Fabletics Gains Attention from Elle Magazine

When it comes to workout gear, there is nothing better than Fabletics. Before Kate Hudson developed this brand there were not a lot of people that gave much thought to style for working out. Many people may have wanted to look good in workout gear, but they didn’t have a clothing line that was dedicated to making consumers look good. That is where Hudson and her team stepped into the clothing arena and totally changed everything that people had become used to.

In a recent interview with Elle Magazine Hudson revealed how she got started. She also took the time to share her ideas about fashion for working out as she talked about her future plans for this brand. Hudson has been known to be a great actress, but her interview in Elle presents the actress in entrepreneur form. She is quick to lead people to her favorite Fabletics pieces in her Elle interview. Hudson loves to talk about the brand because such is so excited about what this brand means for others.

Lots of women are thrilled about he fact that they can buy clothing for working out that is bound to give them more confidence. So many women may have been used to doing some simple working out around the house. They may have avoided the urge to buy any workout clothes because no one was seeing them workout. When a woman gets gym membership, however, she really begins to embrace the concept of cool workout clothing. That is why Hudson is so excited expanding its stores and coupons to customers. There are going to be over 100 new stores coming into existence, and Hudson is really pushing forward with this because she loves this brand.

People that check the website can see Hudson and her six pack abs as she models a variety of different picks. She has an active wear line that is also very alluring. For the first time in a long time she has made women start to feel excited about working out. There is even a subscription service that women can sign up for. With this service they can get a different garment shipped each month. This can really help a person build up their workout wardrobe in no time. Hudson knew that she had a good thing with this clothing line, and that is why she works so hard to promote it.

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