and budgets of financial services companies and financial institutions. If his work history on CrunchBase can be any judge, Tabar should transition rather smoothly, and he is confident about the new assignment.

In a recent press release, Tabor commented on his new position, “I am excited and honored to take on the role of COO at FullCycle Energy Fund. I look forward to partnering with our talented senior leadership team to deliver our mission of moving away from high cost, polluting fuels to lower cost and environmentally friendly fuels.”

Sam is not a stranger to functioning at the highest levels of international finance. His associate appointing at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP, recently named 2016 Capital Markets Firm of the Year is a contender in every major international financial center. Employing professionals in its 23 offices with the help of over 1,700 attorneys the firm offers specific legal advice to companies across a great number of industries. The firm represents many of the top Fortune 250 enterprise clients including governmental bodies, the entrepreneurial incorporated and nonprofit organizations. This was a preemptive test of Tabor’s abilities as the Business Development Co-Chair and the Managing Director at the high finance at SPARKX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors, based out of Hong Kong. Following that position Tabar secured a Director’s situation at Bank of America/Merril Lynch as Head of Capital Strategy for the Asian Pacific Region. The experiences acquired allowed Tabar the freedom to re-enter the legal aspect of his tenure as he joined Schulte, Roth, & Sabel LLP as the senior associate who catered to structuring hedge fund formations, advising on everything from structural components to compliance and regulatory issues. Experts expect his new appointment will allow his fund management and strategy style to work well on behalf of the FullCycle Energy Fund.

Organo Gold Expands into the Turkish Market

Turkey is known for quite a few things. But this ancient culture is perhaps best known for their love of fine coffee. The country’s love of coffee dates back to at least the 15th century. Hundreds of years of experience with fine coffee can set things up to be rather difficult for newcomers.

It can be an intimidating market for any coffee company. But the best of the best know that if they can win over the Turkish market than they’ve really got something to brag about. But it should come as no surprise that Organo Gold is entering into this competitive Turkish market. The company is well known for coffee that stands above and beyond the competition. One of the biggest reasons for this is the simple fact that the Organo Gold brand is about more than the coffee itself. Organo Gold’s line is designed to cover every aspect of a person’s life. Obviously taste and the energy brought about by fine coffee is a vital part of the brand. But Organo Gold is unique in the fact that it also strives to create coffee that offers significant health benefits. As such the coffee is usually presented as part of a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

The reason this is possible is all thanks to the efforts of Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua. Chua began with an amazingly innovative idea which is still unmatched to this day. He’d traveled a lot over the years and this allowed him a chance to get to know the native ideas and cuisine of any given area. During this period he encountered a very special mushroom. This mushroom, called Ganoderma, was renowned for both taste and medicinal value.

Bernardo Chua realized that he had a chance to do something really amazing with the mushroom. He used it to create a coffee and other edible products. And in doing so he created a unique, rich, flavor that has yet to be matched by any other company. He wasn’t content to leave it at that though. The other remarkable thing about Chua is his humanitarian spirit. Something that’s earned him numerous awards over the years, such as the Napoleon Hill Foundation gold medal. As such, he wanted to create a company that could give something back to the world. He turned his mushroom based products into a thriving market. And he also ensured that it would help the people in any given area to reach new economic heights for themselves. That’s been one of the strongest points about Chua’s life. He’s a man who wants to help everyone to reach their best. Whether that’s in terms of health or economic satisfaction.

As Organo expands into Turkey, we can only wait and see how this will end up.  But be sure to follow Bernardo on Facebook, where he’ll update you every step of the way.

Fabletics Gains Attention from Elle Magazine

When it comes to workout gear, there is nothing better than Fabletics. Before Kate Hudson developed this brand there were not a lot of people that gave much thought to style for working out. Many people may have wanted to look good in workout gear, but they didn’t have a clothing line that was dedicated to making consumers look good. That is where Hudson and her team stepped into the clothing arena and totally changed everything that people had become used to.

In a recent interview with Elle Magazine Hudson revealed how she got started. She also took the time to share her ideas about fashion for working out as she talked about her future plans for this brand. Hudson has been known to be a great actress, but her interview in Elle presents the actress in entrepreneur form. She is quick to lead people to her favorite Fabletics pieces in her Elle interview. Hudson loves to talk about the brand because such is so excited about what this brand means for others.

