Fabletics ReBrands Company Name to TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldberg co-owner and CEO of the successful online subscription fashion company JustFab or Fabletics recently discussed the re-branding name change the company plans to undertake with the media. The company plans to rename the company TechStyle Fashion Group. The name change came about because the company uses technology for creating the products through marketing. It wants the name to reflect that concept.

When we created the company Adam Goldenberg explained we wanted to change the way consumers shop by delivering trendy fashion online at a great price. The company is driven by data that helps us build our customer base and customize stores and online shopping to different groups.

Over the last six years the company has grown quickly. It was time for the name to match the mission said co-founder Adam Goldenberg. He says over 60% of his employees come from the fashion industry. The company set itself apart from other companies by using celebrities to advertise products. In 2015 sales were more than $505 million.

The company believes their subscription service gives them an edge on retaining customers. The monthly membership which can be applied to shopping brings customers back to the site every month. It takes effort to get customers and to retain them online this is their method.

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The company has opened several brick and mortar retail stores too. The customers can purchase products without signing up for the VIP membership. One is located in the Mall of America. The company now has several brands to promote ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, JustFab and FL2, and FabKids.

The company has used tech solutions to improving customer service retention, and customizing the buying experience. Customers can chat with VIP reps in about 36 seconds and easily cancel memberships from the home page. TechStyle Fashion Group pays attentions to customers service and has made many improvements over the last few years.

Adam Goldenberg founded his first company at age 15 called Gamer’s Alliance. He sold the company three years later to MySpace. He quit high school to become Vice President of Strategic Planning at Intermix Media in 1999. At 20 he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of this company.

At Intermix Media Adam Goldenberg met Don Ressler who he eventually started a company with called Intelligent Beauty. They established several brands as market leaders in health and beauty. This lead to both men wanting to create a company that combines fashion and cutting edge technology that became Fabletics.

TechStyle Fashion Group has over 4,000 million members and is located in 10 countries. It has several brick and mortar stores where shoppers enjoy trying on clothing before buying.

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Dick DeVos Helping America Become Great

One of the major problems with the American nation of today is a lack of moral principles. It used to be that every young person was raised in a healthy home, where both Mom and Dad instilled positive character traits into the minds of their children. Today, this is sadly not the case. Children are confused. Parents are divorced. Public schools have taken over the burden of training children, with disastrous, and often violent outcomes. Although teachers mean well, they cannot mold the whole individual of vulnerable youngsters like a solid guardian or parent can. Dick DeVos, as a successful businessman, is strongly desirous of helping the youth of America find positive outcomes that they are missing.


Part of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation is to help fellow citizens of the United States attain the happy and easy life that the DeVos family has been blessed to experience. Mr. DeVos outlines several principles in his book Rediscovering American Values that really assisted him in becoming a billionaire investor and philanthropist.


Mr. DeVos feels that although America’s economic engine is still alive and pumping, the disregard for moral discipline in the educational system is at the root of many of our social ills. Healthy nations like Singapore exhibit high moral discipline and lots of economic freedom. Dick DeVos outlines the attributes of moral discipline that America could strongly benefit from. These major values are compassion, fairness, honesty, humility, moral courage, self- discipline, and thoughtfulness.


The lack of compassion in the American people is easily seen when driving on the expressway. The arrogant edging over the speed limit. The honking and cut off of the more careful drivers. The reckless children of the past became the self-confident fools of today. Mr. DeVos feels that schools need to do a better job of instilling humility and self-discipline into the brains of the current generation. He laments that teachers’ unions are feeding troughs for the union hogs, not fruit trees for the needy youth.


 Dick DeVos has sponsored several movements in Michigan to revilitize education, and get character values and training back into the curriculum. While some might moan of this being religious indoctrination, Mr DeVos believes it is just common sense. There are some things that transcend religion and belief, and personal character is one of them. The amorality of schools, and encouragement to selfish youth to be themselves sets up a whole generation for failure and egotism.


Lessons from the Antique Collector Michael Zomber


Antique collectibles have a rich history- they date back to different time periods and have been handed down one generation to another. The “American Pickers” show airs on the History Channel and features Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. The two experts are usually in search of undiscovered treasures such as antiques and collectibles around America.


Throughout this month of September, the “American Pickers” show is being filmed in Oregon and the experts have been searching for any potentially valuable antiques, collectibles. The show has been airing on the America’s History Channel since 2010. It features experts also referred to as “pickers” who can tell and differentiate valuable items that can be sold or added to collections.


What is the difference between an antique and a collectible? Well, an antique by nature is collectible. Antiques are normally at least a hundred years old for them to be described as antiques. Collectibles, on the other hand, are nostalgic items that may be valuable or ancient but deemed interesting enough to be collected. Despite the fact that a collectible doesn’t have any legal definition, most collectors agree that it’s the buying demands of that determines its value.


Antiques that have limited production and claim their value based on the exclusivity are in most cases collected to increase in value. Such collectibles are often not a good selection since manufacturers can create a false market to take advantage of the situation. Find out the true value of the items you want before purchasing them.


Michael Zomber is an author, filmmaker, and a steadfast supporter of organizations that embrace peace such as Global Exchange, Amnesty International, UNICEF, and Doctors without Borders. For over forty years, MIchael Zomber has been preserving and protecting history by collecting, caring, and selling antique arms. His mission has always been to work with people and organizations whose passion is to safeguard the past.


Michael Zomber has featured on the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun Series as a guest historian. The series includes episodes such as Automatic Pistols, Million Dollar Guns, Guns of the Famous, Shotguns, and Guns of the Orient. He has written numerous screenplays and historical novels including Jesus and the Samurai, Sweet Betsy, and Shogun Iemitsu.


Michael Zomber holds Bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Psychology and a Masters in English Literature. Zomber is a renowned authority in the area of Japanese Samurai weapons and armor.  Make sure to follow him on Facebook, or learn more about his passion on Citrite.

Solo Capital and their Founder Sanjay Shah

The Solo Capital business model is dedicated to the clients that the business serves. They are a company that works hard to improve their client relationships and they are able to do so with the services that they offer. Since they are so dedicated to their clients, the clients that they have are generally satisfied with the service that they receive. These happy clients then move on to tell their friends which generates referrals for Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah designed this business model because he knew that clients needed to be happy for the business to be able to succeed. He also knew that, without happy clients, his business wouldn’t be able to take off. The business that he had gave his clients the chance to be successful which, in turn, made them happier. He has created a constant cycle of clients who have been satisfied with the business financial services that they have received from the company.

Trading is one of the many facets of the company but is also one of the main categories that they deal in. When it comes to trading, Solo Capital focuses primarily on proprietary trading. They are able to help their clients with all of the trades that they have and they do so successfully. This is a great way that they can increase the business that they have by helping their clients to increase their overall capital. They help their clients build up more money by offering them the chance to buy into the market, trade stocks at the right time and sell them when they are at an excellent price for the clients to profit off of.

All services that Solo Capital offers could be considered consulting but the main part of the business is about consulting for businesses. They offer businesses the financial solutions that they need to be able to prepare the clients to take them back to their business. They can tell their clients how to manage their money, what opportunities they should be taking advantage of and how they should work to make more money for their overall profit.

One of the ways that clients can make more money is by investing. Professional sports investing is a great way to make sure that clients have the money that they need and a way that they can make much more money than they had ever dreamed of. There is a huge market for professional sports investors and all of the clients who use Solo Capital for this have been relatively successful. There are many facets to professional sports investing and other types of investing that Solo Capital can walk all of their clients through to ensure the most success.

