Youtube Sensation Wengie’s DIY Tips for the Holidays

Wengie’s latest holiday themed video comes packed with money saving tips and unique, creative tricks.


Want to add some flair to your holiday parties that you will be hosting? Wengie shows how to create Santa themed cups and mini tabletop Christmas trees, all with simple household and craft items. Keep your beverages warm with Wengie’s DIY cup warmers made from holiday themed socks, and learn how to fold your guest napkins into mini Christmas trees. Spice up your guests’ hot chocolate with floating marshmallow snowmen, and be the talk of the party with Wengie’s recipe for making simple “Strawberry Santa’s”. Treat your guests with a small token using a flattened and folded toilet paper roll decorated with wrapping and ribbons and housing delicious candy inside.


Make sure your place looks and feels a part of the merry season with Wengie’s tricks on making fake snow with either a concoction of baking soda and shaving cream, or by adding water to the material found inside of napkins. Or keep the snow intact with a DIY version of a snow globe – a “snow jar”, by securing cute Christmas ornaments upside down in a Mason jar, sealed with fake snow flurries. Greet your guests at your front door with a handmade wreath made from a wire clothes hanger and Christmas ornament baubles and secured by a stick-on door hanger. Highlight your tree with Wengie’s DIY crystallized star ornaments using borax and hot water. Even add a unique glow to your setting with frosted Mason jar light decorations and white table tennis covered string lights.


Need to figure a way to make your place still feel like home after the holidays? Wengie shows you easy ways to store holiday items. Utilize leftover wrapping to create a pretty rubbish bin while you are organizing away. Use a toilet paper roll to wrap around loose and unused wrapping paper, egg cartons to store your breakable ornaments, and a coat hanger to wrap your Christmas string lights around and store neatly away for next year’s festivities.