Solo capital Investment Company is a finance institution that is based in the United Kingdom. The company deals in different services which include proprietary trading, sport commercialization amongst others. One can also choose to say that Solo Capital is an international boutique financial services company that offers consultation services at a fee. Solo capital UK was able to make a remarkable growth in the financial year 2015 whereby it finished with a net worth of 15.45 million Euros. The company’s total assets also amounted to 67.45 million Euros with a commendable amount of cash flow.
The company is run by Sanjay shah who is the owner of solo group holdings. His leadership in the company since its conception has been able to bring positive results to the overall growth and performance of Solo Capital UK. Sanjay Shah also owns another range of companies within Europe. These companies owned by Shah have a common thing in common which is operating within the financial investment sector. Some of shahs companies offer financial advice. Malta and Cayman islands are some of the companies that Sanjay owns in Europe. Solo capital took over the company Old Park Lane Capital in the year 2014. This was a stock broking company which operated on invitation-only basis.
Getting to know Shah closely shows that financial investment was not what he first went to college to study. Shah studied medicine as his first course and finally realized that he wasn’t ready to work as a doctor. He therefore started his venture on financial investment and worked for a number of banks. The year 2009 was his last year working for a bank. The economic crisis of 2009 contributed much to this situation which implied the birth of Solo Capital Investment Company.
Sanjay Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks. This organization works with the aim of spreading awareness on autism. The organization also raises funds for research through the concerts that feature some of the world’s top artists. Snoop doggy and drake are among the music icons that have taken part in the autism rocks concerts that have been held around the world.
The most touching experience that led Shah to increase the amount of funds that he directed towards donations in India and around the world is his son’s diagnosis. Before that, shah had been taking part in charity activities but had not really figured out what to do beyond giving donations. Autism concerts project came as a perfect idea to shah on how best he could help in bettering humanity. He spent US $ 100, 000 in June 2015 only to create the domain name, Autism Rocks. Solo capital Investment Company continues to make a positive impact on humanity through the services and also through its CEO’s charity projects.