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OrganoGold Presents Healthy Coffee Options

When people think of coffee they may not necessarily think of healthy beverages, but this was before OrganoGold came along. Now people have access to a beverage that actually contains healthy ingredients, and they have Bernardo Chua to thank for all of this, because of his focus on health. He is a business leader and the founder OrganoGold. He has produced a winning formula that is pertinent to his tea and coffee products.

Chua has been around for a while, but many Americans are just hearing about him. He is becoming a beverage giant that has his sights set on America and many other countries. It is the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom ingredient that has catapulted Bernardo Chua to a successful career. This is the ingredient that is linked to healing. For years Asian has known about the healing properties that are associated with Ganoderma Lucidum, but this mushroom has never been linked to beverages before. That is the thing that has changed as a result of what Chua has been doing.

He has crafted a formula and promoted this healthy coffee to consumers. The end result of his hard work is seen in all the blends that are currently available. In the beginning customers start with regular coffee, and most of them probably would have been content with this organic coffee beverage. Chua had a different plan in mind. He saw fit to bring coffee blends of different types of consumers that liked diverse blends. Currently, Bernardo has expanded the OrganoGold brand to include Mocha and Jamaican Royal Blue Mountain. People that are fans of OrganoGold can also pursue OrganoGold Green Tea and Black Ice Tea.

There is also hot chocolate and there are even capsules with Ganoderma for people that are not into beverages. People that like healthy options for beverages will find out that OrganoGold is one the best possible options for their daily consumption. More people are finding out about healthy coffee because there is a huge social media buzz about this. Coffee drinkers are commenting about this on social media. Stores sell this organic coffee because the demand is growing for it. There are a lot of people that are discovering it in many different ways. This shows the Bernardo Chua was on to something good. His persistence to bring healthy coffee to the mainstream audiences has paid off. His brand is successful, and lots of people are fans of his beverages.  Follow Bernie’s Twitter feed to keep informed of his career.

Eucatex – a Pioneer in Environmentally Friendly Products

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex as well as GrandFood Group. He graduated from FAAP, Brazil with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is the eldest son of a politician, Paulo Maluf. Flavio Maluf is also the Chairperson of the Board of Executive Officers of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio. He is the Vice Chief Officer of Eucatex Trading e Engenharia. Additionally, Mr. Maluf is the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Química e Mineral. Mr. Maluf is also an attorney.

Mr. Maluf has several years of experience in Engineering Support and Diagnostics. He has helped developed medical and laboratory equipment. His bio shows that Mr. Maluf has worked in the aerospace industry where he was in charge of KC-390 Product Support, he has some pretty cool technical specs on SlideShare from that time. Moreover, Mr. Maluf was a manager of Chiron Diagnostic products where he developed and monitored service policies and procedures. Mr. Maluf has been managing the family business at Eucatex for more than 30 years.

Eucatex got established in 1951. The company is a pioneer in its field in that it has manufactured environmentally friendly furniture. The organization has successfully produced tiles and ceiling panels using eucalyptus. Moreover, Eucatex has successfully exported environmental products and services. With the help of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex is in a class by itself. The company has manufactured top quality environmentally conscious products focusing on comfort.  Now Flavio is also really counted on for helping out new entrepreneurs too, by providing great advice.

Due to the company’s environmental concerns, it has established the Environmental Education Program (EEP), which was put together to help students and groups with their conservation efforts. The company has also ventured into teaching students how to handle forestry. The company has planted and maintained eucalyptus forest trees in Brazil. Eucatex has also used renewable energy to power its factories. Eucatex has been very successful thus far with a record profit of more than $10 million dollars. Currently, the company focuses on construction and furniture.


The family of Ricardo Guimaraes has successfully operated BMG the almost a century. Since the Mr. Ricardo’s grandfather founded land credit bank, the bank has grown to be the leading consignment credit provider in Brazil. Mr. Ricardo is from Minas Gerais. The son of Flavio Pentagma joined BMG in 1994 and became its president in 1998. The bank has undergone numerous reforms in Guimaraes leadership that have seen it rise to the top in consignment credit sector. His strategies include providing low-interest loans for clients with a non-default record. Guimaraes excellent leadership skills and professional business experience are attributed to BMG success.
The Brazilian business mogul has also invested in another sector like agriculture and cannery. The BMG president has diversified his investment through the major sectors of the country’s economy. Apart from his investments, the bank is also the leading sponsor of the Brazilian sports industry. Guimaraes excellent management skills have come overnight; he graduated with a degree in business administration and worked in several leadership positions before rising to the presidency. He is a vivid philanthropic supporter of community-led projects in Belo Horizonte. Guimaraes believes in teamwork and his team in BMG demonstrates his choice for professionalism and excellence.
Until Guimaraes aggressively invested in consignment sector, the potential of the industry was untapped. The bank now maintains a substantial lead in the industry serving over five million clients in its three thousand point of sales and sixty thousand agents distributed in major municipalities in the country. The business mogul has an eye set in football and athletics. Guimaraes leadership is centered on alternative investment, and the bank has demonstrated the lead in being the biggest sponsor of Brazilian soccer.
Foreign sponsors like Coca-cola have dominated the country’s football sector. The emergence of a local bank in the country to take the lead is remarkable. Thanks to Guimaraes investment diversification that has also made the sports performance improve. The bank is benefiting hugely from the clubs as well. The major clubs in the league have a connection with the bank. Guimaraes commitment in rooting the bank in payroll loans is steadfast. The credit sector is the primary source of revenue for the bank. Guimaraes has plans to reduce the overreliance in of the bank in the industry and diversify in other uncompetitive fields.

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A Stellar Career Profile of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is one of the most admired and highly regarded capital strategists in the country, and the coverage he’s got through PR Newswire definitely shows he’s on the rise in the financial world. As a graduate of Columbia Law School, Sam knew that the best way to build a legal career was to not only go to the best school, but it meant striving to work with the best firm possible. Hedge fund formation is more important than ever as individuals seek to better their finances. Those who are accredited investors would most likely benefit from working with someone like Sam, but most of his work was ultimately with businesses, and Bloomberg has the full history.

The structure of investments as well as private placement, memoranda letters, and compliance issues, are among the top business issues of the day. High finance was quickly becoming Sam’s true love, as he landed his position with PMA Investment Advisors, a division of the Sparx Group. It didn’t take long for Sam to get a promotion with the group, where he was promoted to Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development.

Sam was able to intrigue his peers at PMA by building a strategic marketing plan for his firm. At the time, the plan would include a specific target which was made up of institutional investors, large family offices, and high net worth clients around the world. The firm was surprised when he was able to deliver the names of more than 2,000 investors that were already qualified, and and he also took the time and effort to introduce more than 390 new investors. That’s a substantial portfolio to the say least.

These are tremendous feats for a Managing Director like Sam, but what you may not know is that the CEO asked to work closely with Sam on various business related matters. The Raising more than a billion dollars in assets was just another small part of the work Sam had done as a contributor to PMA. The firm was most likely shocked and in awe of his knowledge but also his foresight on the additional business matters he advised on.

It’s amazing to see someone like Sam at work in his profession, and it’s only a matter of time until we see him with a firm of his own, and you can be sure the day he lists that on LinkedIn will be soon.  Follow his social media at Vimeo and Twitter if you’d like to keep apprised of Sam’s current whereabouts.

George Soros’ European Humanitarian Crisis Solution.

George Soros is one an influential and outspoken humanitarian activists of the modern time. He writes and lectures on matters of governance, democracy, human rights and economics. His critical thinking philosophy makes him an informer and steer of international debate on global issues.


Born in Hungary in the Capital of Budapest in 1930 (source: Forbes), Soros grew up in a very chaotic period in human history. At that time, the world has just come out of the First World War, and another one was brewing not far ahead. Europe was caught in the eye of this storm. George went to study in England where he got a chance to study at the London school of Economics.


Since then, the European Union has found a new sense of purpose with countries coming together to promote economic prosperity. The bloc has made significant strides towards success over the years. However, George Soros asserts that cracks are beginning to show the union, and the spirit that led to its formation is no longer there.


Currently, the union is being undermined by superpowers like Russia. The state continues to use force and violence to other EU states like Ukraine and Turkey. Its foreign policy promotes anarchism that many regard as a foregone practice. To make matters worse, Soros to the fragile balance of power where other European nations are hesitant to check Russia. This tendency could be as a result of fear of the once communist state.


Elsewhere on the continent, there has been an influx of refugees from the eastern end near Turkey and Syria. The influx of refugees results from the spreading conflict in Syria caused by extremist groups such as ISIS. A similar refugee crisis is being witnessed across the Mediterranean see where people across North Africa attempt to cross over in search of a better life.


According to his piece from Marketwatch, there is a lack of responsibility within the European Union. It requires a comprehensive refugee standard policy. In his observation, a refugee framework makes it easier to manage humanitarian crisis situations. He observes the selfish interests of individual countries that expose refugees to more suffering.


George Soros has taken an advisory role by proposing a standard refugee policy for the union to use. In his plan, he calls for international assistance in the struggle to solve the problem. His plan has several components. The first action is to open up the borders and allow the refugees to get through. A million asylum seekers annually is a good figure. They can be equipped with necessities like food and shelter.


Secondly, the union itself must fund the states nearest to the conflict areas such as Lebanon and Turkey where the largest numbers of refugees are hosted. By committing more resources to the crisis, human suffering is alleviated.


The third action regards to the establishment of a migration agency. This one allows the union to screen refugees to avoid the proliferation of extremists and warmongers. The organization must act according to international standards for refugees. Finally, the union must discuss and welcome the idea of absorption and integration as the most long-term solution to the crisis.

Status Labs Founder Mr. Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is a famous entrepreneur known for the founding Status Labs. It’s an online management and reputation firm that has its headquarters in Austin Texas. The company recently opened offices in San Paulo in Brazil and New York in the USA. The economics graduate if Vanderbilt University has grown status lab to it to a famous reputation firm with an extensive customer base. Darius has several successful companies that have revenues exceeding $20 million. He humbly worked at Agora publishing as a copywriter in his early life. The highly experienced entrepreneur has grown Status Lab to more than 30 employees .

Darius featured in PR Newswire as a top 50 entrepreneur. The magazine recognizes the rising stars in the PR management industry. The magazine is among the top publications in the PR industry. In his speech, Mr. Darius humbly noted that he was rejoicing in featuring in the magazine. The status lab has more than 1500 clients, and its presence is in over 35 countries. The magazine was keen to note Mr. Darius an outstanding experience and in propelling the company into that great height. Firms and individuals facing an online crisis in marketing, search optimization, and marketing automation are status labs, major customers. The firm has helped business to polish their search results as well as enabled several of them to grow their sales by digital marketing and PR strategy.

Several other magazines recognized Fisher and status lab for there exemplarily entrepreneur skills. The New York Times,Yahoo, and The Daily Beast mentioned Fisher honorably for his assistance to the Ashley Madison hack victims. As the head of the status lab, Fisher has created an exceptionally talented team. The team is responsible for the firm’s growth and success. Fisher created a strategic plan for the company that propelled it to its growth. He also built numerous partnerships for the enterprise with agencies and figures. The links established by Fisher have enabled the company to recruit its domestic and international sales and management teams. The company’s influence in the online marketing industry has significantly increased in fisher’s leadership. Apart from or management, the firm also has several other services for its clients. The company offers search engine optimization for businesses buying and selling online. Mr. Fisher has also established social media services for Status Labs. This service helps customers in identifying locations where they have the greatest influence. It, therefore, becomes easy for targeted advertising in increasing the company’s products awareness.