Kevin Seawright Charts His Road to Success

The Newark website indicates that Kevin Seawright is a financial and organizational leader who has drawn on his fiscal expertise for more than 13 years in both the private and public sectors.

Seawright recently spoke with World Class Magazines to talk about his way of life and
point of view on both his personal and professional life.

He said in the magazine story that his parents made the first move for him at the age of 12 by introducing him to the financial world where he began working in youth programs in Philadelphia.

His early enthusiasm motivated him to transform the lives of the young as well as adults in Philadelphia, Baltimore and most recently in Newark, New Jersey.

Seawright explained his success from the interview centers on family, both direct and extended. He also said his closest relationship is with his daughter and he enjoys her relationship with her grandparents, cousins and other family members, as a broadening of his endeavors.

What’s more, he calls attention to having a say in the community as another achievement. At his most recent position as CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) he talked about making loans available to small and mid-sized businesses who would not be able to secure the needed capital.

Newark CEDC, which was founded in 2007 and restructured and renamed in 2014, is the primary economic growth means for the city of Newark. Before joining Newark CEDC a year ago, as an angel investor Seawright was employed in the areas of local government, education and real estate development in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Seawright said the combination of his life experiences help him in his daily work and that working on improving the economy and people’s lives motivates him. He looks ahead to achieving more success in Newark, especially being a factor in construction and real estate projects as well as providing resources to smaller and medium size enterprises.

He is recognized for his tactical insight and expertise in accounting, business ventures and diverse asset management. In his line of business, Seawright offers a one of a kind mix of business shrewdness and working as part of the team.

Seawright said on Twitter that he is ready to change his approach and ideas all the time to adjust to demanding circumstances that need a resourceful resolution and he credits these aspects to his many triumphs.

Seawright is an MBA and currently attending Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business for Executive Leadership. He has been a member of the American Society for Public Administration, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and the National Association of Black Accountants.

He also worked as an advisory board member for the Babe Ruth Museum and a coach for local youth sports teams.

Jon Urbana is as Talented as He is Charitable

Former notably accomplished lacrosse player and founder of Next Level Lacrosse Jon Urbana is known for so many of his charitable acts. Next Level Lacrosse is a youth lacrosse camp in Colorado for boys, which strives to perfect each player’s skills and playing style.

As a native resident of Denver, Jon Urbana has grown up with an appreciation for nature. Among his other charitable ventures is his GoFundMe project, which pledges to give all donations to Earth Force Inc. Urbana encourages environmental awareness at Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and is pleased to see the passion his campers put into keeping the environment clean.

Urbana is much more than a generous former athlete, though. He is also a talented, artistic individual with a flare for music-making and photography.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

His SoundCloud profile has recently seen a rise in followers. On his About Me page are samples of his work. Many of his tracks are either custom remixes of electronic tunes, or heartfelt soft rock. His beautiful voice accompanies his folk-style guitar melodies nicely, and he has also shown some potential in generating catchy electronic music as well. Some more recent samples of his electronic remixes can be found on Jon Urbana’s Twitter stream.

Along with these music samples are works of his photography as well. As a lifelong resident of Colorado, Jon admires and appreciates the beauty of his surroundings. A lot of Urbana’s photos capture nature at its finest: a full moon in the night sky, the trees and lakes of Colorado, and many pictures of different flowers and their most beautiful and defined. A deep, talented recording artist and photographer are just two more items that can be added to Jon Urbana’s resume.

Make Sure to Follow These 5 Investing Tips

Investing can be a tricky thing, especially for those without much experience with it. Most individuals know and understand the importance of investing, but outside of financial professionals who have a career in it, knowing how to invest is not always all that easy. People want to make sure their hard earned money is safe and protected from potential problems. That is exactly why it is necessary to practice safe investing. Recently, Brad Reifler offered up some very helpful investing tips for the 99 percent of individuals who simply do not have all of that necessary financial investing experience.

For those who do not know how Brad Reifler is, he is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital. He spends most of his time helping those who are unaccustomed to investing. After all, he believes it is the right of everyone to be able to invest and invest well, not just those with all of the money.

His first tip is to be very careful in how money is invested. Looking at risks, charges associated with the investments and expenses that come along with it are all important. This way, an investor is able to determine their specific goals for investing. This is even a side note on the investment tip. People need to have investment goals. Simply to “make money” is not the reason. It might be for retirement, or for raising money to open a business. The proper reasoning is a must.

