Yeonmi Park’s New Groundbreaking Book

In Order To Live is an Amazon released book by Yeonmi Park. In this book she describes her harrowing ordeal and escape from North Korea. It is describe by many readers as very moving and powerful, saying that we should be grateful for our freedom. Park told this story before, but in this book she went into a lot of details about the terrible conditions she had to endure as a child, and what it cost her to find freedom. Park had a family that cared for each other but, life in North Korea was anything but loving. She went to bed many nights very hungry, always in fear of the dictator Kim Jong ll.

Her father was locked up and subject to the most inhumane treatment. He found himself not being able to support them,so he turned to some illegal activity. Yeonmi, her mother and sister were then considered criminals also. They were then treated with disdain. At thirteen years of age, Yeonmi Park and her mother secretly left South Korea for China.

Yeonmi Park continued to say in her book, at the time freedom was the furthest thing on her mind. She just know they had to leave, because she believed strongly that they would have died if they stayed. She then went on to say that the hunger was the worst and didn’t mind taking the risk for the affirmation of food. They also wanted to find her sister who had also escaped ahead of them but, never heard a word about her. It was such a hard crossing yet, still easy for what was to come.

When they were in China she almost died. Park said on a NY Times interview she didn’t even have a chance to enjoy her childhood. He father had already died by the time they made it to South Korea and, her sister whereabouts were still unknown. In order to get through her hardship Park said she repressed most of the bad memories, then learned as time goes by to forget it happened. The hardcover book is published by Penguin,it is written in English and is available on Amazon for $16.62. This book will definitely evoke some emotions.



Fabletics Gains Attention from Elle Magazine

When it comes to workout gear, there is nothing better than Fabletics. Before Kate Hudson developed this brand there were not a lot of people that gave much thought to style for working out. Many people may have wanted to look good in workout gear, but they didn’t have a clothing line that was dedicated to making consumers look good. That is where Hudson and her team stepped into the clothing arena and totally changed everything that people had become used to.

In a recent interview with Elle Magazine Hudson revealed how she got started. She also took the time to share her ideas about fashion for working out as she talked about her future plans for this brand. Hudson has been known to be a great actress, but her interview in Elle presents the actress in entrepreneur form. She is quick to lead people to her favorite Fabletics pieces in her Elle interview. Hudson loves to talk about the brand because such is so excited about what this brand means for others.

Lots of women are thrilled about he fact that they can buy clothing for working out that is bound to give them more confidence. So many women may have been used to doing some simple working out around the house. They may have avoided the urge to buy any workout clothes because no one was seeing them workout. When a woman gets gym membership, however, she really begins to embrace the concept of cool workout clothing. That is why Hudson is so excited expanding its stores and coupons to customers. There are going to be over 100 new stores coming into existence, and Hudson is really pushing forward with this because she loves this brand.

People that check the website can see Hudson and her six pack abs as she models a variety of different picks. She has an active wear line that is also very alluring. For the first time in a long time she has made women start to feel excited about working out. There is even a subscription service that women can sign up for. With this service they can get a different garment shipped each month. This can really help a person build up their workout wardrobe in no time. Hudson knew that she had a good thing with this clothing line, and that is why she works so hard to promote it.

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George Soros Assists In Latino Voter Campaign


George Soros has been one of the best known donors to Democrat candidates for the Presidency of the 21st century, but has been conspicuous by his absence since the 2008 election when insiders close to Hilary Clinton claim Soros made the wrong decision in ignoring the former Secretary of State, Politico reports. However, the racially charged rhetoric of the Republican nomination process has prompted the Hungarian born hedge fund manager to return to the fold of the Democrat party; The New York Times reports Soros has looked to change his stance on multi-million dollar donations to back Hilary Clinton’s campaign and provide funding for a newly formed Super PAC.

The battle against racism in its many forms has played a major part in the life of George Soros since his native Hungary was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1944; Soros was held in a concentration camp and survived the Holocaust before fleeing to London and later New York. During his philanthropic work of recent years George Soros has looked to fight oppression in the people of around the world, and now looks to his own Open Society Foundations to help those affected by discrimination and a loss of their human rights.

The latest donations given by George Soros take his political giving during the 2016 election cycle to more than $13 million a huge amount according to NY Times; $8 million has been provided directly to support Hilary Clinton’s campaign and a further $5 million provided for a newly formed Super PAC devoted to providing support for Latino and immigrant voters. Alongside challenging states that create new laws designed to limit the voting opportunities of Latino and Asian voters the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC is hoping to bring 400,000 new Latino and immigrant voters to the election cycle. By bringing George Soros back into the fold of the Democrats the leaders of the party are hoping to match the more than $1 billion Republican donors are hoping to bring to their side of the election. In order to provide the best possible chance of success the newly formed Super PAC is working with a number of immigrant supporting groups to make sure as many Latinos and Asian voters as possible are reached.

Solo Capital and their Founder Sanjay Shah

The Solo Capital business model is dedicated to the clients that the business serves. They are a company that works hard to improve their client relationships and they are able to do so with the services that they offer. Since they are so dedicated to their clients, the clients that they have are generally satisfied with the service that they receive. These happy clients then move on to tell their friends which generates referrals for Solo Capital.

Sanjay Shah designed this business model because he knew that clients needed to be happy for the business to be able to succeed. He also knew that, without happy clients, his business wouldn’t be able to take off. The business that he had gave his clients the chance to be successful which, in turn, made them happier. He has created a constant cycle of clients who have been satisfied with the business financial services that they have received from the company.

