Smooth, Healthy Lips Through Evolution of Smooth Revolutionary Balms

If the eyes are the portal to the soul, the lips are the portal to the body. You want your lips to be sensuous, moist–but not too moist–and inviting. The best way to do that is to regularly use a lipstick or lip balm that’s designed to treat your lips well, and continuously maintain their health. The difficulty comes in available sticks and balms. Many lipsticks use cosmetic materials engineered to increase the crimson sensuality of the color with which lips are naturally imbued, but at the expense of those lips’ health. Cosmetic substances like parabens and petrolatum are known to be toxic, though many women use them anyway.
Thankfully, there are healthy options which induce sensuality without reducing health. One of those options is Evolution of Smooth. EOS has an extensive line of cosmetic products. Some of their most popular ones come in the realm of lip balm, where healthy alternatives rich in vitamins have been brought to bear as an alternative to unhealthy cosmetic options of a similar kind.

Evolution of Smooth lip balms include jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter. They come in three main varieties. There’s the Shimmer Smooth line, the Visibly Soft Smooth line, and the Active Protection line. Primarily these come in a lip balm “sphere” which, in itself, is packaged in an aesthetically pleasing way; though it’s important to note there are sticks available on Walmart as well. These balms are flavorful and effective, containing no toxic contaminants to advance them. Additionally, they are all dermatologist approved.

If you want to have lips that aren’t cracked or scabby from low moisture or continuous winds, Evolution of Smooth provides a solution. So keep your lips smooth and healthy with a trusted option that not only works, it tastes good as well. Follow EOS on Twitter. Visit their Linked In profile: