The Magic Of Keith Mann

Keith Mann is described as an expert in hedge fund compensation, identifying the needs of an organization, and fulfilling them. Rightfully so, he has fifteen years of experience in the executive industry. Mann is the co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners, a company which was founded in 2001, filling staffing needs for top financial industry clients. Mann worked with Dynamic Associates before forming his company.

In March 2015, Dynamic Search Partners and the Financial Service Community held a fundraising event. It took place at the Standard Beer Garden Hotel in New York City. This event brought in over twenty-two thousand dollars for the Uncommon Schools. They are a group consisting of forty-two charter public schools, which are located in Massachuttes, New Jersey, and New York. These schools have regional teams who provide support, school leaders, staffing, fundraising and more. This way the teachers can concentrate on educating the children.

Dynamic Search Partners agenda aims to narrow the achievement gap. This is done by working with millions of underprivileged students, preparing them to attend college, then graduate. When Keith Mann visits these school, he sees how driven the students are, this keeps him inspired. All he wants is for the children to have a better and brighter future.

Back in January 2015, police officers at the 54th Street precinct were recipients of the philanthropist and his wife’s generosity, when lunch was delivered to them. Keith said in a statement, the officers should be thanked for all they are doing to keep the public safe. He is concerned about all the violence that is taking place around the country. Then, for a second time in February, the precinct was sent another delivery, to show how much they are appreciated. Mann just wants the public to help instead of hinder their services.