Dogs Love Beneful

Beneful by Purinastore is a popular brand of dog food. It is greatly trusted by customers and loved by their pets. Both the wet and dry types are delicious and healthful.

The wet dog food comes in twenty healthful varieties. Product lines include Chopped Blends, Medley and Prepared Meals. Chopped Blends is packaged in a 10 ounce resealable tub containing finely chopped, real ingredients. Medley has meat and veggies in a generous sauce. Prepared Meals is preserved in a resealable tub filled with veggies, wholesome grains and big, meaty chunks. Some ingredients in each line include: beef, chicken, salmon, tomatoes, carrots and rice.

There are eight dry varieties to choose from. Just some product lines are Beneful Originals, Incredibites and Healthy Weight. Originals are rich in antioxidants which aid in a hearty immune system. Incredibites are sized especially for smaller dogs and are made up of chewy morsels and crunchy bites. Healthy Weight insures pets gain 100% nutrients, is appetizing and helps maintain physique as calorie intake is controlled. A few ingredients are: apples, green beans, carrots, egg, beef,chicken and salmon. Beneful also produces dog treats.

Additionally, Beneful participates in many different projects. For example, in the Dream Day Park Project over 30 volunteers helped plant trees in San Diego. Besides this, they pick a Dog of the Week and produce many entertaining advertisements. One in particular is called the Dog Goldberg Machine which has been attempted by many others and is complex and hilarious.

Purina Beneful makes a tremedous effort to produce a clean, high quality brand dog food with real ingredients. It is positively recommended by consumers and a beneficially savory meal for their pets.