Kevin Seawright Discusses His RPS Solutions Philosophy

Kevin Seawright has dedicated his career to revitalizing the mid-Atlantic region. Throughout his career, Kevin has had the opportunity to revitalize iconic towns like Newark, Atlantic City, and Baltimore. During each stop, Kevin has left a major impact on the town and he has loved changing the way people view the city. Recently, Kevin noticed a major problem in Baltimore and wondered if he could fix the issue.

Baltimore is a beautiful city, but over the last few decades, it has seen a severe decline in home ownership. This decrease in homeownership has lead to a decrease in civic pride and an increase in the crime rate. Kevin loves the city of Baltimore and he wanted to see a major change in the community. Recently, he contacted the city and got to work on his latest project.

Kevin knew that he could get the home ownership rate in Baltimore above 50%, and that each no homeowner would bring stability to a city that desperately needs it. He launched RPS Solutions in 2015 to offer permanent change to the city. RPS Solutions works with the Baltimore city government to construct and renovate affordable housing throughout the Baltimore area. The company has made major inroads in recent years, and Kevin recently appeared on the The Larry Young Morning Show to discuss the project.

Kevin Seawright was extremely happy to appear on the Larry Young show. He stated that improving life in Baltimore is a passion project for him. He is extremely passionate about home ownership in Baltimore. Kevin Seawright has seen firsthand the impact that home ownership has on the world. Throughout his time working in community development, Kevin has seen numerous communities improve as the homeownership rate goes up. Kevin Seawright wants to see improvement throughout Baltimore and he is willing to work hard to get that improvement.

RPS Solutions is having a major impact on Baltimore. Their work with first-time homebuyers is revolutionary, and it is slowly turning communities around. Kevin Seawright hopes to keep working with these first-time homebuyers to turn Baltimore around. RPS Solutions plans to keep working for years to come.