Make Sure to Follow These 5 Investing Tips

Investing can be a tricky thing, especially for those without much experience with it. Most individuals know and understand the importance of investing, but outside of financial professionals who have a career in it, knowing how to invest is not always all that easy. People want to make sure their hard earned money is safe and protected from potential problems. That is exactly why it is necessary to practice safe investing. Recently, Brad Reifler offered up some very helpful investing tips for the 99 percent of individuals who simply do not have all of that necessary financial investing experience.

For those who do not know how Brad Reifler is, he is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital. He spends most of his time helping those who are unaccustomed to investing. After all, he believes it is the right of everyone to be able to invest and invest well, not just those with all of the money.

His first tip is to be very careful in how money is invested. Looking at risks, charges associated with the investments and expenses that come along with it are all important. This way, an investor is able to determine their specific goals for investing. This is even a side note on the investment tip. People need to have investment goals. Simply to “make money” is not the reason. It might be for retirement, or for raising money to open a business. The proper reasoning is a must.

The second tip offered by Brad is to be concerned about the safety of money. It is never wise to simply dump the money into a random account or into the hands of another person without first vetting the system and making sure it is safe. There have been far too many people who have lost all of their life savings because they simply did not look into the safety of their money.

Third is an important tip that Brad has pointed out on, and it is to not put all money into the stock market. This is a common mistake many new investors make. There are many other ways to invest financially and it isn’t all in the stock market. In fact, the closer someone comes to retirement, the less they should put into the stock market as there are always risks associated with stocks.

The last two steps are knowing who is going to be investing the money and creating a level of trust with the manager of the account. This is directly tied to the first and second step. The fifth step is also directed towards the first step and it is considering the investment objectives and to be careful with how much money is invested. MarketWired writes more about what Brad Reifler has done to create Forefront Capital as a new system of investment for everybody.

Gold is the Best Insurance Against Uncertain Times


A January 23, 2016, podcast interview of Philip N. Diehl, Present of U.S. Money Reserve by Enterprise Radio host Eric Dye delivered a valid case for owning gold coins. A brief overview of Mr. Diehl’s background is enough to realize when it comes to being an expert about silver, gold, and platinum US coins he is the real deal.

Chief of Staff of the U.S. Department of Treasury; Staff Director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee; Nominated by President Bill Clinton to be Director of the United States Mint. Mr. Diehl’s experience working with senior officials in the Executive Branch and on Capitol Hill developed his understanding of fiscal and monetary policy which is the foundation of his current work in the precious metals industry.

Now the director at U.S. Money Reserves, Philip Diehl is proud that he has brought this style of leadership and accomplishment to this position. What he is most proud of is the U.S. Money Reserves stands behind its return policy and customer service which he says is, “Better than the U.S. Mint.” U.S. Money Reserves only sells U.S. Government issued silver, gold and platinum legal tender bullion coins, backed by the full power of the federal government. Other forms of precious metals aren’t always what they seem. Unscrupulous dealers may try to pass off counterfeits that are almost impossible to catch.

What goes up, must come down. The dollar has increased in values in the 18-24 months, which is unsustainable. When the dollar weakens, the demand for gold increases.
George Soros is warning of an impending financial market crises. Philip Deihl agrees that that the economic downturn in China, India, and Brazil create international uncertainty, Gold has been and will continue to be the best insurance against uncertain times.

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Importance Of Advertising Agencies In Brazil

There are hundreds of books and materials out there filled with thousands of pages regarding how to advertise your products and services. In fact, you could spend the next decade learning all about marketing without ever starting to sell anything. It is like riding a motorcycle. You can look at pictures of other people riding the motorcycle, go to school and learn about the geometry of wheels and properties of motion but unless you ride the motorcycle yourself, there is no way to learn it. The same holds good when it comes to advertising. Without advertising in real-time, after complying with the required rules, there is no way to learn all about advertising.

