George Soros’ European Humanitarian Crisis Solution.

George Soros is one an influential and outspoken humanitarian activists of the modern time. He writes and lectures on matters of governance, democracy, human rights and economics. His critical thinking philosophy makes him an informer and steer of international debate on global issues.


Born in Hungary in the Capital of Budapest in 1930 (source: Forbes), Soros grew up in a very chaotic period in human history. At that time, the world has just come out of the First World War, and another one was brewing not far ahead. Europe was caught in the eye of this storm. George went to study in England where he got a chance to study at the London school of Economics.


Since then, the European Union has found a new sense of purpose with countries coming together to promote economic prosperity. The bloc has made significant strides towards success over the years. However, George Soros asserts that cracks are beginning to show the union, and the spirit that led to its formation is no longer there.


Currently, the union is being undermined by superpowers like Russia. The state continues to use force and violence to other EU states like Ukraine and Turkey. Its foreign policy promotes anarchism that many regard as a foregone practice. To make matters worse, Soros to the fragile balance of power where other European nations are hesitant to check Russia. This tendency could be as a result of fear of the once communist state.


Elsewhere on the continent, there has been an influx of refugees from the eastern end near Turkey and Syria. The influx of refugees results from the spreading conflict in Syria caused by extremist groups such as ISIS. A similar refugee crisis is being witnessed across the Mediterranean see where people across North Africa attempt to cross over in search of a better life.


According to his piece from Marketwatch, there is a lack of responsibility within the European Union. It requires a comprehensive refugee standard policy. In his observation, a refugee framework makes it easier to manage humanitarian crisis situations. He observes the selfish interests of individual countries that expose refugees to more suffering.


George Soros has taken an advisory role by proposing a standard refugee policy for the union to use. In his plan, he calls for international assistance in the struggle to solve the problem. His plan has several components. The first action is to open up the borders and allow the refugees to get through. A million asylum seekers annually is a good figure. They can be equipped with necessities like food and shelter.


Secondly, the union itself must fund the states nearest to the conflict areas such as Lebanon and Turkey where the largest numbers of refugees are hosted. By committing more resources to the crisis, human suffering is alleviated.


The third action regards to the establishment of a migration agency. This one allows the union to screen refugees to avoid the proliferation of extremists and warmongers. The organization must act according to international standards for refugees. Finally, the union must discuss and welcome the idea of absorption and integration as the most long-term solution to the crisis.

Brazilian Banks Are Using Consignment Credit To Make Money In Tough Times

When the Worker’s Party took office in Brazil in 2003, President Dilma Rousseff promised Brazilians a better way of life. But twelve years later the only people that are making money are the Brazilian banks. In 2003, the four biggest banks made $2.1 billion. Twelve years later their profit is $20 billion. That’s an 850 percent increase. There are several reasons for the dramatic increase in bank profits, but when all the smoke clears, the number one reason is consignment credit.
Brazil’s largest bank, Banco do Brazil, and the country’s third largest bank, Caixa Econômica Federal are government owned banks, so their mandate is not to make a profit, but provide public service, but they make money anyway. Brazil’s privately own banks, Bradesco and Itaú consistently earn a 20 percent return on equity. American banks only earn a 10 percent return on equity.
Return on equity is a money maker in good times and in bad, but according to Ricardo Guimarães, the President of BMG Bank in Minas Gerais, consignment credit is turning the banks into cash cows. BMG Bank is not as big as its competitors, but it makes more money by offering a product called payroll loans to middle-class Brazilians that are working.
Payroll loans give the banks the collateral and the terms they need, and borrowers get lower interest rate. Interest rates in Brazil are as high as 56 percent for individuals and 27 percent for corporations, so anything less than those numbers looks like a gift to borrowers. The Central Bank’s basic interest rate is 14.25 percent, so even though payroll loans come with lower rates the banks are making a fortune.
Guimarães recently said the consignment credit market is a $130 billion market, and only 50 percent of the middle class are taking advantage of the product. In order to keep the money flowing, BMG Bank has more than 3,000 locations around the country and more than 50,000 agents that can execute payroll loans. That internal structure has given BMG Bank an 18 percent share of the consignment credit market.
But Mr. Guimarães doesn’t stop there. He uses Brazilian football to market his payroll loans. Bank employees wear team colors and talk football whenever they can. While they are talking football, they are also talking about payroll loans.
Government backed bonds are also a profit generator for the banks especially when interest rate fluctuate and the currency loses value. That’s what happened this year. Brazilian banks are smart investors. Ricardo Guimarães says banks in Brazil are masters at navigating through economic instability. Because of consignment credit and government bonds, interest rate fluctuations don’t pose a threat to bank profits. The opposite happens, and it has been happening for decades.

Our Nobilis Health Facilities Are Patient Oriented

There are so many healthcare facilities that offer procedures and treatment options for their patients. However, there have been some issues with various healthcare facilities not having the whole package for their patients. The great thing is that our Nobilis Health Facilities have many great ratings, and we are completely patient oriented as well. Our staff at Nobilis Health makes sure that the patients are comfortable, they get affordable health care, they get the answers they want, they get proper diagnosis’ and more. We take care of our patients every time, and that is why so many patients continue to return to our Nobilis Health Facilities for their treatments. Our healthcare facilities include Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center in Dallas, Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center in Houston, Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center in Scottsdale, and the Kirby Surgical Center. We also have Northstar Urgent Care & Imaging Center, First Surgical Hospital, and First Street Surgical Center. The Northstar Imaging Center will also be opening very soon. Each of our healthcare facilities focuses on the patient’s needs. The doctors that we have at each of these locations have great reputations; they have the experience the patients are looking for, and the doctors make sure that the patients leave with good results. Here at our Nobilis Health Facilities we strive in doing our best to make our patients comfortable. We make sure that the beds are comfortable for the patients so that they don’t feel they are crowded in the bed. We make sure that the room temperature is just right for the patients, so they don’t feel like they are too hot or too cold. We make sure that the areas where the patients stay are free from excess noise as well. We make sure that the nurses rotate and check with the patients to make sure they aren’t in need of anything. We want to make sure that our patients get affordable healthcare. We know that there are so many people who don’t get seen by a doctor because they just can’t afford it. They don’t get their medical issues taken care of because they don’t have the money to do so. At our Nobilis Health Care Facilities according to yahoo, we want our patients to get healthy, get past their diagnosis, and not have to live with the pain they deal with daily. We do a great job at helping our patients who come to us in pain, and we get many thanks from our patients as well. Last but not least, we want to make sure that our patients get the answers they need as well as a proper diagnosis. We know that many healthcare facilities rush their patients out the door with the quickest solution they can think of, based on the symptoms that the patient is reporting, but we don’t do this. We make sure we take time with our patients to give them a great experience. We answer any questions a patient has, we go over their symptoms, and we come up with multiple diagnosis’ and try to eliminate the problems from there.

Status Labs Founder Mr. Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is a famous entrepreneur known for the founding Status Labs. It’s an online management and reputation firm that has its headquarters in Austin Texas. The company recently opened offices in San Paulo in Brazil and New York in the USA. The economics graduate if Vanderbilt University has grown status lab to it to a famous reputation firm with an extensive customer base. Darius has several successful companies that have revenues exceeding $20 million. He humbly worked at Agora publishing as a copywriter in his early life. The highly experienced entrepreneur has grown Status Lab to more than 30 employees .

Darius featured in PR Newswire as a top 50 entrepreneur. The magazine recognizes the rising stars in the PR management industry. The magazine is among the top publications in the PR industry. In his speech, Mr. Darius humbly noted that he was rejoicing in featuring in the magazine. The status lab has more than 1500 clients, and its presence is in over 35 countries. The magazine was keen to note Mr. Darius an outstanding experience and in propelling the company into that great height. Firms and individuals facing an online crisis in marketing, search optimization, and marketing automation are status labs, major customers. The firm has helped business to polish their search results as well as enabled several of them to grow their sales by digital marketing and PR strategy.

Several other magazines recognized Fisher and status lab for there exemplarily entrepreneur skills. The New York Times,Yahoo, and The Daily Beast mentioned Fisher honorably for his assistance to the Ashley Madison hack victims. As the head of the status lab, Fisher has created an exceptionally talented team. The team is responsible for the firm’s growth and success. Fisher created a strategic plan for the company that propelled it to its growth. He also built numerous partnerships for the enterprise with agencies and figures. The links established by Fisher have enabled the company to recruit its domestic and international sales and management teams. The company’s influence in the online marketing industry has significantly increased in fisher’s leadership. Apart from or management, the firm also has several other services for its clients. The company offers search engine optimization for businesses buying and selling online. Mr. Fisher has also established social media services for Status Labs. This service helps customers in identifying locations where they have the greatest influence. It, therefore, becomes easy for targeted advertising in increasing the company’s products awareness.

