Just a Visit or Something More?

Recently I found an interesting story in The Telegraph. That was an article about Lionel Messi, but, this time it was not about football or anything connected to the game. It is an article about Messi’s trip to the African country of Gabon. And, there is nothing strange in the news, but, when I started to read the article, I saw many things that are not nice. The first of all was Messi visiting the dictator Ali Bongo. This man is the president of Gabon and a man who is accused by Human Rights Foundation for many terrible things. The second one was the criticism of the world’s best footballer by Human Rights Foundation because he visited the president of Gabon. Well, are there any reasons for that kind of reaction by HRF? Did Messi make a mistake because he visited a dictator who is responsible for many misdeeds?

Something about Human Rights Foundation

Firstly, let’s see what HRF stand for. Its Facebook page describes it as a nonprofit organization that takes care of the human rights in whole world. Those kinds of organizations are a necessity for humanity nowadays. If there is any kind of violation of human rights anywhere in the world, this organization tries to find the way to resolve the problem and to present it to rest of the world. Also, HRF takes care about education in the third world countries. Their main goal is to promote freedom and tolerance in every part of the world. And, that is not all; people from Human Rights Foundation are trying to raise awareness about the violation of basic human rights. So, like I already said, HRF is organization that is really necessary for humanity. But, is there a reason to accuse Leo Messi for the visit to Ali Bongo? I say, yes.

Coincidence or intention?

There is one question that bothers me. Did Messi really know who Ali Bongo was and who he was meeting? This footballer has his own organization called the Leo Messi Foundation that helps children get education and health care. So, for me it is really strange that Messi visited Bongo. It is hard to believe that Leo didn’t know about accusations against Gabon’s president. After all, that is a man who is accused of murdering children and cannibalism, which is really hard to miss, if you really are interested in meeting your host. On the other side, there is a possibility that Messi didn’t know anything about this African country and that someone else organized this trip. Both possibilities are realistic but, what is true? Messi met Bongo in Barcelona several years ago. The president of Gabon says that since then Messi and him were friends. It is unlikely that that is true. The question still stands. Does Messi know who Bongo really or was this all just a coincidence? I am looking forward to hearing the answer.

One fact still stands. Leo Messi went to Gabon to lay the first stone at the construction of a stadium where the African Cup of Nations in 2017 is to be held. That is connected to sport. Anyway, if Gabon’s president is responsible for all these misdeeds, why does he promote a large sport tournament, such as the African Cup of Nations? In my personal opinion, if Messi deserves critics for visiting Gabon, then the Confederation of African Football also deserves criticism by the Human Rights Foundation because they gave Gabon the chance to organize the tournament.

Houston Real Estate Growth


Despite recent economic difficulties inside of Houston, Texas, the commercial real estate market is not following the same trend. While oil prices are decreasing and the job market continues to struggle, commercial property demand increases at a consistent rate. Apartments are being built for multifamily demand, as well as other properties. Other parts of the United States are suffering the complete opposite real estate demand, with too many properties built and not enough owners to accommodate them. Ownership is not increasing, however, but instead an increase in the amount of apartments being rented.

Close to 25,000 apartments units are currently in construction within the Houston area alone. Surprisingly, even the more expensive units are being rented out due to older couples preferring to sell their homes and move into more comfortable and less permanent apartment homes. With the demand in housing going up, retail locations also have an incentive to expand. With the new influx and promised future, many new retail locations are popping up all over Houston to facilitate and profit from the expected population growth. Chain grocers, clothing lines and athletic companies are all multiplying their store locations. The new retail market is something that hasn’t been seen in Houston before, with big name companies teaming up to build a new economy.

While the growth for multi-family homes is seemingly the most profitable new appeal, single-family homes also are growing in specific areas of Houston. Great amounts of land around the Grand Parkway area is being bought in surplus with predictions of new homes to be built in the near future. New freeways tend to spark this kind of growth by connecting markets with better transportation methods.

Haidar Barbouti is a prominent real estate investor throughout the world and recently has been active in multiple projects through the United States, including projects inside the Houston, Texas area. With more than 20 years of personal experience, Barbouti is a specialized professional in developing numerous real estate investments. Commercial properties, warehouses, shopping centers: he has experience in all areas of real estate. His philanthropy work for animals and children is represented by his generous donations throughout the Houston Community. The Highland Village Adoption Center was built for the intention of helping animals to get adopted.

The Highland Village Shopping Center hosts high-quality restaurants and retail stores. Barbouti owns the shopping center, and it is one of the first in Houston. His innovative ideas led large companies to bring their businesses to Houston, including big names such as Starbucks, Crate & Barrel and Apple. The Crate & Barrel building became iconic for its master architecture and aesthetic appeal. The Apple store is a recent addition to the Highland Village Shopping Center. Opening in 2012 to boost the spread of the new IPad release, the Apple store is one of the only Apple stores in Houston to include a “briefing room,” an area intended for business demonstrations to potential customers. As Houston continues to grow, so will the influx of traffic to the Highland Village Shopping Center and surrounding commercial businesses.

Have Your Dog Happy and Healthy with Beneful Brand Dog Food

It is no surprise that dogs are the most kept pet in homes. They require good food to be healthy. Beneful has been leading the way in providing dog food since it was established. It has been providing products that are certified and of high standards. Today, many pet owners are able to give their pets foods rich in nutrients thanks to Beneful. It prides in providing foods that is loved by dogs which is also teeth friendly, and some heart-melting cute pics on Facebook!
Beneful has been providing quality dry, wet and treat foods to pets especially dogs for quite some time now. This has been driven by the sophisticated nature of current pet owners who want to give their pets at least similar foods that they consume. It is through this need that baneful has endeavored to provide food rich in taste with salmon, chicken, egg and beef. This food has contributed immensely to improving the health of over 15 million pets. Malnourished pets have now been able to gain weight; dull pets have also become playful among other benefits.
Recently, there has been a merger among dog food producing companies in the United States. This has been driven by the slow growth rate experienced over the last year. Many of the companies that have merged aim at increasing their market share. It is projected that the dog food market will grow by 4% in 2015 which will be an improvement from last year’s 3%. The sales rate has been on a steady rise. A pattern that players in the industry argue will continue.
This will be driven by the increasing rate of new house owners. Initially, young people found it difficult getting new jobs. This drove some of them to move to their friends or parents houses. With the improved prospects on employment, a lot of these individuals have their own place and are now opting to keep pets. In addition, they will be able to spend considerable amounts of their income in getting quality food for their dogs once they get them.This will bring good fortunes to pet food producers.

For many dog owners, they like to see their dogs happy, healthy and playful. This can only be achieved by giving the dogs the right food. There are several manufacturers of dog food all across the world but most of these companies are in the United States. As a consumer therefore, it is important to know that dogs get healthier with diets low on corn. It is always best when the dog food is mixed with beef for it to offer great nutrients to the dog. This goes a long way in ensuring that the puppies grow well and the grown dogs maintain their health.
Great food full of nutrients is always good for a dog. It makes a dog jovial and playful. Appropriate dog food contributes a lot in ensuring a dog is healthy

Role of Technology in a Business

Business and technology go hand in hand. These two entities combined together is the idea behind creating a successful company. Business technology comprises of a wide range of software, hardware and services for enhancing operations during this process. From accounting to product design and dispatch, technology plays an important role in a business.

The rapid improvement in technology development over the last decades is a proof that a business cannot survive in this competitive world without its involvement. Technology, in fact, has broadened its wings into every aspect of running a business while small companies are starting to look bigger than they are due to this.

Hardware is one of the main ingredients for a successful business. This include desktop computers, printers, monitors, laptops, cell phones, servers, projectors, cameras and keyboards that keep the business up and running all the time. Most of these devices have become more mobile than ever with latest technology in place. Today’s budget-conscious businesses are taking it a step further by purchasing only consumer hardware that are technologically centered rather than enterprise hardware.

Software plays an important role in running a business. This is the core of any hardware that is used in a business operation. Ranging from text editing programs to complex accounting packages, software come in all sizes and price. Most businesses are happy dealing with Windows platform but Macs are also popular in highly sophisticated environment. Businesses use commonly found software such as Microsoft office for customer-oriented operations or handling a wide range of business tasks. Some also use specialized programs such as graphic design tools.

Internet has marked a sea change in technology meant for small businesses. Today’s companies use internet for various purposes such as advertising, selling, reaching to customers and providing information. Software as a Service or SaaS is the new trend of delivering products and services on the web for such businesses. This can be anything from software for running the business to products that are sold to customers. Businesses that rely on SaaS for their daily operations either hire a computer consultant or a company that provides a comprehensive service. SaaS, in fact, is a more convenient and affordable option than boxed software.

Technology in business is not limited wires and codes. Today’s business technology means use of high-tech manufacturing robots and advanced microscopes as well. Many tasks that are performed by hands are being replaced with specialized technology tools. Computer-aided manufacturing tools and equipments are gaining prominence in many industries. Innovative businesses are also working with high-tech fields such as biotechnology and nanotechnology to make things happen and with ease.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-known business executive in the US. Born in London and raised in Iran, he completed his masters and doctorate degree from Cornell University. His career got a kick start at GTE Corporation that later merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon. Kheradpir served as CIO for Verizon for 11 years and went on to become CEO of Juniper Networks in 2014.

Investing and the Global Economy

As global communication technology advances, the world is becoming more and more interconnected. Such advances are causing rapid changes in the financial world, as many investors are taking advantage of new opportunities to profit in global markets. While many new investment strategies can be found all throughout the world, new financial thought leaders in Brazil are taking the finance world by storm with their innovative investment ideas.

Some of the important topics in the Brazilian investment market include the tried and true strategy of diversifying financial holdings. Financial experts agree that there is simply too much risk to devote the entirety, or even the majority, of an individual’s investment portfolio into a single stock or other security. Instead, savvy investors should seek to diversify their holdings by purchasing several different types of securities. Even though the gains may not be as large, the money invested will be more secure and will likely follow the historically upward trend of the investment market.

Another important financial strategy that is currently being used in Brazil is the idea of entering the market for the long haul. Well known Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen advises his clients to seriously consider entering the market for a long period of time. He notes that individuals who stay in the market expose themselves to less risk, and are therefore able to receive much greater returns. Cornelsen notes that long term investors can see more than a five hundred percent return on their investments – much higher than a short term investor would ever receive.

Brazilian investors also advice for people to look at long-term, stable companies. It is these types of companies that have a proven track record of providing value to their investors. While their growth may not be as great as new, start-up companies, their history of value allows for a more stable, upwardly trended stock price. Investing in companies that have no solid evidence that they will provide a good return can be a risky game – one that most investors should avoid.

Anyone who is considering entering the financial market must consider all of the options that are ahead of them – particularly in a global economy. Trading stocks and securities has changed dramatically over the last few months, and it’s imperative that the investor knows about all of their options.

Trump Poll Numbers Continue to Climb

The latest New Hampshire polls numbers show Donald Trump gaining still. He is separating himself from the pack, and it appears nothing is slowing down his run to the White House. In yet another primary state, Trump is ahead of even Bush, one who supposed to have been well in front by this point as predicted by many political forecasters. The surprising thing however is that Trump has had so much negative feedback from the news industry in recent weeks, yet the voters are not letting those issues take away from the change they apparently want.

Just last week, James Dondero‘s buddy Trump went after the war record of Senator John McCain. Trump said that being captured and help prisoner for years does not qualify in his eyes as a war hero. Instead, Trump said that not being captured is his idea of a war hero, and those who did make it back were never recognized for their heroic actions. The comments angered many, but even those veterans who felt Trump was wrong still said they would vote for him when the 2016 election arrived.

It appears that Trump is breathing some fresh air into this election. The public in general are just simply tired of the rhetoric about making changes, then getting in office and doing absolutely nothing. Trump has big words but he also says he is going to back up those words with serious actions if the country gives him a chance to be President next year. His numbers continue to climb week after week regardless of what he says.

Adam Sender: The Savvy Investor With an Eye for Art

There are many people who consider themselves to be art collectors. Of these people, there are typically two different groups. One collects art that speaks to them, decorates their home and makes them happy on an emotional level. The other group considers art to be an investment. Their pieces are often chosen by others because of their lack of interest in the art world itself. They may display some of their more notable pieces, but will often store many more until it is time to sell.


Very few of these experts have the talent for investing, the money to invest and the skilled artistic eye to amass a holding of valuable pieces that turn a private collection into the envy of the art world. Adam Sender is one of those experts. Numerous voices in the art world have expressed admiration at the ability of this one man to repeatedly choose works that continue to be exceptional values.


What makes this collection all the more surprising is that the forty-something Sender is not the typical collector. As a hedge fund manager, his ability to spot value made him successful in the financial field and he has obviously been able to transfer that ability to the art world. He is unique because he is both types of collector in one; the savvy investor and the appreciator of talent.


Excitement over his collection has grown recently because of his decision to place 400 of his pieces up for sale. Sotheby’s auction house is handling these transactions, a process that will take approximately 18 months to complete. Art lovers of all types have been using this opportunity to view the diverse collection Sender (Facebook) has chosen to sell. Many of the artworks have been unseen for decades and are expected to fetch much more than their previous sale price.


Adam Sender (LinkedIn) began his collection in the late 1990s. He chose to carefully purchase only the pieces that he felt were shining examples created by already established artists. Unlike many other collectors, he did not choose to pick from one genre or one artist, making his collection uniquely eclectic.


The 400 pieces he has chosen to part with are not quite half of his complete collection, said to number at least 1,000 works. The sale pieces represent the skills of 139 artists and is expected to raise an astounding $70 million. Despite the impression the sale may be giving, Sender is not leaving the art collecting world. He continues to search for artists to invest in that he feels are on the cusp of success whose work he finds “intellectually stimulating”.


Operations of QNET in India

Starting any business is a herculean task that requires commitment, passion and hard work. The Mantra of QNet has been “Think global and act local.” In India, the company has managed to compete with giants in the industry for over a decade.
It is imperative to note that QNet is an e-commerce direct selling company. Over the years, the entity has managed to expand its operations in South East Asia to over 100 countries. The entity has focused its expansion programs throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa regions, West and East Africa, Central Asia, Russia and Europe. The company’s management believes in working with the consumers in finding solutions to their problems.
India is considered a competitive market that has attracted many companies from around the globe. The regulatory landscape in India is stringent and thus, making it difficult to run business in the country. QNet has complied with the different regulatory requirements and has been able to run its operations smoothly in the direct selling industry. The entity has made plans to remain committed to its distributors in the country besides investing in additional manufacturing facilities and development of new products.
Currently, QNet (Instagram) has been manufacturing some of its watches and its energy drink, nutriplus, in India. The enterprise is planning on how to float its products in the global market. The advantage of shifting its production to India is that the company stands to save on costs by between 8 and 12 percent. The entity enjoys success in terms of depth and range of its product offing. Over the years, the company has managed to study the market and collect data that has been utilized in enhancing its range of products. Presently, QNet has about 30 diverse product brands that have been classified into nine product categories. The corporation asserts that its products are geared towards augmenting the lives of its consumers besides promoting their healthy lifestyles.
QNet’s products range from nutrition, wellness, skincare and Swiss-made jewelry and watches. In addition, the entity offers different services that include vacation packages and various online courses. In the past year, the entity has been zeroing in on changing its business strategy in the Indian market. The strategy focuses on narrowing down to a niche segment in order to offer them products that add value and makes differences in their lives. Owing to the shift from lifestyle products to life enhancement objective, the company has been expanding its product range into other areas like education, management of weight, water filtration and purification of air.
Given the increased competition in the market, QNet has been changing its strategies with the view to enhancing its product and service offing besides creating a market for its merchandise. Its range of products seeks to cover different areas like wellness, nutrition and watches. The corporation has been moving away from lifestyle products to life enhancement services and products.

Different types of marketing campaigns now used for dog food

The different types of dog foods available in the 21st century have seen a large number of different marketing campaigns be used to attract customers. Nestle Purina has been one of the most popular makers of dog food for many years and often looks to different ways of marketing their brands . Traditional TV spots are often used with brands like Beneful and community based programs are also used to make sure the various different Purina brands get their name out to the public.

Beneful on facebook has been one of the most popular types of dog food since its launch and is now taking a traditional marketing approach to its customers over its previous attempts to bring focus to the brand. Beneful is now showing how its employees are proud of their work with the brand and feed the dry and wet dog food to their own pets on a regular basis. Backed by the power of Nestle Purina, Beneful is hoping the mix of print and TV ads will bring them even more success in the coming months and years.

Joseph Bismark, an Inspiring Businessman

I came across an article about Joseph Bismark on the Joseph Bismark WordPress page about a positive and forward thinking businessman named Joseph Bismark.

Joseph Bismark said that he has discovered that positive thinking will help you far more than any self-help book ever could, which I couldn’t agree with more. He also said something that really made sense to me about happiness, and that is that power is the key to a person’s true happiness, and that the power necessary for happiness is already within you. Joseph Bismark also believes that understanding people and seeing things from other people’s perspective, whether it be in life matters or business affairs, is an important aspect of growing and becoming a better person.

He also said that he personally feels that his sense of humility and ability to listen to others opinions is what helped him grow into the man that he is now, and I agree that these two personality traits are key to the development of a strong leader. Another of his business strategies that really resonates with me is that it is critical to respect everyone. Joseph Bismark also suggested something quite innovative that I have never thought about doing, he said that as a leader it is pivotal to help your employees in finding inspiration in their lives as it helps make growing a business much easier.

Joseph Bismark also talked about finding that personal interactions with team members is greatly important to a leader, something as simple as asking about family can lead to great results, and in my experience this greatly improves moral and camaraderie in a team. And with this he also makes a point that strong communication and openness with your employees is a key element of a strong leader. Another bit of advice he offers is to accept your mistakes, that doing so can help a leader achieve great success. Overall, I found that Joseph Bismark has a lot of innovative business ideas and inspiring words of wisdom that have the potential to help both personally and professionally.