Real Estate Experts Define Top 7 Projects to Watch This Fall

NYC Properties to watch out for soon:

Rezoning Midtown Manhattan

The department of city planning has taken two years to properly review the proposal. It will allow bigger and taller buildings to go up in this Manhattan district. It must pass further rounds of review like all NYC properties, however.

One Vanderbilt

This is next to Grand Central Terminal. TD Bank is the only tenant so far, who signed on for 200,000 square feet. There are a total of 1.5 million square feet available, however.

28 Liberty and 550 Madison Ave.

This brand new space is going to revitalize the downtown area with great NYC properties, according to some. Buildings like the Sony tower are now vacant. A Saudi Arabia company is looking to pick up about 800,000 square feet.

Two World Trade Center

Larry Silverstein is aging. He wants to complete his legacy. That’s why he is rumored to be funding the new tower.

The “Marseillaise”

This sculpture is huge. And it costs $200 million. What’s more, it will be featured in Hudson Yards.

Harlem Blues

Douglast Durst is buying up land in Harlem. The location is 1800 Park Avenue. While the location is popular, he’ll have to deal the problems if he is going to put up an apartment building.


The MTA claims its $4.5 billion project is going to end in December. That is the deadline, but auditors don’t agree. They think the new subway project will take longer than that.

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