Advertising yourself for your business is a smart move. However, there are a number of reasons why people go through advertising agencies in Brazil to fulfill their business and financial needs. For one thing, the increasing lack of faith in their in-house marketing is more in new establishments. You don’t have to limit your knowledge and experience to the in-house marketing department – you can make more sales by delegating this task to outside companies like Heads. Heads is an advertising agency founded by Claudio Loureiro. He is the recipient of many awards in the publishing industry. He is a pioneer who speaks to thousands of people regularly sharing podium with many business people in Brazil. He has been involved in many large-scale business marketing projects all over the country. His company, Heads provides flexibility to meet customers’ changing needs. It also offers clients expanded resources such as new technology, trends and features in advertising.

Wikipedia shows that while much attention has been focused on this advertising agency in Brazil, similar arrangements are very much in evidence throughout the country. Consumers who were interviewed and surveyed consistently told that flexibility is essential to a successful advertising campaign. And this is one of the reasons why people sign up for agency services like Heads. Another key ingredient is trust. Trust permits greater responsiveness to needs and budget. Businesses can readily enjoy success when there is trust between the agency and itself, and between customers and business, and this is provided when the agency is doing its job well. Apart from sharing and providing the required features and services, these agencies in advertising scene find that their committed relationship with their clients offer many additional benefits. Clients get the needed exposure through many channels such social media, newspaper, articles and things that are beyond one or two persons’ knowledge. The service provider and clients can meet often to talk, discuss and pass reviews without obligations. Whatever its form, advertising agencies in Brazil can be a valuable asset to individuals and businesses alike.

Just a Visit or Something More?

Recently I found an interesting story in The Telegraph. That was an article about Lionel Messi, but, this time it was not about football or anything connected to the game. It is an article about Messi’s trip to the African country of Gabon. And, there is nothing strange in the news, but, when I started to read the article, I saw many things that are not nice. The first of all was Messi visiting the dictator Ali Bongo. This man is the president of Gabon and a man who is accused by Human Rights Foundation for many terrible things. The second one was the criticism of the world’s best footballer by Human Rights Foundation because he visited the president of Gabon. Well, are there any reasons for that kind of reaction by HRF? Did Messi make a mistake because he visited a dictator who is responsible for many misdeeds?

Something about Human Rights Foundation

Firstly, let’s see what HRF stand for. Its Facebook page describes it as a nonprofit organization that takes care of the human rights in whole world. Those kinds of organizations are a necessity for humanity nowadays. If there is any kind of violation of human rights anywhere in the world, this organization tries to find the way to resolve the problem and to present it to rest of the world. Also, HRF takes care about education in the third world countries. Their main goal is to promote freedom and tolerance in every part of the world. And, that is not all; people from Human Rights Foundation are trying to raise awareness about the violation of basic human rights. So, like I already said, HRF is organization that is really necessary for humanity. But, is there a reason to accuse Leo Messi for the visit to Ali Bongo? I say, yes.

Coincidence or intention?

There is one question that bothers me. Did Messi really know who Ali Bongo was and who he was meeting? This footballer has his own organization called the Leo Messi Foundation that helps children get education and health care. So, for me it is really strange that Messi visited Bongo. It is hard to believe that Leo didn’t know about accusations against Gabon’s president. After all, that is a man who is accused of murdering children and cannibalism, which is really hard to miss, if you really are interested in meeting your host. On the other side, there is a possibility that Messi didn’t know anything about this African country and that someone else organized this trip. Both possibilities are realistic but, what is true? Messi met Bongo in Barcelona several years ago. The president of Gabon says that since then Messi and him were friends. It is unlikely that that is true. The question still stands. Does Messi know who Bongo really or was this all just a coincidence? I am looking forward to hearing the answer.

