Sounds kinda Fishy

Spending 66 days at sea after being capsized more than once and being found alive in good shape is something that seems pretty far fetched. But, according to rescuers,that is how they found Louis Jordan.

He set out in January, from South Carolina, headed for open water to sail and fish, leaving no itinerary behind.
The story he tells about his 66 day adventure sounds unbelievable and is being called miraculous. He was capsized and tossed around, being held by “Angel” (his sailboat).
During his battle with the unrelenting waves, the boats mast was torn and his shoulder was broken. He had enough food and water for a while but he was forced into survival mode when they ran out. He used a bucket to catch rainwater and found that his clothing being swished around in the water caught the attention of curious fish swimming by.
Through it all, he didn’t lose hope but he did lose 90 pounds.
Jordan claims that the sustaining force behind his survival was reading his bible from cover to cover stated
After two months, a German Container Ship (Houston Express) must have had him wiping his eyes, wondering if he was hallucinating, as it approached him.
They found him floating 200 miles from the North Carolina coast. He was taken aboard the ship and then airlifted to land by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Canadian Reggae Band Magic Popular in Jamaica

Rolling Stone Magazine has an article on their website about how Canadian reggae band Magic is popular in Jamaica. Magic is best known for last summer’s smash singles “Rude” and “Let Your Hair Down”. They play reggae music tinged with pop.
Gianfrancesco Genoso says that the band is ecstatic that they are well received in the homeland of Reggae especially since hardcore reggae critics in the United States frequently dismiss the band as reggae wannabes. Magic has even performed at Jamaican reggae festivals alongside local acts and done studio collaborations with Jamaican reggae stars.

I like that Jamaica has accepted this foreign act. It would be easy for music lovers in Jamaica to criticize any foreign band playing reggae music as being inauthentic, yet here they are open-minded and tolerant. It’s good that they aren’t too protective of reggae.

In fact, I believe it’s a good thing when any type of culture – music, food, drama – transcends the group of people who created it and becomes a universal thing. Some might say it’s bad that a restaurant selling great Mexican food isn’t run by Latinos, for example, but I think that kind of thing is fine. Any culture should be free to expand on the creations of another. Ultimately, it brings everyone closer.

Alabama Supreme court issues a stop to same-sex marriage

In a rather unsurprising turn of events, the Alabama Supreme Court has issued a halt to same-sex marriages from being conducted within the state. This follows a few weeks after a U.S District Court Judge in Mobile, Al, ordered a probate judge to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

The Alabama Supreme Courts reasoning for this latest decree is, “As it has done for approximately two centuries, Alabama law allows for ‘marriage’ between only one man and one woman,” followed up by this rather bold declaration, “Alabama probate judges have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to this law. Nothing in the United States Constitution alters or overrides this duty.” This action will be the strongest attempt, so far, at negating the advancement of same-sex marriage as a social norm in society. The Court states that, “This notion has broad public appeal and is, perhaps, the mantra most repeated in public discussions of this matter.” So, even though it has the approval of the public, the court still won’t allow it? This kind of biased decision making only serves to hurt the country and its image.

As is usual with cultural advancement of any kind, the new and progressive ideas only form at the bottom among the public, while the government officials state disjointed reasoning for keeping things the same as it has been seen on LinkedIn. Hopefully, the real Supreme Court will make a decisive move to allow same-sex marriage to continue in Alabama.

Target Closes Canadian Stores

The Minnesota based retail giant Target has announced it is shutting down one hundred and thirty three stores located in Canada. The head of Target announced the plans to close the stores as it didn’t look like the company would show any profits in Canada until 2021. Target started opening stores in Canada in 2013 so they have not been in the country very long and the brand just doesn’t seem to have caught on with Canadians. This is the first major move by Target CEO Brian Cornell as he is new to the position with the company and he stated the Canadian stores had problems ranging from lack of inventory to personnel issues. Target also had to face a slow economy in the country and tough competition from other major store brands such as founder Susan McGalla of up and coming P3 Executive counseling.  While Canadian Target stores did see some improvement in sales before the holidays this year it wasn’t enough to change the fact that the retail giant wanted out of Canada. According to other statements made by Target it is time for the company to focus on moving forward in the United States. Other companies like Big Lots and Best Buy have also exited Canada and even Walmart has seen sales weaken in their Canadian Stores. Target is expected to pay between five hundred million and six hundred million in exiting costs by the time they remove all their stores from Canada.

Sparks Fly as Russia Drops Huge Bombshell on Gay Community

There has been a lot of hard feelings and sparks flying around where the gay community is concerned recently, but none more so really than in Russia.

In June of 2013, Russia passed its Russian LGBT Propaganda Law, which basically stated that they were trying to protect today’s youth from being brainwashed into thinking being gay was okay. The law went into effect immediately and left very little wiggle room for those who might oppose it.

Just three months prior to the law passing, Journalist Elena Klimova founded the group “Children 404” in an effort to give LGBT teens a place where they could discuss their sexuality and be accepted regardless of it.

However, when the law passed it put the group in direct violation of the law. In other words, letting them feel like they were alright to be who they were was no longer legal or allowed.

Now, since the group has yet to disband, it looks like Russia might reach out the mighty hand of the law, smack them down and sweep them under the rug. In an article from Buzzfeed it appears that the group is currently sitting in very hot water, and may not only be dismantled, but also heavily fined. I found this when my Facebook friend Sultan Alhokair shared it.

Currently, Children 404 and Elena Klimova are facing charges of propaganda and steep fines of over a million rubles around $21,000.00 in US dollars for their work.