An Accomplished Author In Brazil

Jaime Garcia Dias, whose YouTube is allied, is a pioneer in the sector of literature in Brazil. He has succeeded in writing more than 20 books in the fiction kingdom, and he has received several awards. These comprise the ABC Award of Brazil literature that he received lately. The novelist is 45 years of age currently and for that reason he has several years left to produce more. Certainly, the majority of writers can go on with their witting novel well into their late seventies or early eighties.

The story of Jaime Garcia Dias starts very early in his life, he was extremely paying much attention to the literature and started writing his first book when he was 15 years old. Following that beginning, Jaime Garcia Dias’ passion for writing has always been a continuous habit. He has now managed to write twenty different books. He was born in Rio de Janiero, and his parents were very educated, whereby his father was also a novelist and the mother was a prominent architect. He acknowledges his father with developing his interest in writing.

In addition to his long and well-known career in literature, Jaime Garcia Dias has a career in education. He worked at Carioca literature Academy as a tutor and taught there for five years. The academy was a kind of prep school for learners who planned to study literature following their high school education completion.

Jamie Garcia Dias, unites with a long line of the novelist in Brazil who have won several awards for their work. He is currently the president of the institution in which he was a teacher, and he acknowledges his icons with assisting him reach this position. Certainly, there have been several famous writers from Brazil that have gone before Dias, who is among the current leaders in the Brazilian literary world.

Some of the great literary individuals who shaped his career would comprise writers like Jorge Amado, who was recognized as one of the most favorite writers in the culture of Brazil during his lifetime. He wrote several fascinating books such as Classic as Captains of the Sand, Donna Flor and her two husbands, and Gabriela, Clove, and Cinnamon. He turned out to be sturdily endeared to the country of Brazil because of his humoristic and fanciful take on daily life. Certainly, Dona Flor and her Two Husbands was modified to a film, and it narrates a story of a woman that was living bigamously with her new husband and the ghost of her deceased husband. Another incredibly famous writer who inspired Dias would ne Paulo Coelho, who is recognized as one of the best-selling Brazilian writers of all time. Some of his works to the Brazilian literature would comprise a novel called The Alchemist.

Wikipedia Pages Should Never Be Unfairly Sparse

Anyone who has spent even a modicum of time researching on the internet has come across Wikipedia in the search engine results. Research does not solely refer to looking up material for academic or professional pursuits. A fan of a Hollywood actor may type the star’s name into Google and, lo and behold, there is a really extensive Wikipedia page on the actor. Wikipedia does provide a lot of tremendous information on a ton of subjects. Still, the entries on the site might not be complete. Some with writing skills and the desire to be informative could provide a lot of wonderful text to the already massive array of online pages.

For example, there may be a Wikipedia publishers on an old music band that was very popular on the local California scene in the 1960’s and 1970’s. A brief Wiki page has been created to note the band’s members, albums the band released, and when it was forms and when the group broke up. A major fan of the band might cringe because the two paragraph Wiki page should be loaded with 15 paragraphs of biography about the band. Perhaps each band member deserves his or her own page with a brief bio. Unless someone choose to write this material, the entries are never actually going to exist.

This is where the fan comes into play. If the fan also has some decent skill with writing, then opening up an account on Wikipedia and using the platform MediaWiki to create the content is really all that has to be done. MediaWiki is really little more than a specialized word processing platform for Wiki writing and editing. Adding text and saving it is not difficult at all. The only burden the writer has is creating really good content.

Those with concerns over how to create solid content might find it best to call on Get Your Wiki, a service that seeks to help clients struggling with Wikipedia-related issues. Get Your Wiki has skilled writers and editors who can do a solid job and make a Wiki page look like gold.

In some cases, those who are the subject of Wikipedia pages may want the site monitored and edited. Perhaps there is a feeling the page (and related pages) should have a more comprehensive feel. Get Your Wiki can help with this task.

Whether someone is interested in the subject of a page or is the subject of a page, the entry should look and feel professional. This way, it lives up to its potential.

Purina Pet Food Still Proves Relevant to Pet Owners

I have always thought that Purina was one of the best possible brands that dog food owners could buy. This brand has changed a lot over time, but I feel like it has changed for the better. There are so many pets that benefit from this dog food. My dog is one of the many, and pet owners are going to truly be thrilled when they read about Purina Pet Care dog food.

I will say that I have never truly been that thrilled about learning about dog food. It has changed a lot over the years, but I truly never paid that much attention to it. When my dog got sick I begin to wonder if it has anything to do with her eating habits. I found that this plays a very special part in the overall health of my dog. It was through Purina that I would get my dog much better meals that she would consume easily. This made all the difference in the world.

There are a lot of people that may be ignorant to the dog food brands of today, but I have been through the trial and error. I have been the one that searched for the right type of dog food when my dog got sick. This is why I know about the lower quality brands that don’t work and the higher quality brands like Purina that are perfect for dog food owners. I certainly have been able to become a fan of this dog food because there are so many different types without the dry and wet pet foods that are on the market today.

Purina is an excellent brand of dog food, and I appreciate all that this brand has done for new dog owners. Purina, without a doubt, is the brand to beat. This has become one of the most valuable dog foods on the market, and it all comes with the brand loyalty that has been established with this brand. I have seen some other dog foods fizzle out, but Purina Beneful has stood the task of time. I am thrilled about how this brand has expanded over the years. There are dog food treats and there are also plethora of interesting dog food meals that have hit the market. I haven’t had a dog very long, but I feel like I have been providing my dog with the best possible dog food on the market. I certainly have been able to waste less. There was a time when my dogs would not eat all of there food. I believed that they didn’t really like it. They would eat it, but I don’t think they were thrilled about it. My dogs are excited about Purina though. There is no dog food wasted; that makes Purina the Beneful dog food brand that pets should consider.

I believe that the brand is idea for big dogs. I have dry food choices. There are also dog treats that my dogs have become accustomed to.

Accompolished and Proficient Director and Lawyer, Frans Schoeman.

Frans Schoeman is a dedicated and accomplished professional. He is the director of Phatsima Diamond Corporation and first earned his education in 1993 at the University of the Free State/Universiteit van die Vrystaat in South Africa. He is an accomplished lawyer and a bilingual professional. While completing his studies, he was and still is a member of the Student Legal Society. In 2003, he was admitted to practice in the High Courts of RSA. For over two decades, Mr. Schoeman has represented and supported individuals and organizations. He is also a steadfast and devoted director of Phatsima Diamonds for over ten years where he oversees the running of a mining concession in Angola. His work and accomplishments promote a strong work ethic that never turns away from being anything but ethical, skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate. A side from his other duties, Mr. Schoeman is also a current legal director for TG Minister Consulting where he advises and oversees complex litigation, contracts, and acquisitions. Mr. Schoeman of CMT-Artists is highly motivated and his areas of practice are spread across the research field. He has experience and expertise in: Administrative Law, Banking Law and Finance, Labour Law, Competition Law, Insurance Law, Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate and Commercial Law, Civil and Criminal Law, Medical Law, Mining Energy and natural resources, Environmental Law, Insolvency, Business Recovery, Commercial Litigation and Drafting of Commercial Agreements, Estates and Trusts, Property Transfers, Forensic Investigations, Liquor License applications, Corporate Due Diligence, and Family Law, Divorce, and Maintenance. He has acquired his proficiency from his days as a student as well as his twenty-five year career as a lawyer. His experience spans many different areas of expertise. Aside from his career in the working world, Mr. Schoeman has performed pro bono/charity work while an attorney at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys for non-profit organizations and the needy. As an attorney, this lawyer practices a motto of “Bigger is not necessary better”. This philosophy speaks more than words. Meaning that you do not always need the biggest and most expensive representation. It is the quality that matters, not how expensive or how physically large something is. The eminence or the reputation along with the excellence is what matters. Mr. Schoeman concentrates on the quality of his work and holds that in the highest regards throughout his endeavors. While Mr. Schoeman is a highly accomplished professional, that is not all to him. His passions and interests include the environment, human rights, education and children. He has a continuing interest in the South African culture and the arts. He does not dismiss the environment around him; he recognizes the natural beauty and wants to preserve it. Along the same lines, Mr. Schoeman promotes human rights and will stand up to protect those rights.

Susan McGalla: A Lesson in Self Confidence

“Just do it.” This is what most would predict Susan McGalla would give as the best advice to women or anyone who is aspiring to rise to the top in business. She makes no bones about being assertive and fearless when it comes to expressing her ‘good ideas.’ This is the advice her parents gave her at an early age. She was encouraged work hard to have no hesitation to express her best objectives to whomever was in an audience that she would address.

Being a female at anything never filters into her thoughts when she performs her occupation. She learned that despite the fact that there could be gender bias surrounding her in the work place, it did not matter. Susan J. McGalla worked her way up several ladders, basically ignoring any gender issues on What she did was simply a great job that was far better than anyone else working with her. So, it was a ‘no brainer’ to promote her and not another employee. There was no need to spend precious company funds head hunting for a leader and a CEO as she was perfect for the role.

Pittsburgh found in McGalla a hard working, positive, sports enthusiast and expert at merchandising. Soon after she earned her Bachelor of Arts in business, she began working in marketing. Joseph Horne Company took her in by way of her contagious enthusiasm. The next step in her rocket ship launch of a career was the company where she ascended to the top, American Eagle Outfitters. This is where her work filled a dual role because she had such a great command of merchandising skills. They also needed her for her powerful performance level for the company as a strong leader. McGalla spent time as chief merchandising officer and then was elected to be President.

This ride went well and came back down to land on earth in January of 2009. At this point she was ready for offering her direction and expertise to others who wanted to reach for the stars. She found a new role as private consultant of retails and financial investment managers, which is the same occupation that her husband Stephen McGalla hails from in the financial investment management arena. New opportunities kept knocking as she was appointed to the Board of Directors of HFF, Inc. in the fall of 2009. She took on yet another leadership role as CEO of Wet Seal, Incorporated in January 2011. After only one year, things changed again. By new year of 2012, McGalla founded her own firm, P3 Executive Consulting where she is now the current Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Having been born of a family of sportsmen and women, with father and brothers involved in coaching and playing football, this seemed to be where she felt the most comfortable. She does still wear many hats as she is currently on the board of advisers of her alma mater, Mount Union College, the place that awarded her with her degree in business and marketing.

The Mail Order Bride, Xenia Vorotova

Doe Deere, aka Xenia Vorotova, a mail order bride who came to the US in 1999 after her husband, Mark, asked for her hand in marriage. Once Doe was here she began going to college for fashion and a hobby of having a rock band, Sky Salt. This band consisted of her, her husband, and a couple of other musicians.

It would appear that Doe, was very talented as she was a model too before turning to and attending fashion college for awhile. Her white skin tone, colorful hair, nice figure allowed for her to do things most women only dream about. During modeling and school, a lot of the education Doe received helped her start marketing and sell the extremely bright colored cosmetics, called Lime Crime, a glitter, especially to the teenage girls.

In 2008, she sold a lot of cosmetics from eye-shadow and a variety of other products. Doe sold a product called Pop/Romance Lipstick and began selling those items on Ebay, along with the clothing line company Doe created. She would sell vintage clothing to people all over the nation and countries. Along the way, she started her own fashion tips, make-up and style tutorial blog on the internet. Her blog, Doe Deere Blogazine, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and other major social media sites she used have some information yet on her, her company and products. Doe enjoys being on the internet as it allows for her to escape reality and be the person she wants to.

Doe doesn’t have a lot of friends, which include her husband Mark, her mom, sister and gay men. She seemed curious about them, but at the same time she found gay men to be very strong and know what they want in life. People didn’t seem to understand Doe and why she did some of the things she did, so instead of helping her, they turned and walked away. Doe liked attention and for that many people saw her as someone evil, even though I believe she had a good person inside tying to figure out how to overcome the past and now live in triumph.

Since she has been living in New York, Doe still married to Mark, working at her own company in an office she bought to help pay the bills. It’s possible, Xenia took a wrong road at one point in life, but everybody is allowed to get a second chance and hopefully, the world will let Doe.