The second tip offered by Brad is to be concerned about the safety of money. It is never wise to simply dump the money into a random account or into the hands of another person without first vetting the system and making sure it is safe. There have been far too many people who have lost all of their life savings because they simply did not look into the safety of their money.

Third is an important tip that Brad has pointed out on, and it is to not put all money into the stock market. This is a common mistake many new investors make. There are many other ways to invest financially and it isn’t all in the stock market. In fact, the closer someone comes to retirement, the less they should put into the stock market as there are always risks associated with stocks.

The last two steps are knowing who is going to be investing the money and creating a level of trust with the manager of the account. This is directly tied to the first and second step. The fifth step is also directed towards the first step and it is considering the investment objectives and to be careful with how much money is invested.  MarketWired writes more about what Brad Reifler has done to create Forefront Capital as a new system of investment for everybody.

Gold is the Best Insurance Against Uncertain Times


A January 23, 2016, podcast interview of Philip N. Diehl, Present of U.S. Money Reserve by Enterprise Radio host Eric Dye delivered a valid case for owning gold coins. A brief overview of Mr. Diehl’s background is enough to realize when it comes to being an expert about silver, gold, and platinum US coins he is the real deal.

Philip Diehl’s resume is impressive. Chief of Staff of the U.S. Department of Treasury; Staff Director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee; Nominated by President Bill Clinton to be Director of the United States Mint. Mr. Diehl’s experience working with senior officials in the Executive Branch and on Capitol Hill developed his understanding of fiscal and monetary policy which is the foundation of his current work in the precious metals industry.

Now the director at U.S. Money Reserves, Philip Diehl is proud that he has brought this style of leadership and accomplishment to this position. What he is most proud of is the U.S. Money Reserves stands behind its return policy and customer service which he says is, “Better than the U.S. Mint.” U.S. Money Reserves only sells U.S. Government issued silver, gold and platinum legal tender bullion coins, backed by the full power of the federal government. Other forms of precious metals aren’t always what they seem. Unscrupulous dealers may try to pass off counterfeits that are almost impossible to catch. The US issued coins weight and purity are 100% precise.

What goes up, must come down. The dollar has increased in values in the 18-24 months, which is unsustainable. When the dollar weakens, the demand for gold increases.
George Soros is warning of an impending financial market crises. Philip Deihl agrees that that the economic downturn in China, India, and Brazil create international uncertainty, Gold has been and will continue to be the best insurance against uncertain times.

Follow US Money Reserve on Twitter for constant updates on the gold and precious metals markets.

Brazilian Businessman and Financial Consultant Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a very successful stock market trader and businessman. Igor Cornelsen, now retired, spends a vast majority of his time on the golf courses in the beautiful cozy weather of South Florida. Even though Igor is retired, he still spends some of his time doing the things that he knows best, such as investing in the stock market. Currently, Igor Cornelsen works alongside the South American Bainbridge Group to do some investing, as well as foreign exchange investment. He also works part time as a consultant for investing and also the banking industry. Igor is an expert at what he does and he has had an extremely successful career, but he certainly was not given any of his achievements.

Igor Cornelsen according to was raised by very hard working and dedicated parents. Having little education, his parents had to lead by example by working extremely hard and encouraging Igor to further his education. Igor attended school and majored in business. Soon after, Igor became one of the most influential businessmen and investors in Brazil. He would go on to lead many of the largest banks in Brazil and become directly involved in managing a huge chunk of Brazil’s gross economy.

Igor Cornelsen offers up his take on the basics of Brazilian banking. He knows that the Brazilian banks tend to only lend money to borrowers that have a great credit score. It is very cost effective and provides them with a security blanket for the future. Borrowers with bad credit have to borrow from the public sector instead of the private sector, which hurts the economy.

Igor is aware of the fact that Brazil possesses an abundance of natural resources and that people are wanting to start new businesses in the community, which in turn can really boost the economy. He offers three important tips when it comes to investing in Brazil. He recommends to mingle with the natives, as many of them are entrepreneurs themselves and are usually open to discuss details about investing. Second, he warns potential investors to be aware of several regulations Brazil has, such as high taxes and a restrictive labor market. Igor also advises to learn about foreign currency restrictions that Brazil has. Make sure to locate a bank that is allowed to deal in foreign exchange to be able to posses local currency.

Igor Cornelsen has made a great career in investing the right way, in turn gaining tremendous wealth. He has used his experience to help advise people on succeeding in the business of investing and his words of advice have directly affected the economy in a positive manner.

How Does White Shark Media Use Customer Complaints to Grow Itself

As a business grow and expands its operations, its interactions with its clients increases. These clients are of all sorts; some understand business processes while most remain uncertain what assistance they need but the business still accommodates them all. As time goes by, these clients will begin sharing their experiences with the company that will come out as either compliments or complaints.
White shark media has been through all this; it has its fair share of experiences with these different kinds of clients. Compliments and complaints are common but the company has sought to set itself apart by how it handles its clients. The company rides on the belief of correction. It has, therefore, come up with a comprehensive way of looking into each and every client’s review of the company and identifying matters that require correction.
How are complaints handled?
The company has come up with a comprehensive website with a section fully dedicated to client reviews; both compliments and complaints. Once a client posts a review here, the company staff goes through it and should it require addressing, the company staff get into contact with the complainant and resolve the matter. Recommendations for improvements on service delivery of the company’s service delivery are also appreciated and taken into consideration.
The company then makes sure that once a matter is brought to its attention, it is sufficiently attended to. This ensures that it doesn’t recur either to the affected individual or another. It is quite interesting how some of these compliments can be useful for the company as White shark often use them to make its systems and operations friendlier, identify flaws, and streamline its operations.
Complaints that turned out helpful
One of the reasons why the company values feedback including complaints include is the fact that they have contributed immensely in assisting identify its mistakes. It has used some complaints to streamline its operations and make their services more competitive. For instance, when some customers complained that they weren’t able to track their marketing campaigns with the company, the company came up with different campaign tracking tools such as conversion and call tracking tools.
It can also be said that one customer complaint goes a long way in benefiting others. For instance, when a client complained about most of their campaign targets were coming through the phone making it hard to back-trace them, the company moved swiftly to solve the issue. In effect, it partnered with Martchex a company providing phone tracking service that has now been rolled out across the board to serve every client under White Shark Media.

An Influential Business Leader Named Brad Reifler

In both the national and international economy, there are certain people that ultimately rise to the top and exert tremendous influence with their opinions and strategies. In many cases, it is those who have demonstrated not only having the financial knowledge necessary to make key decisions at critical times, but also a willingness to see that others are helped along the way. If there is one person in today’s business world who exemplifies these and many other qualities, it’s Brad Reifler. Having achieved high levels of success as an investor and entrepreneur since the 1980s, Brad has demonstrated an ability to mesh well with people from various backgrounds and cultures, and over the years has been able to build one successful financial services company after another.

Starting each of his companies from scratch, Brad knows all too well just how much hard work it takes to see a dream become reality. From what Wikipedia lists as his earliest venture of Reifler Trading Company to others such as Pali Capital and Forefront Capital Management, he has used his in-depth knowledge of economics and finance to turn his companies into models of business success. While many sit around and wonder how he does it time after time, Brad instead looks to the future for new challenges and how he can use current strategies to make his companies even better. Along with this, he knows that if his companies succeed, so will his clients. Therefore, he puts a tremendous emphasis on not only strategies for his companies, but also for his clients.

As he has worked with more and more people from all areas of financial services, Brad has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable voices in the business world. Due to his success, he is now regularly consulted by many of the top economic minds in the world. In fact, everyone from Nobel Prize-level economists to Wall Street executives and board members of Fortune 500 companies regularly look to Brad for assistance. Having an extensive background in the Asian region, Brad is often speaking with Chinese economists and others regarding the economic issues specific to that part of the world.

With a growing influence worldwide and a desire to see his clients achieve their financial goals, Brad is poised to take his companies to the next level and leave the competition in the dust, wishing they too could experience the same types of success.  Check out Brad on his Twitter, for more information about his career.

George Soros on the Problems Facing Chancellor Merkel and Europe

George Soros certainly possesses a brilliant mind. He organized one of the first hedge funds, way back in 1969. He made $1.5 billion investing in the Forex market in September 1992 betting against the British Pound. He has wisely used his money for philanthropy and the arts, as well as supporting liberal Democrat politicians. So when George Soros talks, we, all of us, should listen closely and take detailed notes and try to read what is said and written between the lines of his writings and interviews. If we are aware of his thinking we will know where the smart money will go to invest and what financial decisions we, all of us, should be contemplating.
In a recent interview for New York Review of Books. Soros explained how the monetary crisis in Greece occurred and how the exorbitant rate for loan repayments condemned the people of Greece to exist on the verge of bankruptcy for many years.
Soros also addressed the vexing immigrant crisis having damaging effects on all of Europe, and explained that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be the determining factor in the resolution of this perplexing crisis which, unfortunately, has the power to bring all of Europe to its knees. He feels that Merkel erred in her openness, early on in the crisis, to accept any and all immigrants into Germany and the rest of Europe. This flood of immigrants will have a deleterious affect on the many different European cultures, will create great problems with infrastructure, and will tax to the breaking point the resources each country has in dealing with this onslaught of foreigners, who are largely, homeless and without sufficient money to begin a new life. We should not lose track of the reality, which is that these immigrants are escaping barbarism and even death at the hands of factors trying to change regimes, religions and ideals.
Soros, himself, was a refuge, an immigrant for fifteen years, at first living in England and later moving to the United States of America where he would began his investment career. He flourished in the democratically free cultures of England and the States, and now can appreciate the struggles of these displaced people who are uprooted from their home, religion, their entire way of life. These immigrants may develop, as is often the case, small pockets of people with similarities in religion and culture, but the necessary assimilation into the culture of the the adopted country will not take place within this current generation.
George Soros is a man smart enough to realize that certain currencies could not be propped up by their country’s bank, and made a fortune by using his sense of business acumen. His words should be listened to and listened to very closely by all of us.

Town Residential’s Recent Analysis of the Manhattan Real Estate Market

Luxury real estate is a valuable and highly sought-after market within the city limits of the five boroughs that make up New York City apartments for rent. The individuals who are interested in the New York luxury real estate market have very simple tastes: they only want the best. They also want the most expert opinions on the nature of this highly-finicky market, so when a New Yorker interested in high-end real estate needs to educate himself on the process, they usually turn to the luxury real estate real estate services firm TOWN Residential.

Earlier this month, TOWN Residential released The Aggregate, which is the firm’s quarterly real estate market report. The analysis of the fourth quarter of 2015 reveals some fairly telling statistics. First of all, the report showed that there is a continued rise in price action, namely because the “soft patch” has yet to make it through the pipeline. The average sales of luxury real estate within Manhattan posted a 5.2% gain, rising to $1,976,660. The median growth of the real estate also rose 16% to a price of just shy of $1.2 million.

Manhattan condos posted an average price of around $1.7 million and the median price per square foot was a respectable $1,606. The average price of a Manhattan co-op apartment was $1,272,902 and rose 4.6% from the previous year when it was $1,217,017.

Finally, in examining some of the real estate properties by size there are also some rather notable statistics. First of all, the median price of one bedroom condo was $1,080,000; a two bedroom condo was $2,056,865 and a three bedroom condo made the sale at around $4.4 million. Some more good news would include the fact that sellers have adjusted their price expectations and any potential downshift was lessened.

OrganoGold Presents Healthy Coffee Options

When people think of coffee they may not necessarily think of healthy beverages, but this was before OrganoGold came along. Now people have access to a beverage that actually contains healthy ingredients, and they have Bernardo Chua to thank for all of this, because of his focus on health. He is a business leader and the founder OrganoGold. He has produced a winning formula that is pertinent to his tea and coffee products.

Chua has been around for a while, but many Americans are just hearing about him. He is becoming a beverage giant that has his sights set on America and many other countries. It is the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom ingredient that has catapulted Bernardo Chua to a successful career. This is the ingredient that is linked to healing. For years Asian has known about the healing properties that are associated with Ganoderma Lucidum, but this mushroom has never been linked to beverages before. That is the thing that has changed as a result of what Chua has been doing.

He has crafted a formula and promoted this healthy coffee to consumers. The end result of his hard work is seen in all the blends that are currently available. In the beginning customers start with regular coffee, and most of them probably would have been content with this organic coffee beverage. Chua had a different plan in mind. He saw fit to bring coffee blends of different types of consumers that liked diverse blends. Currently, Bernardo has expanded the OrganoGold brand to include Mocha and Jamaican Royal Blue Mountain. People that are fans of OrganoGold can also pursue OrganoGold Green Tea and Black Ice Tea.

There is also hot chocolate and there are even capsules with Ganoderma for people that are not into beverages. People that like healthy options for beverages will find out that OrganoGold is one the best possible options for their daily consumption. More people are finding out about healthy coffee because there is a huge social media buzz about this. Coffee drinkers are commenting about this on social media. Stores sell this organic coffee because the demand is growing for it. There are a lot of people that are discovering it in many different ways. This shows the Bernardo Chua was on to something good. His persistence to bring healthy coffee to the mainstream audiences has paid off. His brand is successful, and lots of people are fans of his beverages.  Follow Bernie’s Twitter feed to keep informed of his career.