Brazilian Businessman and Financial Consultant Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a very successful stock market trader and businessman. Igor Cornelsen, now retired, spends a vast majority of his time on the golf courses in the beautiful cozy weather of South Florida. Even though Igor is retired, he still spends some of his time doing the things that he knows best, such as investing in the stock market. Currently, Igor Cornelsen works alongside the South American Bainbridge Group to do some investing, as well as foreign exchange investment. He also works part time as a consultant for investing and also the banking industry. Igor is an expert at what he does and he has had an extremely successful career, but he certainly was not given any of his achievements.

Igor Cornelsen according to was raised by very hard working and dedicated parents. Having little education, his parents had to lead by example by working extremely hard and encouraging Igor to further his education. Igor attended school and majored in business. Soon after, Igor became one of the most influential businessmen and investors in Brazil. He would go on to lead many of the largest banks in Brazil and become directly involved in managing a huge chunk of Brazil’s gross economy.

Igor Cornelsen offers up his take on the basics of Brazilian banking. He knows that the Brazilian banks tend to only lend money to borrowers that have a great credit score. It is very cost effective and provides them with a security blanket for the future. Borrowers with bad credit have to borrow from the public sector instead of the private sector, which hurts the economy.

Igor is aware of the fact that Brazil possesses an abundance of natural resources and that people are wanting to start new businesses in the community, which in turn can really boost the economy. He offers three important tips when it comes to investing in Brazil. He recommends to mingle with the natives, as many of them are entrepreneurs themselves and are usually open to discuss details about investing. Second, he warns potential investors to be aware of several regulations Brazil has, such as high taxes and a restrictive labor market. Igor also advises to learn about foreign currency restrictions that Brazil has. Make sure to locate a bank that is allowed to deal in foreign exchange to be able to posses local currency.

Igor Cornelsen has made a great career in investing the right way, in turn gaining tremendous wealth. He has used his experience to help advise people on succeeding in the business of investing and his words of advice have directly affected the economy in a positive manner.