WEN by Chaz is Designed to Improve All Types of Hair

A young woman who’s hair was normally dull, limp and often greasy, was looking to improve its condition. She decided to try the WEN hair by Chaz fig version of cleansing conditioner, because it claimed to add body and shine. Deciding to share her experience with the new cleansing conditioner, the young woman kept track of how her hair looked and felt after using the product. She posted her week long record as an article on Bustle, adding photos to let people see for themselves how her hair had improved. The only time she noticed her hair became greasy was on the one day she didn’t have time to use the cleansing conditioner.

Improving All Types of Hair

The WEN line of cleansing conditioners on Total beauty help improve the overall condition of hair by enriching it with vital nutrients. Each variety contains its own special blend of botanical extracts to bring balance to hair that has otherwise been damaged. These ingredients help counter the effects the environment has on hair, which could include being overly dry due to sun exposure. The key aspect to the WEN line of cleansing conditioners is their ability to remove dirt and debris without stripping away all of the essential oils needed to maintain healthy hair.

The Sephora endorsed fig variety contains a broad spectrum of plant extracts ranging from aloe and chamomile to wheat protein. Not only will these ingredients add body and shine to dull, limp hair, but they will also make hair stronger and more manageable. The various ingredients used for each formula of WEN are designed to perform the different tasks of cleansing and conditioning. These five-in-one products help improve the overall condition of hair so it looks and feels healthier. The WEN line also includes several styling products to help hold styles in place without causing damage.

Wen hair website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/