Trading is one of the many facets of the company but is also one of the main categories that they deal in. When it comes to trading, Solo Capital focuses primarily on proprietary trading. They are able to help their clients with all of the trades that they have and they do so successfully. This is a great way that they can increase the business that they have by helping their clients to increase their overall capital. They help their clients build up more money by offering them the chance to buy into the market, trade stocks at the right time and sell them when they are at an excellent price for the clients to profit off of.

All services that Solo Capital offers could be considered consulting but the main part of the business is about consulting for businesses. They offer businesses the financial solutions that they need to be able to prepare the clients to take them back to their business. They can tell their clients how to manage their money, what opportunities they should be taking advantage of and how they should work to make more money for their overall profit.

One of the ways that clients can make more money is by investing. Professional sports investing is a great way to make sure that clients have the money that they need and a way that they can make much more money than they had ever dreamed of. There is a huge market for professional sports investors and all of the clients who use Solo Capital for this have been relatively successful. There are many facets to professional sports investing and other types of investing that Solo Capital can walk all of their clients through to ensure the most success.

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George Soros Compares the World Economic Challenge to the 2008 Meltdown

George Soros, a world billionaire valued at about $27.3 billion has sounded a warning to investors to take caution of the investment decisions they make in the year 2016. He added that the current crisis bears similarities to the economic environment in 2008, which nearly led to a global meltdown.
According to Soros,China’s struggles in a bid to find a new growth model as well as its currency devaluation are some of the reasons for the economic crisis, as they are transferring problems to the rest of the world. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the developing world to return to positive interest rates thus exhibiting more similarities to the 2008 crisis.
A sinking yuan, caused by China’s shift towards consumption and services from investment and manufacturing is causing concern in regards to the strength of China’s economy. A plunge in Chinese equities is causing deepened losses in the Asian market.
According to Bloomberg, measures of volatility are on the rise. The fear gauge is up by 13 percent, the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index, which is responsible for gauging the protection cost on Japanese shares is up by 43 percent in 2016. Additionally, the Merrill Lynch index which keeps track of anticipated price swings affecting Treasury bonds, registered a 5,7 percent rise.
Analyses are showing that the weakening Chinese economy is causing ripples all over the Asian markets. The China’s Communist Party has however pledged to ensure the Yuan’s convertibility increases by 2020, resulting in gradual dismantling of capital controls. The world’s second-largest economy is still showing signs of weakness, despite the People’s Bank of China cutting its interest rates to record lows. Even after authorities have pumped billions of dollars into the economy, it is yet to show signs of recovery.
George Soros in his article to also faults the European Union for failing to evade the looming economic crisis. He condemns the European authorities for the way they handle crises in the region. Their act of simply postponing the problem instead of dealing with it head-on is not helping the global economy. Currently, the European Union is facing five crises including the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Soros advises that it would make more sense if the European Union would unite on one front and tackle these issues as a block. For instance, the Ukrainian revolution he says is a blessing in disguise, and if well handled, it could change Ukraine for the better and strengthen the European Union economy, thus reduce the risk of the current crisis resembling that of 2008.
George Soros’ hedge fund gained an average of 20% annually between 1969 and 2011. Soros has built a reputation for his investing prowess, making him a force to reckon with in the financial market. As a result, serious investors are taking his words seriously and following his advice.


Solo capital Investment Company is a finance institution that is based in the United Kingdom. The company deals in different services which include proprietary trading, sport commercialization amongst others. One can also choose to say that Solo Capital is an international boutique financial services company that offers consultation services at a fee. Solo capital UK was able to make a remarkable growth in the financial year 2015 whereby it finished with a net worth of 15.45 million Euros. The company’s total assets also amounted to 67.45 million Euros with a commendable amount of cash flow.
The company is run by Sanjay shah who is the owner of solo group holdings. His leadership in the company since its conception has been able to bring positive results to the overall growth and performance of Solo Capital UK. Sanjay Shah also owns another range of companies within Europe. These companies owned by Shah have a common thing in common which is operating within the financial investment sector. Some of shahs companies offer financial advice. Malta and Cayman islands are some of the companies that Sanjay owns in Europe. Solo capital took over the company Old Park Lane Capital in the year 2014. This was a stock broking company which operated on invitation-only basis.
Getting to know Shah closely shows that financial investment was not what he first went to college to study. Shah studied medicine as his first course and finally realized that he wasn’t ready to work as a doctor. He therefore started his venture on financial investment and worked for a number of banks. The year 2009 was his last year working for a bank. The economic crisis of 2009 contributed much to this situation which implied the birth of Solo Capital Investment Company.
Sanjay Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks. This organization works with the aim of spreading awareness on autism. The organization also raises funds for research through the concerts that feature some of the world’s top artists. Snoop doggy and drake are among the music icons that have taken part in the autism rocks concerts that have been held around the world.
The most touching experience that led Shah to increase the amount of funds that he directed towards donations in India and around the world is his son’s diagnosis. Before that, shah had been taking part in charity activities but had not really figured out what to do beyond giving donations. Autism concerts project came as a perfect idea to shah on how best he could help in bettering humanity. He spent US $ 100, 000 in June 2015 only to create the domain name, Autism Rocks. Solo capital Investment Company continues to make a positive impact on humanity through the services and also through its CEO’s charity projects.