One fact still stands. Leo Messi went to Gabon to lay the first stone at the construction of a stadium where the African Cup of Nations in 2017 is to be held. That is connected to sport. Anyway, if Gabon’s president is responsible for all these misdeeds, why does he promote a large sport tournament, such as the African Cup of Nations? In my personal opinion, if Messi deserves critics for visiting Gabon, then the Confederation of African Football also deserves criticism by the Human Rights Foundation because they gave Gabon the chance to organize the tournament.

Houston Real Estate Growth


Despite recent economic difficulties inside of Houston, Texas, the commercial real estate market is not following the same trend. While oil prices are decreasing and the job market continues to struggle, commercial property demand increases at a consistent rate. Apartments are being built for multifamily demand, as well as other properties. Other parts of the United States are suffering the complete opposite real estate demand, with too many properties built and not enough owners to accommodate them. Ownership is not increasing, however, but instead an increase in the amount of apartments being rented.

Close to 25,000 apartments units are currently in construction within the Houston area alone. Surprisingly, even the more expensive units are being rented out due to older couples preferring to sell their homes and move into more comfortable and less permanent apartment homes. With the demand in housing going up, retail locations also have an incentive to expand. With the new influx and promised future, many new retail locations are popping up all over Houston to facilitate and profit from the expected population growth. Chain grocers, clothing lines and athletic companies are all multiplying their store locations. The new retail market is something that hasn’t been seen in Houston before, with big name companies teaming up to build a new economy.

While the growth for multi-family homes is seemingly the most profitable new appeal, single-family homes also are growing in specific areas of Houston. Great amounts of land around the Grand Parkway area is being bought in surplus with predictions of new homes to be built in the near future. New freeways tend to spark this kind of growth by connecting markets with better transportation methods.

Haidar Barbouti is a prominent real estate investor throughout the world and recently has been active in multiple projects through the United States, including projects inside the Houston, Texas area. With more than 20 years of personal experience, Barbouti is a specialized professional in developing numerous real estate investments. Commercial properties, warehouses, shopping centers: he has experience in all areas of real estate. His philanthropy work for animals and children is represented by his generous donations throughout the Houston Community. The Highland Village Adoption Center was built for the intention of helping animals to get adopted.

The Highland Village Shopping Center hosts high-quality restaurants and retail stores. Barbouti owns the shopping center, and it is one of the first in Houston. His innovative ideas led large companies to bring their businesses to Houston, including big names such as Starbucks, Crate & Barrel and Apple. The Crate & Barrel building became iconic for its master architecture and aesthetic appeal. The Apple store is a recent addition to the Highland Village Shopping Center. Opening in 2012 to boost the spread of the new IPad release, the Apple store is one of the only Apple stores in Houston to include a “briefing room,” an area intended for business demonstrations to potential customers. As Houston continues to grow, so will the influx of traffic to the Highland Village Shopping Center and surrounding commercial businesses.

Trump Poll Numbers Continue to Climb

The latest New Hampshire polls numbers show Donald Trump gaining still. He is separating himself from the pack, and it appears nothing is slowing down his run to the White House. In yet another primary state, Trump is ahead of even Bush, one who supposed to have been well in front by this point as predicted by many political forecasters. The surprising thing however is that Trump has had so much negative feedback from the news industry in recent weeks, yet the voters are not letting those issues take away from the change they apparently want.

Just last week, James Dondero‘s buddy Trump went after the war record of Senator John McCain. Trump said that being captured and help prisoner for years does not qualify in his eyes as a war hero. Instead, Trump said that not being captured is his idea of a war hero, and those who did make it back were never recognized for their heroic actions. The comments angered many, but even those veterans who felt Trump was wrong still said they would vote for him when the 2016 election arrived.

It appears that Trump is breathing some fresh air into this election. The public in general are just simply tired of the rhetoric about making changes, then getting in office and doing absolutely nothing. Trump has big words but he also says he is going to back up those words with serious actions if the country gives him a chance to be President next year. His numbers continue to climb week after week regardless of what he says.

Joseph Bismark, an Inspiring Businessman

I came across an article about Joseph Bismark on the Joseph Bismark WordPress page about a positive and forward thinking businessman named Joseph Bismark.

Joseph Bismark said that he has discovered that positive thinking will help you far more than any self-help book ever could, which I couldn’t agree with more. He also said something that really made sense to me about happiness, and that is that power is the key to a person’s true happiness, and that the power necessary for happiness is already within you. Joseph Bismark also believes that understanding people and seeing things from other people’s perspective, whether it be in life matters or business affairs, is an important aspect of growing and becoming a better person.

He also said that he personally feels that his sense of humility and ability to listen to others opinions is what helped him grow into the man that he is now, and I agree that these two personality traits are key to the development of a strong leader. Another of his business strategies that really resonates with me is that it is critical to respect everyone. Joseph Bismark also suggested something quite innovative that I have never thought about doing, he said that as a leader it is pivotal to help your employees in finding inspiration in their lives as it helps make growing a business much easier.

Joseph Bismark also talked about finding that personal interactions with team members is greatly important to a leader, something as simple as asking about family can lead to great results, and in my experience this greatly improves moral and camaraderie in a team. And with this he also makes a point that strong communication and openness with your employees is a key element of a strong leader. Another bit of advice he offers is to accept your mistakes, that doing so can help a leader achieve great success. Overall, I found that Joseph Bismark has a lot of innovative business ideas and inspiring words of wisdom that have the potential to help both personally and professionally.

Contributing our Wealth of Knowledge: Wikipedia

Almost everyone turns to Wikipedia when the have a topic to research, need to know about a person or place, or simply have a question. All of the content on Wikipedia is written by people just like ourselves, who choose to submit content for a variety of reasons. They happen to know a lot about the topic, or just want to make a contribution.
Many users find Wikipedia to be extremely informative. However, you make come across some pages that have outdated information or incorrect facts. Luckily, it is easy to make an edit when you come across information that is less than accurate. Register with a username and password, and you can submit updates and corrections for any Wikipedia page, and provide corrected, updated information for Wikipedia users. You can also provide additional information about a topic that is already correct, but could use a little more content.
Information changes pretty quickly on Wikipedia, as news reports come out on a daily basis. Users are constantly updating pages about celebrities and public figures. GetYourWiki, a US company, even offers a page management service to monitor and update any page that belongs to you.
In order to effectively update a Wikipedia page and submit content, make sure you are submitting information that is strictly factual. The editors won’t accept opinions, criticisms, or even praises for a topic. Also, you need to make sure that you are properly citing your sources. Information that is not deemed reliable will be deleted from the site.


If you come across spam on Wikipedia, it can be easily edited by those with a username and password. You can log in and delete or change the information. Always check with the content policies first, and remember, you can always report spam to Wikipedia: WikiProject Spam. You can also turn to Wikipedia Tutorial, a guide that provides information on editing and formatting. Everyone is an expert on something, it’s great to know that we have a site like Wikipedia in which to share our wealth of knowledge.

Life Changing Medical Procedure at North American Spine

For many patients who have been treated at North American Spine over the last six years, the treatment has been life changing. North American Spine in Dallas, Texas has been helping patients alleviate chronic back pain for six years as of January 15, 2015. During that time, they have treated over 4000 patients. Patients are enthusiastic about the results of their treatment.

North American Spine, as a company, operates within a corporate culture that emphasizes educating and helping their patients. This highly regarded medical organization was nominated for The Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award for its company philosophies and practices.

North American Spine has also revolutionized the treatment of some back injuries and conditions with a new technology. They have moved spine treatment from the latest minimally invasive procedures to a procedure with virtually no invasion. Their exclusive AccuraScope technology represents a dramatic advance in treatment for bulging discs and scar tissue that press on nerves. The AccuraScope enters the body through an existing, natural opening in the spine at the base of the sacrum. A tiny cut is all that is needed to have the scope travel through the canal.

This flexible scope can both diagnose and treat many back ailments. Without this technology, doctors have to rely on MRI and sonogram imaging to find the source of the problem. They are not always able to get a complete picture of the cause of the patient’s pain. The AccuraScope shows doctors exactly what’s happening and enables them to treat many problems successfully. Whether the problem is inflammation, bulging discs, or scar tissue, the AccuraScope can reduce the pressure on the nerves by shrinking the scar tissue or bulging discs. Patients report a drastic improvement in their mobility and degree of pain and discomfort. When asked, 96% of the 4000 patients treated said they would recommend the procedure to others.

The AccuraScope procedure is less dangerous than traditional back surgeries. It also typically has a faster recovery time than even the most recent, minimally invasive surgical procedures. Using the new technology to diagnose and help patients get relief from back pain gives hope to long time back pain sufferers.

As you can read in the news, North American Spine has done some pretty incredible things with the Accurascope too.

Skout is a Great Friend Finder for Travelers

If you’ve spent any time on this blog before, you’d know I’m Canadian.  However, another thing that you need to know, is how difficult that makes traveling to America for work, when you don’t really know anybody.  That’s why I’m so happy that I’ve found Skout.  This app is absolutely perfect for everything concerning finding new people wherever you are.  Here’s everything that I’ve found, now that I’ve been a user for a few years from my initial download in 2010.

Christian Wiklund, Swedish creator and CEO of the mobile application social networking site, Skout, may very well be the next Mark Zuckerberg of the social media universe as Skout continues to grow in popularity around the globe, especially in densely populated areas such as Wiklund’s 2007 Skout launch sites, which include New York City and Hong Kong.

Because of Skout’s amazing success both monetarily and popularly, Wiklund has, within the last few years, grown his product base to include his and his Skout co-founder, Niklas Lindstrom unique app creation, Fuse and their newest collaborative addition, Nixter.

Meet Someone New
Skout, Inc. is 100 percent about socializing and meeting new people around the world as well as in your own neighborhood, where otherwise, you would have no idea these people were even alive. That is the beauty of online social networking. Meeting someone new is no longer a thing that you need to put a whole lot of effort and time into.

Skout has made it more than easy to meet other people and maintain friendships and even romantic relationships via an easy to navigate online interface and platform, though, there are currently only 20 percent of current Skout users who claim to use the site primarily for dating and/or flirting purposes.

Locations of Skout Users
According to Skout insiders and Twitter users, over 500 million social connections were made via their platform in 2013 alone. As of this year, 2014, Skout is operated and supported in 180 countries worldwide with 30 percent of its users in the United States alone. In recent years in operation, Skout has signed up, on average, 100 million users around the globe.

What makes Skout so successful is that they never charge to use their service. It’s like any free to use application: they only charge if you want to use the incredibly fun…and addicting…extra features, such as Skout Traveler, which is a premium membership feature, or the basic membership additions such as sending a virtual gift to a new friend and seeing who has recently checked out your Skout profile. Though Skout is fun to use without having to “spend” points for extra, in-app actions, these actions are certainly fun to do if you have enough points accrued.

Points are initially given to you if you have invited friends to join Skout and they reciprocate, or you can simply buy them yourself, whichever is easiest or more convenient for you. If money is no issue, then snag as many points as you can, because these extras can become a bit addicting and can even win over more followers and ultimately, more online attention.

Skout and the Future of Social Networking
Social networking sites have become all the rage for users and software developers over the last few years. This is a niche market with multiple sub-platforms. LinkedIn specializes in professional development through online networking. Facebook was initially based on getting to know your fellow university students on your own campus. Tinder is solely about online dating and relationships. Skout is considered mainly for meeting new people around the world.

Look out for Skout’s next big pivot as it continues to evolve and grow into something much bigger than first realized.  Personally I have Skout for iPhone, and that’s the one that I would recommend the most, because that way it’s right there with you at all times.