George Soros on the Problems Facing Chancellor Merkel and Europe

George Soros certainly possesses a brilliant mind. He organized one of the first hedge funds, way back in 1969. He made $1.5 billion investing in the Forex market in September 1992 betting against the British Pound. He has wisely used his money for philanthropy and the arts, as well as supporting liberal Democrat politicians. So when George Soros talks, we, all of us, should listen closely and take detailed notes and try to read what is said and written between the lines of his writings and interviews. If we are aware of his thinking we will know where the smart money will go to invest and what financial decisions we, all of us, should be contemplating.
In a recent interview for New York Review of Books. Soros explained how the monetary crisis in Greece occurred and how the exorbitant rate for loan repayments condemned the people of Greece to exist on the verge of bankruptcy for many years.
Soros also addressed the vexing immigrant crisis having damaging effects on all of Europe, and explained that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be the determining factor in the resolution of this perplexing crisis which, unfortunately, has the power to bring all of Europe to its knees. He feels that Merkel erred in her openness, early on in the crisis, to accept any and all immigrants into Germany and the rest of Europe. This flood of immigrants will have a deleterious affect on the many different European cultures, will create great problems with infrastructure, and will tax to the breaking point the resources each country has in dealing with this onslaught of foreigners, who are largely, homeless and without sufficient money to begin a new life. We should not lose track of the reality, which is that these immigrants are escaping barbarism and even death at the hands of factors trying to change regimes, religions and ideals.
Soros, himself, was a refuge, an immigrant for fifteen years, at first living in England and later moving to the United States of America where he would began his investment career. He flourished in the democratically free cultures of England and the States, and now can appreciate the struggles of these displaced people who are uprooted from their home, religion, their entire way of life. These immigrants may develop, as is often the case, small pockets of people with similarities in religion and culture, but the necessary assimilation into the culture of the the adopted country will not take place within this current generation.
George Soros is a man smart enough to realize that certain currencies could not be propped up by their country’s bank, and made a fortune by using his sense of business acumen. His words should be listened to and listened to very closely by all of us.

Andy Wirth Assumes Appointment on Reno Airport Board

According to the Sierra Sun, Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, took his seat on the Reno Airport Authority Board this past July 9th. Andy Wirth is well known for his work at Squaw Valley and for his latest commitment to bridging Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows with a gigantic natural ski left. As a successful CEO and philanthropist his addition to the board, alongside two other board members, came as no surprise. Jessica Sferazza, Lisa Gianoli and Jenifer Rose were the other two members sworn in.

Wirth, was named Chairman of the board, will assume his position immediately. Wirth spoke to the press in order to render his thanks for the position while simultaneously stating what he hopes to bring to the table. Wirth commented that “new people will bring new ideas” that will attempt to bring the airport into a whole new level of popularity and success. Wirth also commended the other two members who were joining the board, saying that they were “very experienced and talented people” who were dedicated to “enhancing travel to and from our region”.

Wirth is more than just a successful CEO and his knowledge will extend to many different areas as he works the Chairman position. Wirth made it to the RSCVA Board back in 2013 and he has a ton of experience working with resort management thanks to Squaw Valley. While serving in 2013 he worked as a liaison in between Reno-Sparks and the Lake Taho region. This experience, working within an internationally traveled resort, brought him success working with different airlines that wanted to develop flights to Utah, Canada, and Colorado.

Most of all it appeared that Wirth wanted to espouse his gratefulness at being granted the position. Wirth spoke candidly and from the heart by saying that he was “honored to represent RSCVA and to serve as Chairman of an entity that is vital to our regional economy”. Wirth went on to discuss how integral air travel was to the very survival of several key industries in the area: skiing, gaming and business. It is his understanding from the perspective of a CEO that brings so much clout and respect to the position.

The other three new members each bring their own flavor of experience to their position. Gianoli owns a consulting firm that represents local government, Rose is the CEO of Its My Community Store, and Sferazza is the founder of JESSCONVLLC where she is a consultant to local businesses in the area.