Alexandre Gama Protects The Brazilian Culture

Alexandre Gama has a name that has become iconic in the global advertising industry after he found himself honored at many of the world’s leading film festivals.

Gama has built a career that has seen him achieve success in many of the world’s leading advertizing markets from his native Brazil to London and beyond. After starting his career with the respected Standard & Ogilvy advertising agency in the 1980s, Alexandre Gama has formed his own ad agency, Neogama and now sits on the global board of the Publicis Groupe.

The career of Alexandre Gama has seen him allowed the time, in recent years, to develop his outside interests, which include a dedication to protecting the Brazilian culture the Rio de Janeiro born executive believes is being threatened by the modern culture. A Brazilian acoustic guitar enthusiast, Gama founded the VIOLAB organization in 2014 as he attempted to assist in the preservation of classical Brazilian guitar playing.

Under the direction of Alexandre Gama a recording studio, record label, and YouTube channel have all been created under the VIOLAB banner to provide an outlet for instrumental guitar based musicians. One of the major fears of Alexandre Gama is the dying out of classical Brazilian guitar playing techniques as young people are not being exposed to these methods of guitar playing; the development of the VIOLAB YouTube channel has been focused on providing tutorials and lessons for young people to use to enhance their own skills as guitarists.

The Success And Advice of Lori Senecal

When you get to a particular point in the business world, you start to get interviews from various outlets who want to know about your success on They want to hear about who you are and what you have gone through during the course of your career. Lori Senecal has received interviews from the New York Times and the Huffington Post. During the interview, the Huffington Post asked her questions about her struggles as a woman and the best advice she can offer. In addition, Lori Senecal is also the author of a blog in which she publishes helpful information in her field, teaching her audience about branding.

Challenges For Females In The Workplace
During her interview, they asked what she thought the most common challenge was for women. Lori Senecal explained that women often do not feel right being open about their desire for a promotion. They would rather be asked. But Senecal said that if they want to be successful, they will need to push beyond their comfort zone. Even if it feels unnatural to be candid about that big promotion on Twitter, they should pursue it. If you deserve a promotion, then you should get it even if others may overlook you.

Show People That You Are Human
On her blog, she pointed out that consumers like to know that corporations are human beings with real cares. They want more out of life than to make a few dollars. Lori Senecal argued that businesses can portray this by publicly promoting a cause that people care about. Of course, it needs to be something non-controversial lest you deter half of your audience. Focusing on something like homelessness or lung cancer or helping drug addicts can earn a lot of credibility in the eyes of the consumer. It shows them that you are a person of empathy. Source: