WEN by Chaz is Designed to Improve All Types of Hair

A young woman who’s hair was normally dull, limp and often greasy, was looking to improve its condition. She decided to try the WEN hair by Chaz fig version of cleansing conditioner, because it claimed to add body and shine. Deciding to share her experience with the new cleansing conditioner, the young woman kept track of how her hair looked and felt after using the product. She posted her week long record as an article on Bustle, adding photos to let people see for themselves how her hair had improved. The only time she noticed her hair became greasy was on the one day she didn’t have time to use the cleansing conditioner.

Improving All Types of Hair

The WEN line of cleansing conditioners on Total beauty help improve the overall condition of hair by enriching it with vital nutrients. Each variety contains its own special blend of botanical extracts to bring balance to hair that has otherwise been damaged. These ingredients help counter the effects the environment has on hair, which could include being overly dry due to sun exposure. The key aspect to the WEN line of cleansing conditioners is their ability to remove dirt and debris without stripping away all of the essential oils needed to maintain healthy hair.

The Sephora endorsed fig variety contains a broad spectrum of plant extracts ranging from aloe and chamomile to wheat protein. Not only will these ingredients add body and shine to dull, limp hair, but they will also make hair stronger and more manageable. The various ingredients used for each formula of WEN are designed to perform the different tasks of cleansing and conditioning. These five-in-one products help improve the overall condition of hair so it looks and feels healthier. The WEN line also includes several styling products to help hold styles in place without causing damage.

Wen hair website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/


Securus Technologies Issues Release of Global Tel Link Scams Against Customers

Although most corrections telecommunications companies provide fair and reasonable service to its clients, there are a few that a goal of cheating and gouging customers. This seems to be the case with Global Tel Link.
According to a report compiled by Securus Technologies of Dallas, Texas, Global Tel Link has preyed on inmates, families and staff for a very long time. “Their behavior has gone unchecked and they have gotten over like fat rats,” says Securus CEO Richard Smith.

Over the past several years, GTL’s complaint list has grown extremely long. Most of their transgressions have fallen on deaf ears, and in the meantime, they have accumulated a bundle off the back of poor people.

Securus , a BBB A+ rated company, is about to release a report that highlights all of GTL’s wrongdoings and integrity breaches. Some of the claims are quite astonishing if not outright brazen. “Our job is to serve our clients and give them the best service possible, not rip them off,” said Smith. “It’s companies like GTL that make us all look bad.”

Some of the infractions according to PR Newswire that will be highlighted by Securus, as found by the Louisiana Public Service Commission investigation include the following: unlawful rate hikes; unlawful clock advancement to garner more fees; artificially inflated charges to customers; double and triple billing of a single call; engaging in the deliberate overcharging of customers and the end result of the unlawful practices causing more residents of the state of Louisiana $1,234,000 in tax.

GTL has yet to respond to the findings. A phone call to the national headquarters went unanswered.

“I know many people who complained about these guys for years, and nothing was ever done,” said an unnamed source.

Smith went on to say that what GTL did was inexcusable. Scamming customer, regardless of socioeconomic background is a cancer on this industry.

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-reviews-challenge-to-constitutionality-of-inter-partes-review-ipr-process-300264595.html



Long Simmering Dispute over Olympic Valley Incorporation Finally Settled

The year 2015 ended on a high note after protagonists in the incorporation battle over the future of Olympic Valley arrived at an amicable solution. According to a news report published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, in the last 4 years communities around the northern shores of Lake Tahoe have been feuding over a plan to incorporate the iconic Olympic Valley winter sports terrain. Olympic Valley also serves as the home of the famous Squaw Valley Resorts. One side of the divide was led by Andy Wirth, the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Resorts and the other side by incorporation backers.
The backers consistently accused Squaw Valley Ski Holdings of using self serving motives to oppose their plans for olympic valley incorporation. However, the situation was settled after incorporation backers backed down on their push. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings had earlier spent thousands of dollars opposing the backers of the incorporation efforts. The push according to Andy, posed a big threat to businesses and civic climate of the area because it would result in high taxes and deterioration of services. Some of the services that would be affected include snow plowing and road maintenance.

The decision to disallow the incorporation also suffered a big blow after the California Local Agency Formation Commission decided that such a move would not make any financial sense. Mother Nature on its part provided a much needed relief in the form of early storms.

An epic drought had taken a huge toll on the winter resorts and small businesses in the area. The resulting cold temperature hastened the opening of a number of resorts and helped Squaw Valley resort return back to normalcy.

About Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is best known as the President and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has vast experience in the hotel and resort management area and is a huge proponent of a safe and progressive Olympic Valley.

Andy has worked tirelessly to make the ski area, including Lake Tahoe a leading global tourist destination. In recognition of his effort to transform the area, Olympic Valley, Alpine Meadows and Alpine Meadow’s Estelle Bowl announced in 2015 a huge plan to construct an interconnecting gondola.

The plan will involve the construction of a base to base Gondola which will operate in three parts. During the interview with the Powder skier magazine, Andy Wirth confirmed the plans, saying the development will go a long way to promote skiing and snowboarding in the vast area.

The plan was submitted to Placer County and the US Forest Service in the summer of 2015. Outside his work, Andy is also a staunch supporter of the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization that supports returning Navy SEALS and their families.

A New App To Visit With Incarcerated Loved Ones

Established in 1986, Securus Technologies is a leading company in providing a safe and convenient way for family and loved ones of inmates to visit and communicate using their new Linked In like mobile app. Backed by a technologically cutting edge and experienced company; visiting, chatting and scheduling individual calendar dates has never been easier to be closer to your loved one!
By using Securus Technologies mobile app, there are more options when it comes to scheduling trips and phone calls or video visits to stay in contact with your loved one. You can download the mobile app in Google Play Store if you have an Android device or in the Apple Store if you have an Apple device.

According to BBB.org‘s review, additional hardware is not required; a computer or a webcam is not needed to use this app. As long as you have an Internet connection or Wi-Fi available in your home, you can access this app on any one of your networks or cellular data connections in your home or your local area. Available on both Apple and Android devices, the new mobile app is readily available on these modern devices.

Remote visitation, provided by Securus Technologies now brings your family closer together in a new, simpler and more convenient way. Now you can still share special moments during the holidays and birthdays; you can even stay in touch, save time and expenses when traveling to the jail isn’t an option or is just too difficult for some.

For more information on Securus Technologies and how to get started using this fantastic app, please click on the following links:







Devos and a New Undertaking

The Stow Company is taking on new leadership today. For over 25 years, this group held its headquarters in the Holland city of Michigan. The organization is owned by none other than Dick Devos. Mr. Dick Devos is a longstanding entrepreneur who got his start in the Amway business. …early.

Amway was co-founded by Dick’s father. It’s a legendary story for those involved with multi-level marketing. This type of entrepreneurship was part of Devos’ life since childhood. He saw businessmen and woman of all walks and learned his lessons. He was even the CEO of the Amway company at one point.

But today, there is a different business at the front, center attention of news. The Stow Company specializes in products that service entertainment centers, wall beds, garage storage systems, mudroom storage appliances, closet organization installations and laundry room amenities.

But The Stow Company believes, it does more than just make “tidy closets.” It’s an important feature to acknowledge. The ambition this group is being enhanced with new leadership. The choice is Dick Devos‘, and many are considering it wise.

The direction of leadership is set to improve The Stow Company. The group services a wide client base. It consists of residential communities, small and large businesses. Business has been good for the organization, and now things will take an even better turn in the right direction.

Frank Newman is retiring from the stowing business and celebrating his many years as a professional in business. This 67 year old now steps down. He’s helped The Stow Company live up to its motto of being the only one of its kind. And we see the same prospects in the coming years with new management and a new voice.

This means that none other than Phil Dolci–the 48 year old business professional–will take charge and captain the destiny of The Stow Company. The news is monumental to say the least. It won’t change Dick Devos’ position within the organization. The business mogul remains as the company’s founder and chairman.

The new leadership, in fact, is forwarded by Devos’ ambition and many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. There is only financial prosperity on the horizon and within the coming short years. Phil Dolci holds his own experience of 23 years in the profession.

And Dick feels his expertise will convert well to make The Stow Company even more successful.

Strategist Sam Tabar Named COO of FullCycle Energy Fund in New York

Sam Tabar is to head up the FullCycle Energy Fund as the Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Tabar, schooled at Oxford and Columbia Law School, will continue his expertise in the area of strategic management of the hedge fund. Serving as the Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill will be the experience he draws upon in which to guide the specialized fund. Tabar has invested much of his working years to overseeing strategy and budgets of financial services companies and financial institutions. If his work history on CrunchBase can be any judge, Tabar should transition rather smoothly, and he is confident about the new assignment.

In a recent press release, Tabor commented on his new position, “I am excited and honored to take on the role of COO at FullCycle Energy Fund. I look forward to partnering with our talented senior leadership team to deliver our mission of moving away from high cost, polluting fuels to lower cost and environmentally friendly fuels.”

Sam is not a stranger to functioning at the highest levels of international finance. His associate appointing at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP, recently named 2016 Capital Markets Firm of the Year is a contender in every major international financial center. Employing professionals in its 23 offices with the help of over 1,700 attorneys the firm offers specific legal advice to companies across a great number of industries. The firm represents many of the top Fortune 250 enterprise clients including governmental bodies, the entrepreneurial incorporated and nonprofit organizations. This was a preemptive test of Tabor’s abilities as the Business Development Co-Chair and the Managing Director at the high finance at SPARKX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors, based out of Hong Kong. Following that position Tabar secured a Director’s situation at Bank of America/Merril Lynch as Head of Capital Strategy for the Asian Pacific Region. The experiences acquired allowed Tabar the freedom to re-enter the legal aspect of his tenure as he joined Schulte, Roth, & Sabel LLP as the senior associate who catered to structuring hedge fund formations, advising on everything from structural components to compliance and regulatory issues. Experts expect his new appointment will allow his fund management and strategy style to work well on behalf of the FullCycle Energy Fund.

India Seeks Solution to Venezuelan Payment Crisis

Venezuela has bought pharmaceutical products from India. Unfortunately, because of the large economic crisis Venezuela has been suffering from, they’ve been unable to pay their debt. The South American country has been stuck with the debt for the past year. Of all Venezuela’s exporters, Indian exporters are the hardest hit. The pharmaceutical importers are trying to come up with a way for Venezuela to be able to pay their debt to the Indian company. The model is similar to the rupee payment plan in Iran.
According to expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez, the Iranian Rupee Payment Plan was created to settle the debt to pay for oil purchased by Iran. Iran deposited their payment for the oil into India’s UCO Bank in the form of rupees until the debt was paid off. In a similar way, Venezuela can pay off their debt by depositing rupees or something similar into the Reserve Bank of India. A facebook account will be set up with the Reserve Bank of India. An account that will be used when another bank in one country holds money belonging to another country. It is like someone being in charge of overseeing the debts of another. Venezuela is in debt to Chennai-based Fourets Laboratories for $90,000, a debt that the South American country was unable to pay off in the past year. If this plan works out, Venezuela Central Bank will work with one of the domestic banks in India.


The Success Experienced By Boraie Development in the Aspire Apartments Project

According to NYTimes, Boraie Development LLC has taken over the New Brunswick area in the United States. As a development company in the real estate sector, it has been a pioneer in providing posh apartments that different people can rent.

The Aspire Apartments provides comfortable lifestyle for those who desire it. At the onset, it is necessary to state that the rent by the tenants of the Aspire can be paid through an online system. There are a number of benefits that accrue from having an apartment at the Aspire Apartment in New Brunswick.

The first obvious one is its proximity to the New Brunswick Train Station. This makes it convenient for different people in the area who regularly use the train to different locations like Philadelphia and Manhattan. There are is also Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the Rutgers Medical School and Rutgers University campus. Read more: The Visionary: Omar Boraie has seen the potential of New Brunswick for four decades

The proximity of the Apartments and these facilities makes it even more convenient for those who choose to live here. There are different apartments that are readily available depending on the potential tenant’s interests. These include studio apartments, one bedroom apartments and two bedroom apartments. Each of these apartments are all classy and tailored to suit the occupants at all times of the year whether during summer or during winter season.

Those interested in the spacious studio apartments are required to pay one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars every month. The one bedroom apartment goes for one thousand eight hundred dollars every month.

The two bedroom apartments go for a monthly rent of two thousand seven hundred dollars. The two bedroom apartments also have a private terrace and a private balcony. At the moment, there are two hundred and thirty eight apartments that are up for occupation for anyone who desires the facilities mentioned below.

First, starting from the ground floor, the occupants of the Aspire Apartments are accorded a parking with a lift which directly leads to the lobby. The tenants also have the benefit of having a doorman and a maintenance man who is always available around the clock. This makes it convenient for you as the tenant to enjoy a comfortable life at the apartments.

The apartment have well decorated baths, the floor is made of porcelain making it look beautiful. The baths are also fitted with a tub and a shower. The apartments also have a beautiful gourmet kitchen with cabinetry, quartz countertops, glass tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and an in-home washers and dryers. The occupant also has the benefit of enjoying high speed internet and as an added benefit one has a great panoramic view of the downtown.

Ideally, these apartments have all the necessary facilities that people need and added exceptional luxurious facilities like a gym area. Information on the Aspire Apartments was published on the Nj.com and can be found on http://blog.nj.com/boraie_development/2015/03/boraie_development_luxu.html. Boraie Development LLC has managed to change the real estate sector in New Brunswick.

The Aspire project is one of the most successful projects undertaken by the company. This company has been operational since 1986 in New Jersey. It is mainly involved with residential, industrial and warehouse development.

Click here to learn more: http://www.njspotlight.com/stories/15/01/13/explainer-how-downtown-new-brunswick-is-emerging-from-its-decades-long-doldrums

The Wen by Chaz Pro Hairstylist Challenge

Wen.com product is a hair cleansing and conditioning formula that is made as a non-lathering hair care system. It’s a deep cleaning product that is available in several great smelling formulas.You choose what fits your hair dynamic better. Is it the Sephora available Fig which is the one in this recap or is it another brilliant smelling formula.
Emily McClure is a pro hair stylist that is fascinated of the hair care system by Chaz Dean. So, being an obvious hair care fanatic she had to find out what the hype was all about. This is because she is not only a pro hairstylist but one with very fine and oily-prone hair. She also openly admits she uses an inordinate amount of hair styling product to keep the curls really in there otherwise they are prone to flop. It proves interesting the effect Wen had on her trouble hair.

She was hesitant about the amount that the instruction gave her. It seemed a bit much for her shoulder length hair but due to the no lather thing she went ahead and did the 16 pumps instead of the usual golf-ball sized portion she would typically do. As she began to massage in the product to scalp and roots to ends she noticed very quickly that her hair felt much thicker. It also broke and fell out much less. She was happy with that part for sure.

She said that she only experienced more oiliness than was typical for her but this, she thought may have had to do with the chemistry between the hair care products she typically uses and Wen hair. There was also a bit of curl drop but, as she used it the five days it improved greatly so it definitely evened out the chemistry right away. Visit the Wen hair facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/

Make Sure to Follow These 5 Investing Tips

Investing can be a tricky thing, especially for those without much experience with it. Most individuals know and understand the importance of investing, but outside of financial professionals who have a career in it, knowing how to invest is not always all that easy. People want to make sure their hard earned money is safe and protected from potential problems. That is exactly why it is necessary to practice safe investing. Recently, Brad Reifler offered up some very helpful investing tips for the 99 percent of individuals who simply do not have all of that necessary financial investing experience.

For those who do not know how Brad Reifler is, he is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital. He spends most of his time helping those who are unaccustomed to investing. After all, he believes it is the right of everyone to be able to invest and invest well, not just those with all of the money.

His first tip is to be very careful in how money is invested. Looking at risks, charges associated with the investments and expenses that come along with it are all important. This way, an investor is able to determine their specific goals for investing. This is even a side note on the investment tip. People need to have investment goals. Simply to “make money” is not the reason. It might be for retirement, or for raising money to open a business. The proper reasoning is a must.

The second tip offered by Brad is to be concerned about the safety of money. It is never wise to simply dump the money into a random account or into the hands of another person without first vetting the system and making sure it is safe. There have been far too many people who have lost all of their life savings because they simply did not look into the safety of their money.

Third is an important tip that Brad has pointed out on About.me, and it is to not put all money into the stock market. This is a common mistake many new investors make. There are many other ways to invest financially and it isn’t all in the stock market. In fact, the closer someone comes to retirement, the less they should put into the stock market as there are always risks associated with stocks.

The last two steps are knowing who is going to be investing the money and creating a level of trust with the manager of the account. This is directly tied to the first and second step. The fifth step is also directed towards the first step and it is considering the investment objectives and to be careful with how much money is invested. MarketWired writes more about what Brad Reifler has done to create Forefront Capital as a new system of investment for everybody.