Wikipedia Pages Should Never Be Unfairly Sparse

Anyone who has spent even a modicum of time researching on the internet has come across Wikipedia in the search engine results. Research does not solely refer to looking up material for academic or professional pursuits. A fan of a Hollywood actor may type the star’s name into Google and, lo and behold, there is a really extensive Wikipedia page on the actor. Wikipedia does provide a lot of tremendous information on a ton of subjects. Still, the entries on the site might not be complete. Some with writing skills and the desire to be informative could provide a lot of wonderful text to the already massive array of online pages.

For example, there may be a Wikipedia publishers on an old music band that was very popular on the local California scene in the 1960’s and 1970’s. A brief Wiki page has been created to note the band’s members, albums the band released, and when it was forms and when the group broke up. A major fan of the band might cringe because the two paragraph Wiki page should be loaded with 15 paragraphs of biography about the band. Perhaps each band member deserves his or her own page with a brief bio. Unless someone choose to write this material, the entries are never actually going to exist.

This is where the fan comes into play. If the fan also has some decent skill with writing, then opening up an account on Wikipedia and using the platform MediaWiki to create the content is really all that has to be done. MediaWiki is really little more than a specialized word processing platform for Wiki writing and editing. Adding text and saving it is not difficult at all. The only burden the writer has is creating really good content.

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In some cases, those who are the subject of Wikipedia pages may want the site monitored and edited. Perhaps there is a feeling the page (and related pages) should have a more comprehensive feel. Get Your Wiki can help with this task.

Whether someone is interested in the subject of a page or is the subject of a page, the entry should look and feel professional. This way, it lives up to its potential.