The Wen by Chaz Pro Hairstylist Challenge product is a hair cleansing and conditioning formula that is made as a non-lathering hair care system. It’s a deep cleaning product that is available in several great smelling formulas.You choose what fits your hair dynamic better. Is it the Sephora available Fig which is the one in this recap or is it another brilliant smelling formula.
Emily McClure is a pro hair stylist that is fascinated of the hair care system by Chaz Dean. So, being an obvious hair care fanatic she had to find out what the hype was all about. This is because she is not only a pro hairstylist but one with very fine and oily-prone hair. She also openly admits she uses an inordinate amount of hair styling product to keep the curls really in there otherwise they are prone to flop. It proves interesting the effect Wen had on her trouble hair.

She was hesitant about the amount that the instruction gave her. It seemed a bit much for her shoulder length hair but due to the no lather thing she went ahead and did the 16 pumps instead of the usual golf-ball sized portion she would typically do. As she began to massage in the product to scalp and roots to ends she noticed very quickly that her hair felt much thicker. It also broke and fell out much less. She was happy with that part for sure.

She said that she only experienced more oiliness than was typical for her but this, she thought may have had to do with the chemistry between the hair care products she typically uses and Wen hair. There was also a bit of curl drop but, as she used it the five days it improved greatly so it definitely evened out the chemistry right away. Visit the Wen hair facebook page: