What to look for with lip balms and why some brands stand out from the herd

Many people find their lips to be in need of extra moisture and use a lip balm to add this needed moisture. While there have long been a variety of lip balms on the market, such as Chapstick, Blistex, and Carmex, these lip balms are little more than petroleum jelly with flavorings. To provide added moisture and relief from chapped lips a new era of lip balms have entered the marketplace to much fanfare and lip pain relief.

The new generation of lip balms often use different more natural bases than petroleum jelly, which is a by product of crude oil. There are added and more subtle additives to these new lip balms that add flavor and moisture for users. For many it can be hard to sort through these new lip balm options to see which brand works best for each customer due to the vast number of new market options.

One brand that stands out is the Evolution of Smooth (EOS). EOS is all natural and made up of mostly organic ingredients that provide much needed relief for lips. EOS contains both Shea and jojoba oils which provide for long lasting moisture and have a wide range of flavored options to keep it fresh and interesting for a user. Beyond that the flavored are unique but not overwhelming in flavor and the case allows for sanitary applications without contaminating the rest of the supply.

EOS is much loved by customers for the smoothness that they feel when they apply the lip balm, the ergonomic design of the application container, and the added moisture from the more natural oils that are in the balm. EOS is also longer lasting when it is applied and it therefore lasts significantly longer than other brands. EOS products are available online on LuckyVitamin.com and on Amazon.

Try the Evolution of Smooth lip balm options and be rewarded with smooth and healthy lips that are free of chapping.

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Lime Crime Can Do Wonders For Your Confidence

Ironically, women every where want a makeup product that is going to work well on their skin and it has to be reasonably priced. Although, some women have taken the plunge and tried the more expensive line and discovered that it doesn’t do all that it promised in the commercial with the expensive actor. Galore magazine has nominated Doe Deere as one of the top female entrepreneurs in the industry for her makeup line Lime Crime. Her colors come in an assortment of waterproof velvetines matte colors that blend well from your daytime look to your evening personal time with your friends, family, or coworkers.

Galore magazine went on to ravel about how Lime Crime is becoming increasingly popular online among women. In fact, their Canadian and UK customers can get their products shipped to their door for free. You can shop as much or as little as you want. Each product is individually wrapped in a fun design that allows you to distinguish their product line from their competitors. You’ll recognize Lime Crime products from their packaging. Their products appeal to the busy professional in the spotlight.

Lime Crime gives you the confidence to be bold and to decide that you are going to make a statement with your makeup choice. Doe Deere created her line from a childhood experience of her trying on her mothers makeup and clothing. Unfortunately, as a child playing dress up she couldn’t relate to any of the makeup products that her mom was using and vowed that when she was an adult she would start her own line and offer rich bold colors to her customers and she did only to be recognized as a top female entrepreneur for her design idea.

It takes a daring women to try Lime Crime products because they are not your traditional colors, but unique bold colors that are often hard to find. Lime Crime has proudly served over 1 million customers worldwide and counting. Visit their exclusive website for more details.

WEN by Chaz is Designed to Improve All Types of Hair

A young woman who’s hair was normally dull, limp and often greasy, was looking to improve its condition. She decided to try the WEN hair by Chaz fig version of cleansing conditioner, because it claimed to add body and shine. Deciding to share her experience with the new cleansing conditioner, the young woman kept track of how her hair looked and felt after using the product. She posted her week long record as an article on Bustle, adding photos to let people see for themselves how her hair had improved. The only time she noticed her hair became greasy was on the one day she didn’t have time to use the cleansing conditioner.

Improving All Types of Hair

The WEN line of cleansing conditioners on Total beauty help improve the overall condition of hair by enriching it with vital nutrients. Each variety contains its own special blend of botanical extracts to bring balance to hair that has otherwise been damaged. These ingredients help counter the effects the environment has on hair, which could include being overly dry due to sun exposure. The key aspect to the WEN line of cleansing conditioners is their ability to remove dirt and debris without stripping away all of the essential oils needed to maintain healthy hair.

The Sephora endorsed fig variety contains a broad spectrum of plant extracts ranging from aloe and chamomile to wheat protein. Not only will these ingredients add body and shine to dull, limp hair, but they will also make hair stronger and more manageable. The various ingredients used for each formula of WEN are designed to perform the different tasks of cleansing and conditioning. These five-in-one products help improve the overall condition of hair so it looks and feels healthier. The WEN line also includes several styling products to help hold styles in place without causing damage.

Wen hair website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/