Securus Technologies Issues Release of Global Tel Link Scams Against Customers

Although most corrections telecommunications companies provide fair and reasonable service to its clients, there are a few that a goal of cheating and gouging customers. This seems to be the case with Global Tel Link.
According to a report compiled by Securus Technologies of Dallas, Texas, Global Tel Link has preyed on inmates, families and staff for a very long time. “Their behavior has gone unchecked and they have gotten over like fat rats,” says Securus CEO Richard Smith.

Over the past several years, GTL’s complaint list has grown extremely long. Most of their transgressions have fallen on deaf ears, and in the meantime, they have accumulated a bundle off the back of poor people.

Securus , a BBB A+ rated company, is about to release a report that highlights all of GTL’s wrongdoings and integrity breaches. Some of the claims are quite astonishing if not outright brazen. “Our job is to serve our clients and give them the best service possible, not rip them off,” said Smith. “It’s companies like GTL that make us all look bad.”

Some of the infractions according to PR Newswire that will be highlighted by Securus, as found by the Louisiana Public Service Commission investigation include the following: unlawful rate hikes; unlawful clock advancement to garner more fees; artificially inflated charges to customers; double and triple billing of a single call; engaging in the deliberate overcharging of customers and the end result of the unlawful practices causing more residents of the state of Louisiana $1,234,000 in tax. Watch this video on Youtube.

GTL has yet to respond to the findings. A phone call to the national headquarters went unanswered.

“I know many people who complained about these guys for years, and nothing was ever done,” said an unnamed source.

Smith went on to say that what GTL did was inexcusable. Scamming customer, regardless of socioeconomic background is a cancer on this industry.

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Long Simmering Dispute over Olympic Valley Incorporation Finally Settled

The year 2015 ended on a high note after protagonists in the incorporation battle over the future of Olympic Valley arrived at an amicable solution. According to a news report published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, in the last 4 years communities around the northern shores of Lake Tahoe have been feuding over a plan to incorporate the iconic Olympic Valley winter sports terrain. Olympic Valley also serves as the home of the famous Squaw Valley Resorts. One side of the divide was led by Andy Wirth, the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Resorts and the other side by incorporation backers.
The backers consistently accused Squaw Valley Ski Holdings of using self serving motives to oppose their plans for olympic valley incorporation. However, the situation was settled after incorporation backers backed down on their push. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings had earlier spent thousands of dollars opposing the backers of the incorporation efforts. The push according to Andy, posed a big threat to businesses and civic climate of the area because it would result in high taxes and deterioration of services. Some of the services that would be affected include snow plowing and road maintenance.

The decision to disallow the incorporation also suffered a big blow after the California Local Agency Formation Commission decided that such a move would not make any financial sense. Mother Nature on its part provided a much needed relief in the form of early storms.

An epic drought had taken a huge toll on the winter resorts and small businesses in the area. The resulting cold temperature hastened the opening of a number of resorts and helped Squaw Valley resort return back to normalcy.

About Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is best known as the President and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has vast experience in the hotel and resort management area and is a huge proponent of a safe and progressive Olympic Valley.

Andy has worked tirelessly to make the ski area, including Lake Tahoe a leading global tourist destination. In recognition of his effort to transform the area, Olympic Valley, Alpine Meadows and Alpine Meadow’s Estelle Bowl announced in 2015 a huge plan to construct an interconnecting gondola.

The plan will involve the construction of a base to base Gondola which will operate in three parts. During the interview with the Powder skier magazine, Andy Wirth confirmed the plans, saying the development will go a long way to promote skiing and snowboarding in the vast area.

The plan was submitted to Placer County and the US Forest Service in the summer of 2015. Outside his work, Andy is also a staunch supporter of the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization that supports returning Navy SEALS and their families.