Lots of women are thrilled about he fact that they can buy clothing for working out that is bound to give them more confidence. So many women may have been used to doing some simple working out around the house. They may have avoided the urge to buy any workout clothes because no one was seeing them workout. When a woman gets gym membership, however, she really begins to embrace the concept of cool workout clothing. That is why Hudson is so excited expanding its stores and coupons to customers. There are going to be over 100 new stores coming into existence, and Hudson is really pushing forward with this because she loves this brand.

People that check the website can see Hudson and her six pack abs as she models a variety of different picks. She has an active wear line that is also very alluring. For the first time in a long time she has made women start to feel excited about working out. There is even a subscription service that women can sign up for. With this service they can get a different garment shipped each month. This can really help a person build up their workout wardrobe in no time. Hudson knew that she had a good thing with this clothing line, and that is why she works so hard to promote it.

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Solo Capital and their Founder Sanjay Shah

The Solo Capital business model is dedicated to the clients that the business serves. They are a company that works hard to improve their client relationships and they are able to do so with the services that they offer. Since they are so dedicated to their clients, the clients that they have are generally satisfied with the service that they receive. These happy clients then move on to tell their friends which generates referrals for Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah designed this business model because he knew that clients needed to be happy for the business to be able to succeed. He also knew that, without happy clients, his business wouldn’t be able to take off. The business that he had gave his clients the chance to be successful which, in turn, made them happier. He has created a constant cycle of clients who have been satisfied with the business financial services that they have received from the company.

Trading is one of the many facets of the company but is also one of the main categories that they deal in. When it comes to trading, Solo Capital focuses primarily on proprietary trading. They are able to help their clients with all of the trades that they have and they do so successfully. This is a great way that they can increase the business that they have by helping their clients to increase their overall capital. They help their clients build up more money by offering them the chance to buy into the market, trade stocks at the right time and sell them when they are at an excellent price for the clients to profit off of.

All services that Solo Capital offers could be considered consulting but the main part of the business is about consulting for businesses. They offer businesses the financial solutions that they need to be able to prepare the clients to take them back to their business. They can tell their clients how to manage their money, what opportunities they should be taking advantage of and how they should work to make more money for their overall profit.

One of the ways that clients can make more money is by investing. Professional sports investing is a great way to make sure that clients have the money that they need and a way that they can make much more money than they had ever dreamed of. There is a huge market for professional sports investors and all of the clients who use Solo Capital for this have been relatively successful. There are many facets to professional sports investing and other types of investing that Solo Capital can walk all of their clients through to ensure the most success.

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Solo capital Investment Company is a finance institution that is based in the United Kingdom. The company deals in different services which include proprietary trading, sport commercialization amongst others. One can also choose to say that Solo Capital is an international boutique financial services company that offers consultation services at a fee. Solo capital UK was able to make a remarkable growth in the financial year 2015 whereby it finished with a net worth of 15.45 million Euros. The company’s total assets also amounted to 67.45 million Euros with a commendable amount of cash flow.
The company is run by Sanjay shah who is the owner of solo group holdings. His leadership in the company since its conception has been able to bring positive results to the overall growth and performance of Solo Capital UK. Sanjay Shah also owns another range of companies within Europe. These companies owned by Shah have a common thing in common which is operating within the financial investment sector. Some of shahs companies offer financial advice. Malta and Cayman islands are some of the companies that Sanjay owns in Europe. Solo capital took over the company Old Park Lane Capital in the year 2014. This was a stock broking company which operated on invitation-only basis.
Getting to know Shah closely shows that financial investment was not what he first went to college to study. Shah studied medicine as his first course and finally realized that he wasn’t ready to work as a doctor. He therefore started his venture on financial investment and worked for a number of banks. The year 2009 was his last year working for a bank. The economic crisis of 2009 contributed much to this situation which implied the birth of Solo Capital Investment Company.
Sanjay Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks. This organization works with the aim of spreading awareness on autism. The organization also raises funds for research through the concerts that feature some of the world’s top artists. Snoop doggy and drake are among the music icons that have taken part in the autism rocks concerts that have been held around the world.
The most touching experience that led Shah to increase the amount of funds that he directed towards donations in India and around the world is his son’s diagnosis. Before that, shah had been taking part in charity activities but had not really figured out what to do beyond giving donations. Autism concerts project came as a perfect idea to shah on how best he could help in bettering humanity. He spent US $ 100, 000 in June 2015 only to create the domain name, Autism Rocks. Solo capital Investment Company continues to make a positive impact on humanity through the services and also through its CEO’s charity projects.